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Reviewer Honor Roll

Listed here (and highlighted in each monthly newsletter) are the people who have given useful, insightful reviews that have been appreciated by the authors (or others who have learned from the review). After all, that's what makes the workshop go, and we want to give great reviewers a little well-earned recognition from the workshop community. If you've received a review you really appreciated and would like to the reviewer to appear in the Reviewer Honor Roll, just fill out the nomination form to send your nomination to the workshop staff. Nominations are added to this page monthly.

Last Month's Nominees (in chronological order)

Reviewer: David Wise
Submission: Untitled Welsh Valleys ghost type story by David Rees-Thomas
Submitted by: David Rees-Thomas
Nominator's Comments: Some very useful in line comments, and some important things to consider big picture :)Thank you!

Reviewer: Cherae Clark
Submission: Fox's Tongue and Kirin's Bone Ch 4 & 5 by Allison Kovacs
Submitted by: Allison Kovacs
Nominator's Comments: It is a rare day when a critique makes me rethink the entire structuring of my novel. Cherae has now pulled this off twice in as many reviews. She finds the cracks in my story, the little things that have been niggling at the back of my brain, and shines a spotlight on them that I can't ignore. My novel will be a richer tale once I shore these up. <3

Reviewer: K. E. Cooper
Submission: Dragon Defenders (Chapter 1) by Elizabeth Webber
Submitted by: Elizabeth Webber
Nominator's Comments: Their review was spot on about what I was doing wrong in my first chapter. They addressed exactly the particular aspect of my writing I was having trouble with, and they went in depth about how I might fix it.

Reviewer: Mark Quarterman
Submission: Garden of Purgatory C4C by Robin Zell
Submitted by: Robin Zell
Nominator's Comments: This is a cut-down prologue I'm trying to turn into a stand-alone short story for a contest. Mark gave me great specific suggestions of ways to fix the problems rather than just pointing them out. This is the kind of crit I really need. I know where the plot needs to go, but not how to get it there smoothly. He showed me the exact issues I couldn't see because It is my own work.

Reviewer: CK Attner
Submission: Prodigious Roads by Phil Williams
Submitted by: Phil Williams
Nominator's Comments: This was a very thorough review that both gave me some excellent structural/thematic pointers and plenty of very specific spot comments - exactly what the story needed!

Reviewer: M T
Submission: Prologue by Jon Adams
Submitted by: Jon Adams
Nominator's Comments: Very in-depth and thoughtful critique. Much insight was gained from this response, and it is much appreciated.

Reviewer: Gregor Hartmann
Submission: Nothing to See Here by William Delman
Submitted by: William Delman
Nominator's Comments: A set of well reasoned and very specific ideas that I think will help me quickly improve the piece. This is exactly the kind of review I always hope for.

Reviewer: Michael Wells
Submission: Untitled Welsh Valleys ghost type story by David Rees-Thomas
Submitted by: David Rees-Thomas
Nominator's Comments: Very helpful details :) Thank you!

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