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Reviewer Honor Roll

Listed here (and highlighted in each monthly newsletter) are the people who have given useful, insightful reviews that have been appreciated by the authors (or others who have learned from the review). After all, that's what makes the workshop go, and we want to give great reviewers a little well-earned recognition from the workshop community. If you've received a review you really appreciated and would like to the reviewer to appear in the Reviewer Honor Roll, just fill out the nomination form to send your nomination to the workshop staff. Nominations are added to this page monthly.

Last Month's Nominees (in chronological order)

Reviewer: William Delman
Submission: The Crow and the Thirsty Deer by Gary Lee Webb
Submitted by: Gary Lee Webb
Nominator's Comments: My thanks to Mr. Delman. This was a very thorough review with many good suggestions which I shall apply to my future work. I appreciate him taking the time to teach this junior writer how to be a better writer. We can all learn from our mistakes, but it is *much* easier to do so when someone tells us *why* they are mistakes. This gentleman did exactly that, and he explained how to improve.

Reviewer: Mark Wibe
Submission: Black Eyes - Chapters 1-3 by Neil Vaughan
Submitted by: Neil Vaughan
Nominator's Comments: This review by Mark has helped me immensely. Mark has pinpointed areas I need to improve while praising areas he feels have strength. It shows just the right balance of critique and encouragement and for myself as a novice writer, Mark has helped to remove the initial trepidation I am sure most of us feel about displaying our work to others. Wonderfully helpful and his review has left me with a new-found feeling of determination to work on the areas he identified as having weakness. I cannot underestimate how helpful this has been to enable me to improve my work.

Reviewer: L. K. Pinaire
Submission: Tangents by Jack Jonnes
Submitted by: Jack Jonnes
Nominator's Comments: I'm new here, and was fearful of what advice I'd receive. In the end, I got four critiques. One poor, one interesting but not that helpful, and two that were GREAT. This is the better of the two. The critique was mature and helpful. It offered suggestion after suggestion on both little and big things! It's made the story much strong and made me feel like my story was worthy of a serious critique. It makes me want to stay at SFF Online.

Reviewer: Robert Wooldridge
Submission: Balfair's Confinement (Ch 1 - 3) by Phil Williams
Submitted by: Phil Williams
Nominator's Comments: Excellent and detailed notes on some wide-reaching points of the craft.

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