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Reviewer Honor Roll

Listed here (and highlighted in each monthly newsletter) are the people who have given useful, insightful reviews that have been appreciated by the authors (or others who have learned from the review). After all, that's what makes the workshop go, and we want to give great reviewers a little well-earned recognition from the workshop community. If you've received a review you really appreciated and would like to the reviewer to appear in the Reviewer Honor Roll, just fill out the nomination form to send your nomination to the workshop staff. Nominations are added to this page monthly.

Last Month's Nominees (in chronological order)

Reviewer: L. V. Newell
Submission: Under Ordshaw by Phil Williams
Submitted by: Phil Williams
Nominator's Comments: Very detailed study of the language used, lots to work with in editing it.

Reviewer: Steve Brady
Submission: This Side of the Wall Ch 1 and 2 by Guy Cheston
Submitted by: Guy Cheston
Nominator's Comments: Thorough and encouraging with tangible constructive criticisms that provide a great roadmap for revision.

Reviewer: Kelsey Hutton
Submission: 'She Who Burns' by Kate Wooderson
Submitted by: Kate Wooderson
Nominator's Comments: Loved this review-exactly what I signed up to the OWW for! Lots of great, on-the-nail comments that articulated doubts I'd had about my story on a subconscious level but didn't know how to express. Perfect!

Reviewer: Marianne Kirby
Submission: The Earthly Garden by Christi Nogle
Submitted by: Christi Nogle
Nominator's Comments: I thought this review honed in on just what the story needed, and I appreciated that Marianne was also receptive to what I was trying to do in it. Thanks, Marianne!

Reviewer: Owen G. Richards
Submission: The Last Key Master Prologue Revised (Re-Written) C4C by Jason Magnason
Submitted by: Jason Magnason
Nominator's Comments: It is not often that someone sees potential in someone and acts upon it. However, when they do, it can move mountains. Owen has done me a great service in giving me the instruction that so many new writers lack the necessary resources to find. I am new to writing. I have an idea but no disciplinary skills in the art of writing. Owen has line by line helped me with this. He has shown me the flaws in my mechanics and given me the instructions I need to write a more effective piece of work. To Owen, I am grateful. -JMM

Reviewer: Michael Glaviano
Submission: Maker Faire Ch. 1 by Susie Strachan
Submitted by: Susie Strachan
Nominator's Comments: Make very good suggestions about not using the passive voice.

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