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Here's where you can find out about workshop members' latest sales and other accomplishments in the world of science fiction and fantasy--click on the links to visit the publications, publishers, author sites, or book information. (We provide links to help the authors publicize their work, and we link to Amazon for this purpose when there isn't a better information site available. We don't profit from any of these links, but we hope our authors will!) OWW Writers!

LISTINGS FOR 2000 & 2001

Sales to established publishers and magazines, and pro-paying Web sales

Original Del Rey workshop member Barth Anderson has sold his story "Show Me Where the Mudmen Go" (an EC in the DROWW, 9/99) to On Spec. He says, "I think it's pretty safe to say that I wouldn't have sold it without the great feedback I received from the editors and writers at this workshop. Remind your writers that acceptance only comes to those who keep their stories in the mail (look how long I waited for this sale, after all)."

Keri Arthur's novel Dance with the Devil will be published by Imajinn Books in 2001. So will five other of her novels! Imajinn is a small press specializing in SF and paranormal romance novels.

Kate Bachus sold short story "Miss Parker Down the Bung" to Strange Horizons.

Angela Boord has sold her story "Forget Me Not" to Strange Horizons for publication in November. It's her first sale.

Steven Bratman has sold a science-fact article to Analog. The article, "The Human Genome Results: Pointing the Way to Artificial Life," is about digital life, and was written after Steven workshopped a story on the same subject and received feedback that it was more of an essay than a story. Publication date is March 2002.

Jim Butcher's novel series The Dresden Files is being published by Roc. Jim's short story, "Restoration of Faith," featuring wizard-detective Harry Dresden, won the original Del Rey workshop's very first nod as Editor's Choice in April 1999. That same month, Jim sold a three book series--The Dresden Files--to Roc. The first book, Storm Front, was published in April 2000 and nominated for the Compton Crook Award for best first novel. The next volume, Fool Moon, came out in January 2001, and Grave Peril came out in August 2001. Roc has bought two more books in the series. Was the workshop responsible for Jim's success? Probably not, but we're still proud of him. Jim says, "Keep writing, keep learning, keep writing, keep reading, keep writing. Don't give up. As long as you continue to practice the craft and hone your skills, you have a real shot at breaking in. Good luck!" For more information, visit

Siobhan Carroll's short story "A Killer of Men" (an EC in the original Del Rey workshop) placed second in On Spec magazine's first annual short story competition and was published in the Fall 2000 issue. Siobhan says, "The reviews on the site were all incredibly helpful, and really helped me to shape my draft into a publishable story."

Andrew Chapman's short story "Planet of Prosperity" appeared in Leading Edge, Issue 39.

Chris Clarke sold short story "The Corruption of Sebastian Menard" to adult Webzine 1000 Delights. Originally titled "Her Slim, Rotten Adept," it was an answer to the challenge (on the old Del Rey workshop list) to write and publish a story whose title was an anagram of fellow member Meredith L. Patterson. Also, Chris's flash fiction "Love Lines Circle" has been bought by Vestal Review.

Cecilia Dart-Thornton's fantasy trilogy The Bitterbynde is being published by Warner Aspect in hardcover, starting with Book 1, The Ill-Made Mute (May 2001) and followed by Book 2, The Lady of the Sorrows (April 2002). Cecilia was a member of the original Del Rey OWW, where chapters of "The Bitterbynde" garnered an Editor's Choice in 1/00 and an EC runner-up in 2/00. Cecilia said, back when the news first hit: "I am pleased beyond words that my trilogy is to be published by Time Warner. Thanks to EVERYONE who has read and critted my submissions. It has been of enormous help to get your feedback. I would also like to thank everyone whose work I have read and critted, for giving me such a great time! I've been amazed and delighted by the high standards of writing, the passion and the originality. Thanks, too, to every workshopper, whether or not they have read my submissions or critted them. The workshop exists because of everyone's input." More about Cecilia and her books:

Jennifer de Guzman's short story "Men Like Air" appeared in the Fall 2000 issue (#12) of Dreams of Decadence. Her story "Underground" has been accepted by Strange Horizons. She workshopped it a few months ago as "Overground," and writes "I got some very helpful suggestions that I'm sure made it a publishable story."

Roger E. Eichorn has sold story "Whispers & Silence" to It was workshopped during the early stages of both the Del Rey and Horror workshops.

Mark Fewell has sold his workshopped story "Stored Dreams" to Fantastic Stories of the Imagination. He says "I was able to use the advice given to improve the story and obviously sell it."

logoCharles Coleman Finlay has sold four short stories and one novella to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: "A Game of Chicken," "Footnotes" (August 2001), "For Want of a Nail," "The Political Officer," and novella "A Democracy of Trolls." Back when Charlie was eligible for ECs (before he became OWW's member-support person and Third Brain), a chapter of the novel version of the novella was an EC in the DROWW. His short short "The Frontier Archipelago" has been accepted by On Spec. Of "Footnotes," he says, "This is a story I workshopped, significantly rewriting and expanding it after receiving everyone's comments." Two of the other stories were workshopped and improved as well.

Daniel Goss's short story "Other Moments" is forthcoming in Strange Horizons and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Carol Hightshoe's romantic-fantasy story "Midnight Song" appears in Denise Little's Creature Fantastic anthology, published September 2001 by DAW Books. For more information see

Jonathan L. Howard, author of April's short-story EC runner-up "A Small Diversion on the Road to Hell," has a story titled "Between the River and the Road" in the June 2001 issue of Realms of Fantasy.

Kelly Link, award-winning author and one of our Editorial Administrators, has a short-story collection out now: Stranger Things Happen from Small Beer Press. The collection has been named one of The Village Voice's Top 25 Books of the Year. It's terrific!

Karin Lowachee, a member of the original Del Rey OWW, won the 2001 Warner Aspect First Novel Contest with her novel Warchild (beating out almost 1,000 other manuscripts!). Warchild was workshopped extensively and was an Editors' Choice in February 2000. The Warner Aspect press release says, "She developed Warchild with the help of critique from the members of an online writing workshop. 'They were instrumental in keeping me going,' she says. 'Without the feedback, the novel wouldn't have happened, certainly not in a year.'" And Karin herself tells us: "If it weren't for the critiquers at the workshop bludgeoning me to keep writing, as well as offering such scathing commentary, I doubt the experience would have been as helpful as it became. Their relentless insistence on 'improving' my work was responsible for many sleepless nights, wherein I dreamed large scenarios of exacting revenge upon their own hapless stories and chapters. Now seriously...the workshop provided invaluable feedback as well as a community of writers who were as dedicated to their own work as I was to mine. I'm happy to say that I keep in touch with many of them still and they continue to alternately praise and tear down my writing where appropriate. There is no doubt in my mind that I am a better writer for the experience of the workshop."

Afifah Myra Muffaz's flash fiction piece "Kill" has been accepted for an Electric Wine poetry chapbook. Also, her short story "Cherish" is online at Gothic.Net. This is an excerpt from her novel THE FLAWED PROPHETS. Afifah says, "I believe that the critiques I got for this chapter at the original Del Rey workshop helped a lot in its acceptance." Four poems of hers were also recently published by Gothic.Net: "Two Assassins," "A Woman's Worth In Tears," "Taking Pictures," and "Asking Me."

Steve Nagy sold short story "The Hanged Man of Oz" to an anthology titled Bones, scheduled for publication in 2002 in Australia, Great Britain and the US by HarperCollins Australia and Tor Books. The editors are Dennis Etchison, Ramsey Campbell and Jack Dann. The story appeared in a different form in the original Del Rey workshop, where it earned the second short story Editors' Choice.

logoRuth Nestvold's short story "Latency Time" was in the July 2001 Asimov's. She also sold short story "Princes and Priscilla" to Strange Horizons for publication around April 2002. It was workshopped several times.

logoMeredith L. Patterson's short story "Principles and Parameters" will appear in The Children of Cthulhu anthology, published by Del Rey Books, forthcoming in 2001. Her short story "How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth" is in The Doom of Camelot (Green Knight Publishing, August 2000), edited by James Lowder. Her story "Pale Foxes" appears in Strange Horizons. ("Pale Foxes" won an EC in the original Del Rey workshop in Nov. 1999.) And her story "Ant Farm" appears in Jackhammer E-zine, while her story "Homunculus" is reprinted in the Best of Jackhammer anthology (out now). She writes: "'Homunculus' was actually the very first story I ever workshopped in the original Del Rey workshop...the reviews I got were more useful than the ones I received in the college writing workshop I'd written the story for in the first place."

S.K.S. Perry's poem "The Fright Before Christmas" was published in the October edition of Strange Horizons, and he also sold short story "Sweet Dreams" to Ideomancer.

Original Del Rey workshop member Paul Pipkin has published his first novel via TimeWarner's The Fan-Shaped Destiny of William Seabrook (November 2001) "answers the most fervent prayer of all mankind: for another chance. But what if chance is all there is, ever, in one world ... or in many?" Initial publication will be as an eBook, accompanied by a print-on-demand option. The author says, "I posted chapter fragments of FSD in the original Del Rey workshop site in 1999 and 2000...I did receive serious and constructive critique. In one instance, critical assistance went well beyond the confines of the workshop. I endorse the enterprise as a valuable component of the evolving cyber-community." (More information; e-book edition)

Diana Price has sold short story "Red, White and Blue" (a.k.a. "Love Without Fences") to the anthology Brainbox 2, the sequel to the Stoker-nominated Brainbox: The Real Horror. The story was workshopped. She has also sold a revised version of her story "Symphony in Black" to Denizens of the Dark, an anthology edited by Everette Bell with an introduction by George A. Romero. She says, "Thanks to everyone who critiqued the story!"

Sarah Prineas sold story "Water, Green River, Daybreak" to Strange Horizons and sold "From the Journals of Professor Copernicus Finch, M.S., Hex.D." to Ideomancer. Both stories were Editors' Choices--one was our very first EC, for September 2000, and one was in January 2001.

Nancy Proctor's short story "Sittin' A Spell At Miz Love's" appeared in Strange Horizons. She says, "Reviewers offered tons of encouragement and were invaluable in terms of de-nitting." She also sold short story "The Dragon of Shiner Creek" to Speculon (it appears in the August 2001 issue).

logoJames Stevens-Arce's novel Soulsaver has been published in hardcover by Harcourt. It's included in the New York Times Review of Books' The Readers' Catalog, an annotated listing of the 40,000+ best books in print in America. Soulsaver, which was also named Best First Novel of 2000 by the Denver Rocky Mountain News and one of the Best Books of 2000 by The San Francisco Chronicle, is one of only 413 works listed in The Readers' Catalog's science fiction sub-category. Soulsaver will also be published in French by France's Univers Poche.

Lisa Swanstrom's story "The Tale of the Crimson Madder" can be found in the 2001 issue of MOXIE Magazine--on sale at Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstores. This story was reviewed in the original Del Rey workshop under the title "My PMS." Lisa says, "The comments I received from the workshop were extremely helpful--so thanks to everybody who reviewed it!"

Michelle Thuma's story "The Interview" has been accepted by Dead Things Magazine, a quarterly print horror humor magazine. Earlier versions of "The Interview" were workshopped in the original Del Rey workshop. She has also sold short story "On Recovery" to Speculon for the June 15 issue. It was workshopped in the original Del Rey workshop under the title "My Recovery Essay" and is dark humor/psychological fantasy.

Steve Westcott sold two short stories to Dead Things Magazine. The first, "Opportunity Knocks," was workshopped and tweaked thanks to helpful reviews from Michella Thuma, Pen Hardy, Nancy Proctor, and Roger Anderson. The second, "Give A Dog A Bone," was workshopped as a chapter of Steve's current novel, Bruvvers in Arms, then adapted into a short story. He says, "Helpful reviews helped bat it into shape."

Jesse White sold his short story "Loyalty" to Vancouver, BC, print magazine Obsidian Rose. The story was workshopped several times and received helpful reviews.

Amber van Dyk (Mek)'s short story "Seed" was in the Halloween 2000 issue of Dark Muse.






Publication in non-paying markets, awards, workshop admissions, e-publishing deals with smaller publishers, print-on-demand books, and other noteworthy accomplishments

Swanand Arole's story "No News is Good News" will appear in the August issue of Aphelion Webzine. Swanand says, "I feel that it is largely due to this workshop that one of my stories, which I workshopped, has been selected for publication."

Members won two Sime~Gen Reviewer's Choice Awards in 2001: Keri Arthur won for Dancing with the Devil and Chris (C.E.) Barrett won for Angels Among Us.

Nigel Atkinson's short story "An Exhalation of Butterflies" has sold to The Night Land e-zine. Nigel says that "the contribution of several workshop members was vital in polishing the story."

Pete Badzey's short story "Revenge of the Vegetable Gods" appeared in the August 2001 electronic edition of Dragonlaugh. This is his first publication, and he says, "I have to credit the workshop and my excellent reviewers for helping me make it as good as it is. Thanks!"

Leah Bobet's first publication will be "Oil and Charcoal on Canvas," a workshopped dark-fantasy short story appearing in the November issue of Morbid Musings.

John Borneman has had his short story "Out of Luck" accepted for publication in the September 2001 issue of Morbid Musings. He says, "This humor/horror piece piece was written as a tongue-in-cheek poke at the 'Death Scene' Workshop Challenge."

Steve Bratman's short story "Goodness Militant" appeared in the May 2001 issue of Exquisite Corpse. Steve says: "The critique I received on the site helped me enormously. This was true even though I was aiming at a literary magazine market, not a science-fiction magazine market. Based on critiques I received, I basically entirely rewrote the last third of the story, and made substantial changes everywehere else. Critiques I received on other submitted stories helped greatly too. Although I've published a lot of non-fiction, I'm new to fiction writing. The reviewers on the site basically gave me a free course in how to write fiction."

A J Brown has published his book A Call to Fire with No Spine, an electronic self-publishing venture for authors of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. The first chapter was workshopped with us.

Mark Budman's short story "Mr. L.," adapted from the first chapter of his novel Mr. L. of Red Square (EC runner-up, 10/00), appeared in Issue 4 of Exquisite Corpse and was nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize.

Kim Bundy has self-published her book The Death of Jabari with iUniverse.

Jennifer St.Clair Bush's novel Prince of Shadows will be published by Writers Exchange E-Publishing, along with her earlier novel The Tenth Ghost. She also has sold Second Coming to The Fiction Works.

Marlissa Campbell has sold a short story to Lone Wolf Publication's e-book anthology Extremes: Fantasy & Horror from the Ends of the Earth. The story was workshopped as "The Cure." She also published a story in HMS Beagle earlier this year.

James Chancellor's novel Daddy Why'd You Do This has been accepted for publication by e-publisher SynergEbooks.

Jennifer de Guzman's short story "Remembrances of a Raven" appeared in Digital Catapult. Also, her story "The Library of Her Dreaming" appeared at Ideomancer.

Mark Early's novel The Ballad Of Sy Black is available from iUniverse. Chapters from the novel won an EC in the original Del Rey workshop (March 1999).

Justin Elliot has placed two short stories for publication: "The Soul Gem" appears in e-zine The Hallow and webzine Alternate Realities bought "A Pre-Dinner Tale" for the September/October 2001 issue. Justin says, "Both stories were workshopped, and the advice I gained helped me mold both pieces into stronger stories."

Lori Erickson's short story "Dreaming in Color" appeared in the May/June 2001 issue of Wired Art from Wired Hearts. It was workshopped at here, and Lori says, "Thanks much for all the words of advice and encouragement I received!" Her short story "Weep Not for the Innocent" appeared in the November/December 2001 issue of Alternate Realities.

Mark Fewell's short story "The Wizard of Beer" appears in the Bubbas of the Apocalypse anthology from Yard Dog Press, available via Amazon. He also sold story "A Woman Wails, A Man Fears" to Hadrosaur Tales.

Michael H. Fox has published his novel Tomorrowchild, part of which went through the workshop, with He says, "Thank you for the time you spent giving me the final critiques I needed and for the encouragement." More info

Bonnie Freeman's science-fiction short story "Turnabout" appeared in Ideomancer. She workshopped an earlier version of the story under a different title. She sold her novel Son of the Stars (a prequel to her workshopped novel Starfall) to Other Worlds Library (a POD publisher).

Cathy Freeze won second place in Ideomancer's Flash contest for her story "Satan's Work".

Simon Haynes sold short story "Sleight of Hand" for publication in Issue 1 of new print magazine Potato Monkey.

Richard Jones's story "The Hand That Feeds You" appeared in GrayHaven Magazine. He also sold short story "The Big Question" to AnotherRealm. He says, "I received some extremely helpful critiques from several workshop participants."

Melinda Kimberly has placed her story "Violins" with Morbid Musings. It's "a kinda dark piece about a psychic violinist who ends up falling victim to her own visions," and was workshopped with us.

Mark R. Knight's short story "At the Tower of Dragons" has been accepted by Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Mark says, "I don't think I'd have gotten that far without the help of the workshop." His short story "Isle Twelve" is in the January 2002 issue of Aphelion Webzine.

Dave Kuzminski's novel Beasts Are Us (which some members may recall reviewing in the original Del Rey workshop) was accepted by Hard Shell Word Factory and should appear in both print and electronic formats. Crystal Treasure was accepted by Silver Lake Publishing and should appear in print and possibly electronic format. Release dates are pending. His novel Protector of Seaswams has been accepted by e-publisher Crossroads. Parts of the novel were workshopped in the original Del Rey workshop.

Dave Kuzminski is the also the force behind Preditors and Editors, a SFWA-hosted website that strives tirelessly to inform and protect SF writers.

Joseph Lemmon's novel Quantum Passage has been acquired by The Fiction Works. He workshopped parts of it under the title Timescape.

Pam McNew's story "Me and That Alien Guy" is online at Quantum Muse e-zine this month. She says, "Back when the workshop had their very first writing challenge, Zyzygy, write a scene about a first contact, I had workshoppers review my little piece. It was expanded due to the positive response and then improved through the additional reviews I received. My thanks go to these workshoppers who reviewed it: Shelby Young, Dave Kuzminski, Larry West, Charlie Finlay, Fran Sutton-Williams, Teddi Deppner, Amber van Dyk, Laurie Davis, James Allison, Heidi Kneale and Chris Evans." Pam's flash fiction "Tiffany's Boxes" also appears at AnotherRealm.

J. P. Moore's short story "Palmistry" will appear in an upcoming issue of Ideomancer. He says, "The finished piece is a far cry from what appeared in the workshop a few months back. The story would be nothing, now, were it not for the helpful suggestions I received from the workshop community."

A. M. Muffaz's poem "Foibles" will join previously accepted poem "Kill" in Envelopes of Time, a SF/F/H poetry anthology from Electric Wine (2001).

Renee Nagel has been made an associate fiction editor for Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing (winner of the 2001 Pushcart/Best of the American Small Press Prize).

Steve Nagy sold workshopped short story "Sorrow Fruit" to Maiden, Mother, Crone: Three Faces of the Goddess, which will be published as an e-anthology in the summer of 2001 by Abby the Troll Publications.

Richard J. O'Brien's novel The Babel Codex will be available soon from PublishAmerica. It's "a contemporary fantasy replete with secret gnosis, shadowy government agents and five unlikely heroes."

Sarah Prineas has won third place in Ideomancer's Flash contest for her story "Periplaneta americana".

Marguerite Reed, an EC winner for The Horses of Achilles (October 2000) is currently the Guest Science Fiction Editor at Ideomancer.

Various workshopped stories by Marc Sanchez have been accepted for publication. "Deep Acolyte" was picked up by Nightscapes: The Online Cthulhu Mythos Magazine and will appear in Issue 14; "The Thing in the Lighthouse" will appear in Issue 15. "Grey Swirlings" was in the September 2001 issue of e-zine Dark Moon Rising. Flash-fiction piece "Death was a Bikini-Clad Goth Chick" appeared in Morbid Musings, and he has also placed story "This is Life" with Shadow Keep. Short story "Bobbers" appears in the Feb 2002 issue of Morbid Musings. "Down in the Cellar" appears in Issue #16 of Nightscapes and workshopped story "Link" appears in Deviant Minds. "Link" has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and has been recommended for a Bram Stoker Award as well. Marc says that the workshop has been an absolute blessing. Marc Sanchez's story by publisher Deviant Minds It was workshopped here.

Stephen Tennant's novel Blaydar's Children is forthcoming in 2001 from Silver Lake Publishing. For more information, visit

James Thomson's short story collection All-Knowing, All-Merciful and Other Stories was published with Hats Off Books in June 2000. Two novellas in this collection--the title story and "The Secret Legation," which won an Editor's Choice Award in October, 1999--were workshopped on the original Del Rey Workshop. James writes: "I found the comments I received on the site extremely helpful. My work was greatly improved by the contact I had with other authors on the workshop and I owe a good deal of my success to my experiences here." For more information, visit His novellas "All Knowing, All Merciful" and "Age of Heroes" were serialized at Alternate Realities E-Zine. And his short story "An Unlimited Cage" can be read in the Archives section of The Blue Review.

Mikal Trimm's first sale is short story "Cable and the Possible God" to Planet Relish for the September/October 2001 issue. The story was workshopped. He's also made his first pro sale: "The Voice of a Loved One" has been bought by for publication in December 2001 or January 2002.

Amber van Dyk has sold her short story "The Queen of Hearts" to Wicked Hollow for publication in the first issue, January 2002. Another horror short story of hers, "In the Dark," was discovered via our SF&F workshop and is included in the Sigil anthology, published via iUniverse in September 2001.

Antonietta B. (A. B.) Wallace's novel The Mark of the Werewolf is available through PublishAmerica. Antoinetta says: "The beginning of this novel was workshopped on the Del Rey Online Workshop and the feedback received was valuable, not only in picking out specific sentence structure problems but with overall content as well." The author's Web site has more information.

Kathleen Ward has sold short horror story "Still Waters" to Rogue Worlds.