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Same Details

There is a current workshop member with the same first and last name and/or the same e-mail address that you have just submitted for a new membership. If you are a current member but have forgotten your password or log-in name, please use the password/ID request form (or contact us) and do not submit this form. If you have deleted your membership and now wish to reinstate it, contact us and we will set you up again; do not submit this form.

However, if you just happen to have the same name as a current member, please add your middle name to the first-name text box or otherwise differentiate your name from the current member's. This will prevent confusion in the future. Then go ahead and click on the "Next Step" button to join the workshop.

If you are using the same e-mail address as a current member (for example, sharing a household or classroom account), no problem. Just go ahead and click on the "Next Step" button to join the workshop.

Bonus Payments

We agree that 94 cents per week ($49 per year) is a piddling sum. It's the least we could charge and still expect to stay solvent. But we know that many members feel that the workshop is worth much more to them. So here's your chance to award us with a bonus on top of your membership fee. 25% of any bonus payments go to our support staff, sort of like a tip for good personal service. The rest will be tucked away to keep us running! (More about who "us" is)

You can give us bonus payments via PayPal or through the mail with a check or money order.

Is the workshop worth $5 a month to you? Award us with a $11 bonus for a total of $60 for the year.

Or is what you're getting worth $1.50 a week? Send us a $29 bonus for a total of $78 per year.

Maybe you feel it's worth $10 a month, prompting you to send us a (gulp) $71 bonus. (We can always hope.)

Or maybe you'll feel like sending us a bonus whenever you make a sale of a workshopped piece. Or possibly when you sell that novel.

Check or Money Order: You can also add a bonus payment to your membership payment by check or money order, or send in a separate check or money order. Just note the bonus on the memo line.

Send check or money order to:

Online Writing Workshops
229 Bradley's Crossing Road, Stop 19
East Chatham, New York 12060

We're a very small company--originally a mom-and-pop-and-friend Internet start-up--and we hire freelance help as it's needed. Our budget is pared down to the marrow and our costs are mercifully low--which is why we can give this a go at all. So if you feel the workshop is worth more than the minimum membership payment, please realize that any bonus payment you give OWW is not going to be used to re-carpet the corporate jet!

Thanks for helping!