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Reviewer Honor Roll

Listed here (and highlighted in each monthly newsletter) are the people who have given useful, insightful reviews that have been appreciated by the authors (or others who have learned from the review). After all, that's what makes the workshop go, and we want to give great reviewers a little well-earned recognition from the workshop community. If you've received a review you really appreciated and would like to the reviewer to appear in the Reviewer Honor Roll, just fill out the nomination form to send your nomination to the workshop staff. Nominations are added to this page monthly.

Last Month's Nominees (in chronological order)

Reviewer: Cynthia Cloughly
Submission: The Advance on Fourt County - Part 2 of 3 by Matthew Allen
Submitted by: Matthew Allen
Nominator's Comments: Cynthia's got talent. But her patience is what I needed most. I'm not a trained writer, and her consistent, detailed review of my text has moved me far beyond my prior abilities. If she had stopped after identifying one or two of my POV shifts, I would still be scratching my head over what I'm doing wrong. But by marking all of them, along with unneeded words, opportunities for descriptive action, passive voice and many other issues, I can now apply those lessons elsewhere. I've become a better writer and critical reader thanks to her!

Reviewer: Phil Williams
Submission: People Are Animals Too by C.E. West
Submitted by: C.E. West
Nominator's Comments: Helpful, detailed, and eye-opening. Great review.

Reviewer: Raul Caner Cruz
Submission: Cosmic Outreach by Ashutosh Agrawal
Submitted by: Ashutosh Agrawal
Nominator's Comments: A very detailed review which not only pointed out the mistakes but also gave some useful tips to improve my writing.

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