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Here's where you can find out about workshop members' latest sales and other accomplishments in the world of science fiction and fantasy--click on the links to visit the publications, publishers, author sites, or book information.

December 2006

Long-time OWW reviewers will recognize these titles: Elizabeth Bear sold her three-book Norse-steampunk-noir-periapocalyptic-romantic-!New Weird-high/low-fantasy series, which is not really a trilogy because it's three closely-linked but ultimately stand-alone novels which will be collectively known as the Edda of Burdens (ALL THE WINDWRACKED STARS, BY THE MOUNTAIN BOUND, and THE SEA THY MISTRESS). Look for them forthcoming from Tor in hardback, most likely starting in 2008.

Aliette de Bodard sold her novelette "At the Gates of White Marble" to Leading Edge Magazine. She tells us that "It didn't go through the workshop, but I had some terrific feedback on it from OWWer Marshall Payne, who rightly saw what a disaster my planned ending was."

Carol Scavella Burrell dropped us this note: "Since the workshop is more or less responsible for this one, I guess I should mention that a story of mine will appear Strange Horizons, probably in May, in two parts (it's a rather long story). I didn't workshop it, but the characters are from a different story that I did workshop, and this second story would not have happened without the help of the critters on the first. I wish I could remember all their names, but it was approximately a billion years ago. The SH story is called 'Brownman' -- a Greenman tale set in Miami." Friends and fans of Carol may also want to check out her webcomic, SPQR Blues.

We saw a reminder on Deb Coates's blog that "Chainsaw on Hand" will be published in the March 2007 issue of Asimov's, which will likely be out soon, in case you want to look for it.

Amanda Downum reports that Not One of Us is buying her twice-workshopped story "Ebb"! She sends "many thanks to Ian Tregillis, Ursula Warnecke, Rae Carson, Jaime Voss, Leah Bobet, Elizabeth Bear, and anyone else I'm forgetting."

E! has her first pro sale, and in fact her first sale ever, "MetaPhysics" to Realms of Fantasy. She explains that "the idea first came to me about 6 or 8 years ago, pursuant to a discussion on the OWW mailing list. I don't quite remember the discussion, but I know that's where it came from." She submitted it three times over the next 6 or 8 years and sold it on the third try. Congratulations!

Rayne Hall's most recent sales are "The Devil Eats Here" (fantasy/horror), workshopped, to Nocturnal Ooze, and "Triple Death" (horror), workshopped as "Never Leave Me," to Amalgamae. If that weren't enough, "Burning," a subtle horror story (also workshopped at OWW) won the second prize and CDN$600 in the 2006 Penknife writing contest and will be published in the print anthology. She writes that "This brings my tally to 29 stories sold in 14 months. Let's see if I can better that in 2007. :-D"

Bryan Hitchcock says, "Thank you OWWers. I've learned a lot here and I'm looking forward to learning even more. In the meantime I am going to do the happy dance because my story "Cold Snap" was accepted for THE LORDS OF JUSTICE anthology. I'll post a link when it is available."

Matt Horgan's short story "Bars" has been purchased by Nocturnal Ooze for their Feb/March 2007 volume. Matt writes that "this story was workshopped a couple years ago and sat until recently when I pushed it back out. Many thanks to those who provided insight on the revisions."

Ian Tregillis had the kind of week back in early December that can make a year. In his own words:
I'm delighted to say that my story, "Come Dancefight, My Beloved Enemy" has been purchased by Trabuco Road. I workshopped this story on the OWW early in 2006 (as "Come Dancefight, My Beloved Enemy, in the Charnel House of Desire"). "Dancefight" is the only piece I've ever written in second person POV, but it's also one of my favorites. I wrote it as a challenge to myself, the challenge being to write a story that (1) made sense of that long, strange title; (2) was written in 2nd person POV; and (3) used an in medias res opening. I wanted to experiment with using techniques that I strongly dislike. And hey, it turned out better than I'd hoped! I'm indebted to B. K. Dunn, Kim Jollow Zimring, Karl Bunker, Aliette de Bodard, Andrew Ahn, Way Jeng, Amanda Downum, Mike Farrell, Sam Butler, Katrina Kidder, Leo Korogodski, Kyle Kinder, Brad Beaulieu, David Reagan, Brit Marschalk, and Bill Purcell for their comments. Thanks, all. AND, George R. R. Martin has accepted my story "The Tin Man's Lament" for the Wild Cards mosaic novel INSIDE STRAIGHT. This is the second story that I've sold to George in recent months, meaning that I'll have stories appearing in both the first and second volumes of Tor's new Wild Cards trilogy. I'm particularly thrilled about "Tin Man" -- I wrote the entire thing over Thanksgiving weekend, after being asked if I could produce a good story for the book on very short notice. And hey, it turned out better than I'd hoped!

November 2006

Karl Bunker's OWW-critted story "Pilgrimage" was the Second Place winner for the 4th Quarter 2006 Writers of the Future Contest. He sends "many thanks to OWW and all my critiquers!"

Aliette de Bodard joins Karl as a Second Place winner in the Writers of the Future. She writes: "I wanted to extend my thanks through the newsletter to the people who critted 'Obsidian Shards' on the workshop: Linda Steele, who's always a tremendous help at picking out where the story goes awry, Marshall Payne, whose dedication and enthusiasm are contagious, and Chris Kastensmidt, who helped give this a final polish before shoving it out the door."

It takes a village? Nora Fleischer has good news. Jeffrey Kafer has included her novella "A More Real Life" on his podiobook compendium, MORE SONIC FICTION. You can hear it here. Nora writes: "This novella was workshopped many, many times, in a few different formats, and so I have a long list of people to thank: Ilona Gordon, Stella Evans, Christiana Ellis, Melinda Kimberly, Sam Welch, Gareth Dyson, Lori Erickson, Isaac Lazarus, Mike Nelson, Lisa Wilson, Chance Morrison, Toni Stauffer, Jahnelle Pittman, Ezra Niesen (is your novel done yet, Ezra?), JW Wrenn, Deb Cawley, Chris Russo, M Thomas, Kyri Freeman, Adam Razik, Daniel J. Pelletier, Darrell Pitt, Aaron Ziegel, James Abbiati Jr., Keong L, Terry Sheerer, John Walsh, Allen Newton, Mandy Collins, Tempest, Karen Wootan, Dorothy Lindman, Valerie Jones, Kate Bachus, Antonietta Wallace, Greg Jefford, Jay Ferrin, Jen de Guzman, Pauline Williamson, Shannon Gerlich, Stephen Williams, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Cathy Freeze, Jack Hillman, and especially the Del Rey Editorial Board for saying that a chapter that I thought was a digression was really a standalone story, and Lin Cochran for telling me I wasn't done yet, and I'm very sorry if I omitted or misspelled your name."

Rayne Hall informs us that she sold her story "Turkish Night" (workshopped at OWW some time ago) to Down in the Cellar, and her story "Style Matters" to Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine. And, she adds, "The synopsis and first three chapters of my novel-in-progress Storm Dancer won fifth place in the Novel Idea Contest." Congratulations!

Vylar Kaftan's story "Blank Sexzra" will appear in an upcoming issue of the new e-zine Trabuco Road. Vy says "Thanks to everyone on OWW who critiqued the piece!" The news doesn't stop there. Vy had a story translated into Spanish. "Nine Thousand Four Hundred Ninety-Four Days" (originally published at Abyss & Apex) was translated into Spanish for the Argentinian magazine Axxon. "This is my first time in translation, and I'm excited." And Vy's story "Lydia's Body" appears appears in the November 1 issue of the new ezine Clarkesworld. Both stories were also critiqued on OWW.

Tara Maya's flash sf story "Public Eye" is in Winged Halo. She tells us that you can go and vote on which of the stories you think is best at:

Michael Merriam sold his short story "Secret" to From the Asylum. He would like to thank Alan Johnson, Heidi Johnson, Becca Patterson, Robert Haynes, Jodi Meadows, and Stella Evans, all of whom took a crack at this one when it was on the workshop.

Mike Nelson's EC-winning story "Skinwalker: Deception" sold to Pseudopod and is now available now as a podcast ( He says, succinctly, "Woohoo!"

Marshall Payne's novelette "Carousel Cowboys" is the November feature story of the new and improved Nanobison, which just switched from quarterly to a monthly ezine. Marshall wishes to thank OWW members Aliette de Bodard, Calie Voorhis, Keir Alekseii Roopnarine, and Linda Steele for all their help! As if that's not enough, his story "Father Gus" appears in the November issue of Quantum Muse, and The Harrow bought his story "The Opening." He sends special thanks to Linda Steele for her help with the rewrite request for "The Opening."

October 2006

Brad Beaulieu sold "Cirque du Lumiere" to Tekno Books for their upcoming FELLOWSHIP FANTASTIC anthology, to be published summer of 2007 by DAW. We figured we'd see great things from him when he was won 2nd place in Writers of the Future in 2004. "WoTF?" you ask. "The contest results from the latest quarter are in, aren't they?" Why, yes, yes they are. Read on...

Looks like Brandon Barr has been busy this year. His story "At the End of the Time Jump" won first prize in the Christian Fiction Reviewers short story contest. "The Machine Summer" appeared in the December 2005 issue of Revelation: the Magazine of Apocalyptic Art and Literature, "Frog Hunting" came out in the June issue of Nova SF, and "Mikel's Hope" has just been accepted by Haruah. He says: "Thanks to everyone who critted one of my stories. The OWW community has helped my writing beyond where I alone could take it."

J. Michael Blumer's THE BOOK OF SECOND CHANCES will be released this month from Windstorm Creative Ltd. Congratulations, Mike!

Leah Bobet is on FIRE! Publications this month include: "Deer's Heart,"available in the October-December issue of Chizine, "Lost Wax" in the December issue of Realms of Fantasy, and "And its Noise as a Noise in a Dream; And its Depths as the Roots of the Sea" is in the Fall 2006 issue of On Spec. Two poems were also published this month: "Letters to Papa" in MYTHIC II, an anthology edited by Mike Allen, and "Full Fathom Five" in the Oct. 2 issue of Strange Horizons. But that's not all! Recent sales include: "The Delicate Nature of Poisons," a short poem, to Aoife's Kiss and Fantasy accepted TWO of Leah's stories this month: "A Month of Sundays" and "Furnace Room Lullaby," which was a September Editor's Choice. She thanks Elizabeth Bear, David Haseman, Amanda Downum, Gregory Banks, Chris Coen, Liz Bourke, Rayne Hall, Jeremy Yoder, Vylar Kaftan, Tom Marcinko, and the Resident Editors for their collective crits. But wait, there's more! "Building A Taller Chair," which appeared in the March 2005 issue of Fortean Bureau, will be reprinted at Farrago's Wainscot, a new exhibit-style market set to open in the new year. Congrats, Leah!

Aliette de Bodard has big news... *drumroll*... Her workshopped story, "Deer Flight," just sold to Interzone. She sends her thanks to Linda Steele, Kaori Praschak, and Jo Anderton.

The OWW Secret Spy Network has unearthed undeniable evidence that Stella Evans' story "Everybody's Mother" appears in the current issue of On Spec. Yay!

Rayne Hall sold "The Cursing Stone" to Rogue Worlds and "Anger Management" to Alien Skin. It's been a good year for her, with more than 20 stories sold. She says the trick is to write more, revise more, submit more. Good advice, Rayne.

Speaking of Writers of the Future... Kim Jollow's story "Ripping Carovella" took first place in the second quarter. Congratulations, Kim!

Karen Kobylarz also has good news. She sold her short story "The Book of Thuti" to Leading Edge for their April 2007 issue. She sends "Thanks to all the workshop members who critiqued it."

Rochita Loenen-Ruiz' workshopped story "Borealis" has been accepted for inclusion in PHILIPPINE SPECULATIVE FICTION VOL. 2. She says, "This is my first time to be included in an anthology, and one that will be available in local bookshops back home." She doesn't have her list of reviewers handy, but is thankful to everyone who helped with the story, particularly Calie Voorhis, Arthur Lambiris, and Marshall Payne. Also, another of Rochita's pieces has been accepted for inclusion in the SKIN BYTEBACK book, to be released by Route.

Bill McKinley's short story "An Act of Resistance," which was workshopped in 2003, appears in Revolution SF.

Yep, you guessed it. Michael Merriam sold another story. His workshopped short "Far From the Fields" will appear in an upcoming issue of Ray Gun Revival. He thanks OWW members Becky Kyle, Jo Anderton, Brad Beaulieu, and Karen Swanberg for the crits and suggestions.

And Jaime Lee Moyer sold another poem. "Farewell" will appear in issue #4 of Sybil's Garage.

The OWW Secret Spy Network has learned from a reliable (but undisclosed) source that Marshall Payne's story "A Subtle Thing" appears in Issue 08 of Ray Gun Revival.

August & September 2006

Nigel Atkinson's short story "Ravening Alien Monsters" is in the July 2006 issue of Jupiter SF.

Tom Barlow sold "Call Me Mr. Positive" to Intergalactic Medicine Show. It's his first pro sale. Congratulations!

Elizabeth Bear sold "War Stories" to Baen's Universe. She said, simply, "woot!"

Leah Bobet wrote us a long note on the eve of the newsletter. She says: "Busy month over here; first off, 'Deer's Heart' placed second in the twelfth annual Chiaroscuro Short Story Contest after a tie for first place which meant both stories went to Neil Gaiman for tie-breaking judging. It'll appear in the October issue, and thanks go to Jaime Voss, Liz Bourke, and Amanda Downum for the critiques that made it work and got it in on deadline. I sold two more poems this month: 'Full Fathom Five' to Strange Horizons (, and 'Letters to Papa' to MYTHIC II, an anthology edited by Mike Allen. Thanks to Jaime Voss for critiquing both. Two poems were also published this month: 'Coffee Date' in the August web issue of Cabinet des Fees, and 'To Her Mother' in Strange Horizons. And finally, 'They Fight Crime!', which appeared in Strange Horizons last October, got an honourable mention in this year's YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR, while "Bliss," from last year's Winter issue of On Spec, got an honourable mention in the Dozois YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION, and the reprint of the same story in Rich Horton's SCIENCE FICTION: THE BEST OF THE YEAR 2006 got a favourable review from Publishers Weekly. So yeah, we'll call it a -really- good month for external validation." Heck yeah! But we already knew you rocked. ;)

Hannah Bowen's "Tin Cup Heart" appears in the latest issue of Ideomancer.

Amanda Downum has had an amazing month too! She sold "The Salvation Game" to Fantasy. Strange Horizons is buying her EC story "Smoke & Mirrors." For that one she sends a "Thank you to Elizabeth Bear, Jaime Voss, Aimee Poynter, and Erzebet Yellowboy (and anyone else I may be forgetting) for their crits, and to Kelly Link for the EC." Ideomancer bought her workshopped story "The Garden, The Moon, The Wall." She sends her thanks for that one to Leah Bobet and Jaime Voss for their crits, "and to Amber van Dyk for its namesake bracelet."

Charles Coleman Finlay's Maggot novella, "Abandon the Ruins," appears in the Oct/Nov issue of F&SF. He thanks all the reviewers who picked apart the plot and pacing problems when it was posted on the workshop.

Ejner Fulsang's novel A DESTINY OF FOOLS, which was an OWW EC pick in June 2004 and a Finalist in the 2006 Florida First Coast Writers Festival, will be released in November by Arhus Publishing. To read more about it, see Ejner's eb site.

Rayne Hall asks "May I brag a bit? I've sold nineteen -- yes, that's nineteen -- stories in nine months! Most of them are in the horror genre, some are fantasy or cross-genre. Several of them were workshopped at OWW: 'The Wreck of the Pandora' for which I received wonderful help here (thanks especially to the divers who helped with underwater atmosphere and technical stuff -- it made a real difference) sold to Byzarium. Nocturnal Ooze bought 'Seagulls' and 'Night Train'. The Deepening bought 'Marked with a Feather' (workshopped as 'White Feather'). Maniac Press has accepted "The Devil Eats Here" for the FAST FOOD FRENZY horror anthology. I'm very grateful to all the OWWers who helped me polish those stories." Um, yeah, we guess you can brag. ;)

Vylar Kaftan sold her story "Lydia's Body" to Clarkesworld for their November issue. She says, "I appreciate the helpful critiques I got from OWW members!"

In the past month, Heidi Kneale has sold her story "Woman and the Moon" to Borderlands, and her articles "Got Filk" to The Internet Review of Science Fiction and "Where's the Sci-Fi" to the inaugural issue of Heliotrope.

Tara Maya made her first sale... twice! She sold her first short story, "Drawn to the Brink," to the anthology WOMANSCAPES. And under the psuedonym Vashti Valiant, she sold an erotica fantasy novel titled SLAVE OF THE GOBLIN to Ellora's Cave.

Michael Merriam has two sales to report! His novelette "The Siege at Harnlow" has sold to Gryphonwood, and his short story "The Foundling" will appear in the next issue of Chaos Theory: Tales Askew. Michael would like to thank Chris Murphy, James Lemacks, and John Schoffstall for their reviews of "The Foundling."

Nancy Nivling sold her "You Broke It, You Bought It" to RAGEmag for their July/Aug issue and "What You Wish For" to RAGEmag for their Nov/Dec issue.

Marsha Sisolak sold her ded Charley challenge story to Farthing. She sends "thanks to Charlie, Michael Keyton, Heidi Kneale, Matt Horgan, Debbie Smith, and Linda Dicmanis for the early crits on the 'orkshop! They certainly shaped the second draft. And thanks to Jaime Voss, Leah Bobet, and David Haseman for the second looks. You all ROCK!" She added a big "WOO CHALLENGES!"

Tracey Stewart sold her story "Caswell" to issue 2 of Trail of Indiscretion. It was critiqued twice on OWW under the title "Area 52." She sends out special thanks to reviewers Walter Williams, Helen Mazarakis, Leo Korogodski, Pamela O'Brien, Hazel Davis, Roger McCook, Robert Haynes, Seth Daniel McNally, John Judd, Darrell Newton, Stephen Fennessey, Brenta Blevins, and Miki Garrison.

Rachel Swirsky sold her story "Undocumented" to Fantasy.

Amber van Dyk sold "Disquiet" to Fantasy. She sends out thanks, "as it was read by a bunch of folks!"

Larisa Walk sold "The Dreaming Mind Knows" to the Simian Publishing anthology INTO THE DREAMLANDS. She says, "This one hasn't been workshopped, but participating in the workshop was an essential part of making it publishable."

Jeremy Yoder informs us that The Star Trek STRANGE NEW WORLDS 9 anthology is now available. "For any ST buffs of the original series, my story 'The Smallest Choices' centers around Spock and his childhood sweetheart T'Pring, over a century after the classic episode 'Amok Time.' And if you understood all that... then you're a geek. ;)" We're thinking Jeremy is the first OWWer with a pro sale for a media tie-in.

July 2006

Tom Barlow's story "Your Friend On the Outside" was accepted by Thieves Jargon (, one of his favorite e-pubs. He also recieved contributor copies of the summer Duck & Herring Pocket Field Guide with his story "Left in Right Field."

Leah Bobet had another great month. "Lagtime" is appearing in the current issue (Summer 2006) of On Spec. This was workshopped way back in 2003, and thanks go out to Stephanie Burgis, Elizabeth Bear, Joshua Canete, Stella Evans, Dena Landon, Magda Knight, and Walter Williams. "Three Days and Nights in Lord Darkdrake's Hall" was accepted by Strange Horizons. Leah writes that "Jed tells me that makes me one of two people who have sold five pieces to them. Thanks go out to Don Campbell, Stella Evans, Chris Leong, and Christopher Upshaw for their on-shop crits." She also sold two poems this month: "Coffee Date" will be appearing in the August issue of Cabinet des Fées , and "To Her Mother" will be in a future issue of Strange Horizons. She sends "thanks to Jaime Voss for her tireless suck-checks on the poetry."

Linda Daly reports that she's been accepted into Viable Paradise X. Okay, actually what she said was, "Woohoo! I'm so excited!! In fact... *thunk* That was me, fainting."

Amanda Downum's flash piece "Brambles" has been taken by Cabinet des Fées for their online edition.

Nancy Fulda sold "Pastry Run" to Baen's Universe.

Kim Jollow sold "Don't Kill the Messenger" to Analog.

Vylar Kaftan sold "Nine Thousand Four Hundred Ninety-Four Days" to Abyss & Apex.

Mur Lafferty sold her story "Moat" to Scrybe Press.

F.R.R. Mallory has two sales this month that were workshopped through OWW. (And at least one more that wasn't!) She informs us that "of lilys" was workshopped in 2003 and sold to Freya's Bower on July 18. And alas, she adds, "I have been unable to find my reviewer document to note those who assisted." "When The Swords Fell" was workshopped in September 2005 and sold to Wild Child Magazine on July 14, 2006. Thanks to reviewers Greg Byrne, Eric Bresin, Brenta Blevins, Al Bogdan, Way Jeng, Aliette de Bodard, Joanne Bradley, Rajan Khanna, Christopher Upshaw, and Duane Grippen.

Sandra McDonald's story "Women of the Lace" appears in the premiere issue of The Town Drunk.

Wow! Michael Merriam has sold his short story "Out Among the Singing Void" to Fictitious Force. Michael would like to thank Brandon Barr, Stella Evans, Daniel Sackinger, Karen Swanberg, and Jennifer Michaels for their help with this story. He also place placed his long fantasy poem "The Sixth Son," which was based on a story he workshopped on OWW last year, to Prism Quarterly. Michael's paranormal romance novelette, "Stopping By," will be appearing in two parts (September 2006 and December 2006) in Lyrica: A Webzine of Romantic Fiction. He sold has his children's fantasy poem "Where the Leftovers Go" to Beyond Centauri. And he also sold his novelette "Melpomene Run" to Ray Gun Revival. This story was workshopped under the title "Into the Equation." He would like to thank Amanda Downum, Mark Early, and Rae Carson for all the help on this one.

Ruth Nestvold's story "The Canadian Who Came Almost All the Way Home From the Stars," co-authored with Jay Lake, is reprinted in the YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION edited by Gardner Dozois.

David Reagan's workshopped story story "Only The Neck Down" is currently live at Futurismic .

First sale! Ian Tregillis tells us that "George R. R. Martin has accepted my novelette 'Political Science,' co-written with Bud Simons, for inclusion in the forthcoming Wild Cards novel BUSTED FLUSH (Tor, 2008). This is a multipart story that will be printed as two separate but closely intertwined pieces. 'Political Science' is the title for the first part; the second part is untitled at the moment. I didn't workshop this story, but everything I've learned on the OWW over the past few years was crucial to the effort. This is my very first sale. Whee!"

Amber Van Dyk sold "The Green Men" to new pro-zine Fantasy, which has been buying work by several OWWers.

Donna Watkins' story "The Dangers of Interspecies Dating" is up at Jupiter World Press. She sends her "thanks to all who helped me work it up to its proper, polished state."

June 2006

OWW Resident Editor Notes:

Karin Lowachee's novel CAGEBIRD is a finalist for the 2006 Prix Aurora Awards given by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.

OWW Member Sales and Publications:

Tom Barlow's humorous story "Character Notes for 'When Gods Collide and Conflict,'" a fictional letter to F&SF editor Gordon Van Gelder, was published in Defenestration.

For Elizabeth Bear, the dam broke after a few dry months. She was sweet enough to break it down into categories for us. New sales: A COMPANION TO WOLVES (with Sarah Monette), to Tor, scheduled for hardcover in 2007. "Ile of Dogges" (with Sarah Monette) forthcoming in Aeon 7; "Sounding" (a sappy ocean story, and all Amanda Downum's fault) to Strange Horizons; "Inelastic Collisions" (aka "Gretchen and Tamara Go Bowling") to Ellen Datlow's INFERNO anthology; former EC "Sonny Liston Takes the Fall" to an as-yet untitled Ellen Datlow anthology; "Love Among the Talus" (a cold rock sex/April Fool's challenge story) to Strange Horizons; "The Something Dreaming Game" to Lou Anders anthology FAST FORWARD. She adds: "Way too many people are owed thanks for me to actually list here; actually looking it up and listing the names has become the kind of small daunting task that never gets done when one is surfing the fine edge of life stress. And I don't feel right about woohooing unless I mention the people who helped." But we think all of you understand. Reprint sales include: "Follow Me Light" to YEAR'S BEST FANTASY & HORROR (Datlow, Link & Grant) and to YEAR'S BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE (Guran); "Two Dreams on Trains" to YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION (Dozois); and "Wax" to YEAR'S BEST FANTASY (Horton). Publications include: "The Cold Blacksmith" in the June Baen's Universe; "The Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe" in Subterranean 4; and "Gone to Flowers" in EIDOLON, Eidolon Books, Jonathan Strahan and Jeremy Byrne, eds.; "Wane" in Interzone #203 Mar/Apr 2006. Plus her collection THE CHAINS THAT YOU REFUSE from Nightshade Books, and her novel BLOOD & IRON, due out from Roc next week. All of us are extraordinarily happy for her and think she's amazing.

Leah Bobet's "Bliss" appears in THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY, edited by Richard Horton.

Deborah Coates' story "Magic in a Certain Slant of Light" (Strange Horizons, March 2005) will be reprinted in BEST NEW PARANORMAL ROMANCE. She also reports receiving the contract from Asimov's for "Chainsaw on Hand."

Becky Day sold "Magic's Choice" to Fantasist Enterprises for their BLOOD AND DEVOTION anthology. And her short story "The Hare Wife" is one of the winners of the WildChild Fairy Tale Contest and will appear in their June issue.

Amanda Downum sold "Snake Charmer" to Realms of Fantasy, for which she thanks Elizabeth Bear, Jodi Meadows, and Aimee Poynter. Also, Aeon is buying her poem "And In the Living Rock, Still She Sings," for which she blames Jaime Voss. Her story "Dogtown" appears in a recent issue of Strange Horizons.

Nora Fleischer's novel DISCOVERED COUNTRY; OR, THE ADVENTURES OF ROSEMARY THE LIBRARIAN is now available as a podcast at Nora writes "A lot of people read this novel and helped me tremendously, especially Pen Hardy, Melinda Kimberly, Ilona Gordon, Ezra Niesen, and Christiana Ellis. I'll always be grateful for the time they invested to make this a better novel."

Vylar Kaftan reappears in the sales column! She sold "Keybones" to ChiZine and "Civilization" to the GLORIFYING TERRORISM anthology. Both were OWW-workshopped stories, which makes her add :)

Sandra McDonald's "Fir Na Tine" appears in THE YEAR'S BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE, edited by Paula Guran.

Michael Merriam sold his spec fic poem "In the Void" to The Shantytown Anomaly for their third issue. This poem is based on a short story that was workshopped on OWW last year. He also sold his story "Duel in the Moonlit Snow" to Gryphonwood. This story was workshopped under the title "The Nanny." Michael would like to thank Aliette de Bodard, Dena Landon, Alan Johnson, and Maggie Della Rocca for their insightful crits and reviews. Your newsletter editor would like to thank Michael for always sending in his sales news in easy-to-use format!

Ian Morrison sold his short story "The Iron Star" to Turnpike Gates for their September issue. He sends "thanks to Mel Mason, Raymond Walsh, Leonid Korogodski, Sam Butler, Shery Thompson, Sandra Ulbrich, Daniel Sackinger, Fiona McDonald, Patty Jansen, and Amos Peverill for excellent critiques. Your help was invaluable."

Sarah Prineas's story "A Treatise on Fewmets" is being reprinted in THE YEAR'S BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE, edited by Paula Guran.

John Schoffstall's story "Fourteen Experiments in Postal Delivery" appears in a recent issue of Strange Horizons. And his story "Errant Souls" is in issue No. 18 of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. He adds, "This story was an EC when it was on the 'shop. Props to Carol Burrell, Bill Kohler, Keith Katsikas, John Walborn, Mur Lafferty, M Thomas, Ruth Nestvold, cathy freeze, Raymond Walshe, and Kyri Freeman who critted it and made it a better story."

Rachel Swirsky's OWW-critiqued story "The Debt of the Innocent" will be appearing in the GLORIFYING TERRORISM anthology, to protest censorship in Britain. Her story "Scene from a Dystopia" appears in Subterranean #4. And her story "Two Weeks After the Shadow" appeared in the May issue of Anti Muse.

Larisa Walk's story "The Owl Dreams," workshopped on OWW, was published in the GODS AND MONSTERS anthology.

May 2006

OWW Staff and Resident Editor Accomplishments:

Resident Editor Kelly Link won not one but TWO Nebula Awards earlier this month! The winners were her novella "Magic for Beginners" and her novelette "The Faery Handbag." Wow!

OWW Member Sales and Publications:

Treize Aramistedian's story "The Sound of One-Hundred Bullets" was one of three to win the J. Edward Meeker Prize for best fiction in the freshman class at Yale. Treize writes, "It wasn't workshopped, but everything that made that story good I learned from the wonderful people at the OWW."

Hannah Bowen sold her short story "Leap," aka the bridgejumper story, to Say...?

Aliette de Bodard sold her short story "Citadel of Cobras" to The Sword Review. She says, "The OWW really has given me a boost sales-wise. My thanks to you, Charlie, and the awesome team behind the forum. For once I do have the crits file... As always, I am deeply indebted to Linda Steele and Rochita Loenen-Ruiz for their thoughtful crits of the story. My heartfelt thanks also to Mark Ward and Karen Kobylarz."

We've heard that Amanda Downum sold "Snake Charmer" to Realms of Fantasy. She blogged that "This was a They Fight Crime story, too. He's a notorious voodoo assassin on the hunt for the last specimen of a great and near-mythical creature. She's a mentally unstable red-headed snake charmer with an evil twin sister. They fight crime!" Chalk another one up to the Challenges.

Rose Fox sold her short story "Everlasting" to Alleys and Doorways.

Anna Kashina had two pieces of good news: "My flash story 'Dance Lesson' was just accepted by Flashquake! I wanted to thank this list, and OWW, for giving me the idea to even submit my flash fiction, which I used to write merely for my own enjoyment and bury deep within my hard drive afterwards. I am very excited. I also had my workshopped story 'Priestess of the Dance' make the quarterfinals at the Writers of the Future contest. Even though quarterfinal stories don't get published, I am excited anyway. Thanks to all of you guys for your support!"

Heidi Kneale has been selected to the children's books panel for this year's Aurealis Awards.

Rochita Chie Loenen-Ruiz's flash fiction story "Mistress Vogel" is now up on Byzarium. She says, "I love this painter and I'm so pleased this piece made it through their flash fiction contest."

Jennifer Michaels' flash fiction story "The Scout" is in the FLASHSHOT: YEAR TWO anthology. Jennifer explains, "For those of you who don't know Flashshot: Daily Genre Flash Fiction, it's a neat little market that e-mails one flash story a day to its subscribers. Every year they then reprint all the stories in an anthology. I've been published in various online markets, and in one PDF anthology, but this is my first story in print!"

Michael Nelson has his first woohoo! He told the mailing list: "I submitted the rules to a game for Mike Resnick's new novel from Pyr, STARSHIP: MUTINY, and it won second place. It'll be printed in the Appendix as 'Toprench: The Second Best Game in the Galaxy.'"

John Schoffstall sold his short story "Bullet Dance" to Asimov's.

April 2006

OWW Staff and Resident Editor Publications:

Charles Coleman Finlay's story "Passing Through" appears in the May issue of F&SF.

Karin Lowachee's story "This Ink Feels Like Sorrow" appears in MYTHSPRING: FROM THE LYRICS AND LEGENDS OF CANADA, edited by Julie E. Czerneda and Genevieve Kierans.

OWW Member Sales and Publications:

"I'm just writing to let you know I have some exciting publication news," says Jo Anderton. "My short story 'Dogs' won the Conjure (Australian National Science Fiction Convention) short story competition. It will be published in Aurealis. I'd like to thank Raven Mathews, Thomas Bolme, Patty Jansen, Jodi Meadows, Aliette de Bodard, Michael Merriam, Kimberly Colley and Maggie Della Rocca for their reviews of this piece! Also, another short story, 'Bond,' will be published soon in Deep Magic! I have had a lot of help with this story through its various incarnations but (bad me! bad!) I have mislaid most of the reviews so I don't remember all the names :( So, instead, thank you to everyone!"

Brad Beaulieu sold "Chasing Humanity" to Tekno Books for their upcoming Man vs. Machine anthology, to be published summer of 2007 by DAW Books.

Hannah Bowen sold her failure-of-memory story, aka, "Rosemary, For Remembrance," to Fantasy magazine, where she'll share a ToC with Chance Morrison.

Brand new member Becky Day wasn't sure if she should let us know her good news. "I'm not sure if you accept sales info for the 'Hall of Fame' for stories that didn't go through the workshop, but since joining the workshop, I've sold 'Stranger at the Wedding' to Cabinet des Fées, and 'Essence of the Rose' to the anthology JUSTICE WEARS A DRESS. I call that a good omen!" It was such a good omen, she had cause to e-mail us again: "I had another sale last week, a story called 'The Very Strange Case of Gerald Russell Duckett' to BOOK OF DARK WISDOM, so if it's not too much trouble, maybe you could include that, too?" Yes, indeed we can.

Aliette de Bodard emailed us with particular enthusiasm. "This week has definitely been a momentous one for one: first, I have sold my novelette 'Kindred Spirits,' the very first story I workshopped at OWW, to Deep Magic. It should appear in the May issue. Then I learnt that the first page of 'Peace Offerings' allowed me to get into Orson Scott Card's Bootcamp. And finally I learnt that my short story 'The Dragon's Tears' was a semi-finalist in the Writers of the Future Contest. Many thanks to those who reviewed all those submissions, especially Linda Steele, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, and Christine Hall!"

Catherine Morrison, aka Chance, sold "The Impossibilty of Crows" to Fantasy magazine.

Regina Patton's story "The Werehouse" will be published in the April edition of Quantum Muse. It was work-shopped under the title "The House that Dirk Built" and was an Editor's Choice in October 2004. She sends "many thanks to all who gave input."

David Reagan made his third sale: this time it's "Only the Neck Down" to Futurismic. He says, "Hrm, I'm starting to think these aren't flukes. I love this story, and after being rejected by SH, Brutarian, Son and Foe, Aberrant Dreams, Abyss and Apex, Interzone, and Flesh and Blood, I'm glad it finally found a home, and a pretty nice one at that."

James Stevens-Arce's screenplay "Eterno amor" ("Eternal Love"), a psychological thriller in Spanish about an abusive relationship, which he wrote in collaboration with a young Puerto Rican actress, has made the top ten in a contest sponsored by the Puerto Rico Film Fund. Each of the ten will receive a $10,000 grant to serve as its production budget.

March 2006

In the "It doesn't get any better than this" department: Melissa Marr Alsgaard writes to tell us, "I haven't been active for a while, but I wanted to share my news because the short story I had in the workshop last year ("The Sleeping Girl") evolved into a YA novel, and, well, I just sold it to HarperCollins as the first novel in a three-book significant deal. So I wondered if you could post my thanks to the folks who reviewed that story, especially Michael Keyton and Randy Simpson, and say extra thanks to Randy who read and offered feedback on the whole novel." Yes, we can do that. Thanks Michael, and extra thanks, Randy! And big congratulations, Melissa!

"In the Eyes of the Empress's Cat" by Brad Beaulieu appears in the latest issue of Intergalactic Medicine Show.

Leah Bobet, one of our favorite Canuckstanian writers, had her story "Towers" published recently in Strange Horizons.

Marlissa Campbell's horror short story "Promise Them Aught" sold to Apex Digest. She says this is "another one which benefited greatly from having been reviewed on the workshop!"

"The Triad's Gift" by Aliette de Bodard is in the February issue of Deep Magic.

Amanda Downum informs us that "Strange Horizons is buying 'Flotsam! This is the third workshopped story I've sold to them. Many thanks to Elizabeth Bear and Rae Carson for their crits." Before "Flotsam," it was "Dogtown," barely a month ago. ("Wrack" appeared there recently too -- note to Amanda: keep sending SH stories with one word titles.) About "Dogtown," she said, "I got many helpful crits on this one, but unfortunately don't have a list anymore. So if you reviewed it, thanks!" We also hear that her flash piece "Gingerbread & Time" will appear in Cabinet des Fées.

To boldly go where nOWW man has gone before. Christiana Ellis posted a few months ago about her role in writing "A Podcast Christmas Carol." ( "Well," she says, "I was so inspired by that project that I've put together an audio-book of my novel NINA KIMBERLY THE MERCILESS which was workshopped here a couple years back. Now it's been accepted by, which has thousands of active users."

Casey Fiesler writes: "I actually workshopped a story on OWW back in September (called 'The Turing Duck'), and got some excellent feedback and very constructive comments that helped my rewrite. However, I had just finished grad school and was unemployed at the time, so I had to let my membership lapse. :( Anyway, that very story ended up as a finalist in the 4th quarter 2005 of Writers of the Future. When I found that out right around the time I became gainfully employed, I figured it was karma and renewed my OWW membership. So I'm back!" Congrats!

Christine Hall e-mailed us to say that she's sold "five (yes, five) short stories in the past three months. The two latest are the ghost story 'Take Me To St Roch's' (to Nocturnal Ooze) and 'The Bridge Chamber' to the print anthology READ BY DAWN: BEST OF CONTEMPORARY HORROR. Both have been workshopped. I'm grateful to everyone who helped me with critiques. The list of names would be several paragraphs long, so I'll mention only Donna Johnson, John Hoddy, Teri Foster and Douglas Kolacki who rallied to help with last-minute changes requested by the editor." For those looking for the stories, they're published under her pen name, Rayne Hall.

Diana Cacy Hawkins's poem "Tulip Fairies" will appear in the July 2006 issue of Beyond Centauri. She tells us that "Ron Leming created a graphic picture for the poem, and they were both accepted together."

Kevin Paul Jones' story "Curiosity" appears in the March 2006 issue of The Harrow.

Anna Kashina sold her novel IVAN-AND-MARYA to German publisher Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, for release in 2007. She says, "This is my first real professional book sale! Wooo-hooo!!! I am still working on getting an English-language publisher (or agent), but so excited to have my novel come out in real print! I wanted to acknowledge the past and present OWW memers whose reviews helped so much in shaping my novel into its current form (and for helping me to keep going, no matter what): Rhonda Garcia, Siobhan Carroll, Mike Blumer, John Borneman, Larry West, Samia Lewis, Rebecca Willman, Derek Molata, Marlin Seigman, Villy Ellinger, Bridget Collins, Leonid Korogodski, Clover Autrey, Erin Boyd, Ilona Gordon, Stan Sciortino. And, of course, to the great OWW support :)! I would never have been able to do this on my own!" The sale came about as a result of a story she had published in a German anthology last year, which goes to show the positive side effects of international publication. Congratulations, Anna!

Lindsey Kitson's story "Two Foxes" has won first place in the Keycon short story contest, and is being published in a fundraiser chapbook. She tells us that "the cover artist chose a scene from my story to do the cover art, and it's possible the title of the compilation (of the first, second, third and fourth place winning stories) may even be 'Two Foxes and other tales.'"

Dena Landon's novel SHAPESHIFTER'S QUEST was named to the New York Public Library's 77th Edition of Books for the Teen Age. Woo!

Rochita Loenen-Ruiz reports that her story story "Dark Angel, Benigno" has been selected as one of the stories that will be appearing in a best of 2005 anthology from Double-Edged Publishing. Meanwhile, her short story "Children of the Falling Stars" is up on Dragons, Knights and Angels magazine.

Peter Mackey informs us that his short story "Havermeyer's Ink" is about to appear in Fictitious Force. "This is my second sale of fiction within a year. Voluminous thanks to the positive critical atmosphere at OWW-SFF. Tip-of-the-hat to the workshop reviewers, including O'Brien, Tregillis, Nordeen, and Wilson, for their insights and suggestions."

Sandra McDonald sold her stories "Women of the Lace" to The Town Drunk and "The Green House" to Fantasy. Both stories were workshopped on OWW, and she would like to thank Nora Fleischer, Robert Haynes, Ryan Myers, Douglas Kolacki, Sandra Panicucci, Christine Hall, Rochelle Uhlenkott, Britt Marschalk, Nora Jemison, F.R.R. Mallory and Brenta Blevins for their reviews. Also, her story "Constituent Work," which originally appeared in Say . . ., was selected for BEST OF THE REST 4: THE BEST UNKNOWN SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY.

"Rainfall" by Michael Merriam is in the Feb. issue of Deep Magic.

Ruth Nestvold sold her story "Exit Without Saving" to Futurismic.

Marshall Payne sold "Clowns" to The Sword Review. He writes: "I found the market by reading the Hall of Fame and seeing that Susan Curnow had sold 'Justice' to them. If I hadn't read that I wouldn't have known about the market. I emailed her and told her this, but you might mention this if you list my sale in the Hall of Fame. Kinda cool how one sale led to another. Thanks to OWW and for making this possible."

"Afternoon Download" by Calie Voorhis is in the Feb. issue of Deep Magic.

Wade Albert White's short story "Murder in Candy Land" appears in the latest issue of Ideomancer.

February 2006

Rae Carson follows up her first sale with another. Look for her short story "Becoming" in Abyss & Apex. She sends "Thx and hugs to Jaime V, Aaron B, Jodi M, Michael M, Martha K, Heather M, Kevin K, Heidi K, PJ T, Jeremy Y, Aimee P, and Amanda D."

Deborah Coates's story "46 Directions, None of Them North" appears in the March issue of Asimov's, which would be impressive enough by itself. But she also sold "Chainsaw on Hand" to Asimov's, saying "I got great feedback on this when it was first up on the workshop and Chance was instrumental in helping me make the final changes that got me the sale." AND on top of that, her story "Magic in a Certain Slant of Light" is going to be in David Hartwell's YEAR'S BEST FANTASY.

What a strong start to the year for Aliette de Bodard! She sold her story "A Warrior's Death" to Shimmer for their Spring 2006 issue. She sends "Many thanks to Linda and Ian, who reviewed its second draft and helped me with the rewrite. (I've somehow lost the MS file with the crits, so I can't remember who else took a look at it. My heartfelt congrats to them as well!)" And then her story "Sea Child" was a semifinalist in the Writers of the Future Contest. She confesses that "The crits seem (yet) again to have been lost in the limbo of my hard disk, but I distinctly remember Rochita's helpful comments. Thanks to her and all the others!"

Amanda Downum's story "Wrack" appeared recently in Strange Horzions.

Congratulations, Mike! Mike Farrell's story "A Fly's Hero" made it to the quarterfinals of the 4th Quarter 2005 Writer's of the Future contest.

Charles James's story "23C" appears in the February issue of Quantum Muse. "Although it hasn't specifically been submitted for critique at the workshop," he tells us, "the feedback I've received on my work in general has really pushed me a along as a writer." We love to hear that!

Donna Johnson sold her fantasy short story "The Betrayer" to The Sword Review. She says, "I'd like to thank Rayne, Teri and Kari and other members of PA and OWW members Aliette, Brenta and Stephen for their support and incredibly helpful crits!"

Vylar Kaftan informs us that her story "Through the Cooking Glass" will appear in an upcoming issue of Raven Electrick. She added, "I'd like to thank Kevin Miller, Randy Henderson, Stelios Touchtidis, and Joseph Zelazny for taking the time to critique it."

On the right track: Matt Horgan's short story "Slipping" made the quarterfinals of the Q4 2005 Writers of the Future contest. That's twice in one year -- his story "Touch of Humanity" made it to the quarterfinals the previous quarter.

Rochita Loenen-Ruiz's story "World in a Bubble" was published in the February issue of Reflection's Edge "'World in a Bubble' was one of the first pieces I workshopped," she said. "Thanks to those who reviewed this piece. (It's a long list). I found the feedback helpful and encouraging."

Michael Merriam's flash story "Callooh Callay" will appear in the spring issue of Worlds of Wonder.

Wahoo! Darren Moore, writing as E. R. Alexander, placed 1st in this year's N3F Short Story Contest with his story "Ballad of Kren." He tells us the story was workshopped on OWW a few months back, and we hope that made the difference.

Mark Ward's story "Cycle Thieves" has just been published by Futurismic. He confesses, "It wasn't workshopped but what I've learned via OWW contributed hugely to it. Thanks to all."

January 2006

Aliette de Bodard sold her short story "The Triad's Gift" to Deep Magic. She sends "My thanks to all of those on the workshop whose reviews kept me going as a writer!"

"The Prank at Dragon Mountain" by Eric Joel Bresin appears in the latest issue of Beyond Centauri.

Rae Carson's story "A Wish in the Old Hotel Lourdes" will appear in the Jan 31 issue of Flash Me. She write: "Thanks go to...*deep breath*...Heidi Kneale, Amanda Downum, Martha Knox, Heather Marshall, Aaron Brown, Kevin Kibelstis, Joanne Anderton, Rabia Gale, Jeremy Yoder, Holly McDowell, and Jodi Meadows!"

Wendy S. Delmater's story "Little Green Men" may be found in the latest issue of Beyond Centauri. And she also sold two poems to Breath & Shadow to for their February 2006 edition.

John Dodds sent us this note: "A story I workshopped in the workshop a couple of years ago, 'Crow Among the Starlings,' received an honourable mention in THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR 18. It appeared in a UK magazine, Horror Express, earlier this year. Thanks to all who fed back on the original." And thank you for letting us know -- congratulations!

Charles Coleman Finlay sold "An Eye for an Eye," the story he read at World Fantasy, in which the audience's groans acted as an impromptu critique. Thanks to everyone who showed up to listen to it.

Rose Fox sold five poems to e-card site BlueGreen Planet.

First time! Rhonda S. Garcia's first published short story "Douen Mother" is in the latest issue of Abyss and Apex. Rhonda told the mailing list: "I'm just so excited to see my words in print, I can't seem to stop smiling, even though I have the most wretched cold and I'm freezing my butt off in the office." No wonder -- congratulations!

Justin Gustainis has sold his story "" to the SHADOW REGIONS anthology, to be published in 2006 by Cavern books (which also publishes Surreal magazine).

Christine Hall, publishing under the pen name of Rayne Hall, starts 2006 with a bang. Her short horror story "Black Karma" is published in the current issue of Nocturnal Ooze; her short horror story "Burning" will be in the January edition of Byzarium; and she's sold her short horror story "The Bridge Chamber" to the print anthology READ BY DAWN. All the stories were workshopped. She says, "I'm on a roll! Sincere thanks to everyone who helped me shape and revise these stories, especially Donna Johnson, Teri Foster, John Hoddy, Douglas Kolacki, Karl Bunker, Seth Skorkovsky, Kari Balak, Fiona MacDonald, David Emanuel and Phillip Spencer who supported me through several layers of revision."

Christopher Kastensmidt sold Polish-language reprint rights to short story "Daddy's Little Boy" to Nowa Fantastyka. He says, "This is my first reprint and first foreign sale!" Awesome.

Ann Leckie sold her short story "Hesperia and Glory" to Subterranean Magazine. She sent her "Thanks to everyone who has reviewed me, everyone I have reviewed, and everyone whose reviews I've read!" She was going to send us a complete list of names, too, but we said we'd point you to the Member Directory.

Maura McHugh will see her story "In the Woods" in the next issue of Cabinet des Fées. She says it "was not put through the workshop, but it was written because I saw (CdF Editor) Erzebet's call for submissions on this mailing list." OWW moves in mysterious ways.

Michael Merriam sold his story "And A Song In Her Hair," which was workshopped on OWW, to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Michael would like to thank workshop members Dena Landon, Fiona MacDonald, Jodi Meadows, and Rae Carson for all their help with this story.

Marshall Payne's short story "Souvenir Ball" is now online in the Winter 2006 issue of Nanobison. He sends "thanks to all for the help."

Where no OWWer has gone before: Jeremy Yoder sold short story "The Smallest Choices" to Pocket Books for their STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS 9 anthology. Jeremy told the ML, "I know many here will scoff at it being Star Trek... but I guess that's your problem. A sale is a sale. :) To those familiar with Trek lore, my story is about Spock and his previously betrothed wife, T'Pring, from the original series episode 'Amok Time.' Special thanks to Keith Robinson who read over it off-line before I sent it out."