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Here's where you can find out about workshop members' latest sales and other accomplishments in the world of science fiction and fantasy--click on the links to visit the publications, publishers, author sites, or book information. OWW Writers!

December 2011

Aliette de Bodard's novel Master of the House of Darts (Obsidian and Blood, Book 3) is out now.

April Grey's novel Chasing the Trickster is out now from Eternal Press.

Tom Jolly wrote us to say: "I just had a story published by Daily Science Fiction called 'The Last Necromancer' earlier this month. Just wanted to claim bragging rights. The Writing Workshop has been a big help."

Vylar Kaftan announced, "'The Sighted Watchmaker' is live at Lightspeed. I'm delighted to be back in the magazine--it's one of my favorites."

Mark Lawrence says: "Prince of Thorns (Ace) is now in print (a finalist in's Best Fantasy of 2011 poll)."

Elizabeth Shack's story "A Talent for Death" appears in the Autumn 2011 edition of Shelter of Daylight.

Seth Skorkowsky took second place this fall in the Fencon Short Story Contest with his story "The Dark Goddess Rises."

Richard Smith's story "The Puddle" is in the latest edition of Dark Tales.

Ian Welke's story "Last of the Irish Rover" appears in the December issue of Big Pulp.

November 2011

Sarah Ahiers says: "'Hole Ridden' will be appearing in Dark Moon Digest #6, which should be available for purchase in early December. I'm super excited guys. It's nice to know that when I actually put in the work to get something published (this was the first story I actually submitted anywhere) it can happen. Thanks to Gary A. Braunbeck for his help when he chose it as an Editor's Choice review."

Aliette de Bodard has been busy. She writes: "TRANSTORIES, edited by Colin Harvey, contains my short pseudo-Chinese story ‘The Axle of Heaven.' The second story, the French fantasy called ‘Ys' appears in WOMEN WRITING THE WEIRD, published by Dog Horn Publishing. And StarShipSofa Stories Vol.3 contains my ‘Age of Miracles, Age of Wonders.'"

Nicole Cushing wrote: "Just wanted to let you know that my workshopped story ‘The Orchard of Hanging Trees' has been accepted by Pseudopod . Thanks to everyone on OWW who critted this story back in November and December of 2010 and validated its vision, while challenging me to make it even better than it was in the first drafts."

Karen Kobylarz emailed us to say: "I recently sold two stories, ‘Firstborn' and ‘Eye of Ra,' to Lorilei Signal--the October 2011 and January 2012 issues respectively. These stories will also be reprinted in Mystic Signals (November 2011 and February 2012 issues). Both stories were posted on the Workshop. Thanks to all who critiqued them!"

October 2011

Kevin Ikenberry's story "Shipminds and Ice Cream" is in the current issue of Mindflights.

Christine Lucas says: "I've recently sold three stories that were workshopped at OWW:'Rite of Taming' to Warrior Wisewoman #4,'Make None to Weep' to the Quiet Shelter There anthology from Hadley Rille Books, and'What the Carp Saw' to ASIM. The last two feature the same lead characters, an ancient Egyptian High Priest and his mischievous cat, and are very dear to my heart. The OWWers I owe thanks to are too many to mention here, but know that you have my sincere gratitude for all your help."

Paul Steven Marino's short story "The Fountain and the Shoe Store" is in a recent edition of Strange Horizons.

Rochita Loenen Ruiz announced recently: "The October issue of Realms of Fantasy includes my short story,'Return to Paraiso'. It was inspired by two real life stories. One was a story about Filipino fishermen who had to leave their ancestral fishing grounds to make place for a refinery, the second was about a woman who was falsely accused of being an insurgent simply because she worked among a tribal people."

Henry Szabranski published a short story entitled "Amy's First" as the October 19 offering of Daily Science Fiction.

September 2011

Jesse Bangs tells us: "I just wanted to announce that my workshopped story 'The Judge's Right Hand' has been sold to Beneath Ceaseless Skies, AND it's been selected for their podcast. Look for the story sometime in November, and for
the podcast a few weeks after that. This is my first sale to an SFWA-recognized "pro" market. Thanks to everyone who read it and helped out with crits and comments!"

Karl Bunker wrote us to say: "My OWW-critiqued story 'Overtaken' is in the current (Sept/Oct) issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction."

Tracy Canfield told us: "I sold a short story, 'The Chastisement Of Your Peace' to Strange Horizons. This is my third sale to SH. (The story was written before I joined the workshop, so I don't have any critiquers to thank this time around.)"

Rae Carson's THE GIRL OF FIRE & THORNS is finally available in hardcover!

Vylar Kaftan announced: "I'm up at Escape Pod with 'Kill Me.' Professional masochist hires herself out to be murdered. You can listen here. Also, Lightspeed Magazine just purchased "The Sighted Watchmaker," which will run in December."

Elizabeth Hull has sold 'The Last and Best Hiss' to CAT'S EYE NEW BELLA ANTHOLOGY.

Dinesh Pulandram's fantasy story "Evangeline Vicare" is online at Residential Aliens.

August 2011

Steve Chapman sold short story "Nemesis" to Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword & Sorceress 26 (November 2011).

Eliza Collins's story "The Unseen Truths" is slated to appear in the next Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

Ben Crowell told us: "I sold my story 'The Pass' which was workshopped on OWW, to Asimov's. Henry Szabranski's crit was especially helpful."

Sarah Elizabeth's novel Out in Blue, a paranormal romance published by Entangled Publishing, will be released on September 6th.

April Grey announced: "My novel, Chasing the Trickster, workshopped at OWW will be coming out this Nov. from Eternal Press."

Tom Jolly sold two short stories lately: "The Last Necromancer" to Daily Science Fiction and "Pulse" to Something Wicked.

Whoops! We missed the fact that Jennifer Michaels published a story called "Ruining Lunchtime" in Spaceports & Spidersilk back in June.

Tony Peak had two sales this month: "Just wanted to let you all know that my story ‘A Return to Paradise' will soon be appearing in The Fifth D. Also, ‘Tricks of the Scarecrow Trade' will appear in the September issue of Allegory. Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed it here on OWW!"

L. K. Pinaire has a story titled "The Last Resort" coming out in issue 52 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine this fall.

Dinesh Pulandram's fantasy story "Evangeline Vicare" will appear at this fall.

July 2011

Beth Cato wrote us to say: "My story ‘La Rosa Still in Bloom,' which was run through the workshop earlier this year, has been accepted for the August issue of Crossed Genres Magazine. I'd like to thank Jennifer Wray, Lydia Kurnia, Raymond Walshe, Larisa Walk, and Dy Loveday for their helpful critiques."

Gio Clairval says: "I'm writing to announce the sale of a workshopped story, 'Playground,' to the PS Publishing anthology POSTSCRIPTS, edited by Nick Gevers and Peter Crowther (scheduled for publication in winter 2011). Not to forget 'Toytfogl' (workshopped under the title ‘Astor de Mort'), sold to the anthology BRIDE OF THE GOLEM, edited by Gus Ginsburg. Two more stories, both workshopped and sold last year, will come out this month of July: 'The Hand' in Weird Tales, and 'The Pea' (workshopped as "Dust") in the HarperCollins anthology THACKERY LAMBSHEAD CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. The list of OWW reviewers is too long, but I would like to thank them all!"

Liz Coley tells us: "I am thrilled to report the sale of my novel PRETTY GIRL 13 to HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen Books, scheduled to come out Fall 2012." Congratulations, Liz!

Ada Hoffmann says: "My flash piece 'Jenny's House' appeared in the first issue of One Buck Horror.

Mike Keyton announced, "My article ‘A Time To Die' is up on Strange Horizons. It's a short essay about Anthony Trollope and one of his lesser known works, ‘The Fixed Period.'"

Steve Westcott tells us: "Just to let you guys know I have a new novel, OF LIGHT AND SHADOW, coming out in November 2011. It is being published by Priory Press and is the first in a three-book series. I have been asked to commence work on book two by the publisher, which can't be a bad sign." (grin)

June 2011

Tracy Canfield wrote us: "I sold my short story 'But It Won't Set You Free' to Analog. (This will be my third story in Analog.) I also sold my short story 'Greetings from Earth' to AE -- The Canadian Science Fiction Review. This'll be my first appearance there. Thanks to all who provided critiques on 'Free' (Greetings was written before I joined OWW.)"

Peter Cooper says: "I have a story coming out in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine in August 2011. It's called 'Zombie Dreams,' about a zombie who dreams of becoming an architect. It's coming out in #52 which is due Aug/Sept."

Marc Davies tells us: "After much searching, I have placed my debut novel HIVE with Champagne Books for release in print, eBook, and audio around October 2012. I say much searching because it did get shopped around all the big houses, but alas there were no takers. Still, Champagne seems like a good home and they have great covers. Thanks to everyone that helped me workshop it on OWW. It went through no less than two complete re-writes, with help from Becca Andre, Michael Goodwin, Lindsay B, Ann Winter, Camille Picott, David Kernot and Ian Welke (to name a few). Thanks guys, you helped me cut my teeth."

April Grey announced: "It's official. CHASING THE TRICKSTER will be published by Eternal Press this fall. Yippee! Thanks to everyone who helped me workshop this novel at OWW."

Jannette Hughes-Johnson is on a roll. She tells us: "My scifi short story 'Fries With That?' has been accepted by Aphelion magazine, and will be published sometime this month! My flash piece ‘Bless You' comes out in June with 6Tales. And Bewildering Stories has accepted my short story ‘Strings.'"

Karen Kobylarz's story "To Serve a God" is in the latest issue of Mindflights.

Leonid Korogodski's 2010 self-published SF novella Pink Noise: A Posthuman Tale (Silverberry Press) has won the 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards in three categories: Science Fiction, Book Cover Design (Fiction), and Book Interior Design (Fiction). For more, see

Ilan Lerman writes: "Been a while since I had something to report, but this is big news. I sold my short story 'Unpicking the Stitches' to ChiZine for publication in their July 2011 issue. It was workshopped on OWW at the start of the year and is my first full professional sale. Huge thanks to everyone who looked at the first draft on the workshop."

May 2011

Karl Bunker says:"My short story 'Overtaken' workshopped in OWW, has been purchased by Fantasy and Science Fiction. This is the second story I've sold to F&SF."

Ack! We haven't yet announced that Sarah Frost's story "Falls the Firebrand" appeared in the March 2011 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact. And Sarah's Editor's Choice story "Lord God Bird" will appear in the upcoming TRIANGULATION: LAST CONTACT anthology.

Janie Grey's short story "Princess for Hire" is out now from by MuseItUp Publishing.

Jannette Johnson tells us: "I've got two stories coming out; a scifi short story 'Fries With That' with Aphelion magazine, and a flash peice 'Bless You' coming out in June with 6Tales."

Keffy R. M. Kehrli's flash piece "Accompaniment" appeared in the latest 10Flash Quarterly.

Tony Peak is pleased to announce: "Just wanted to let you all know that my story ‘Meridian’ will appear in an upcoming issue of New Myths. Thanks to everyone here who has shown interest in my stories within that setting."

Michael Pignatella's story "I Remember Jenny" appears in the second issue of Fantastique Unfettered, a new print magazine.

Elizabeth Schechter announced: "About a year or so ago, I put a story called 'Prince of Air' up for crits. Got some good ones, but the money ran out and I had to let my membership lapse. I kept working on the story, which turned into a novel. Finished it up, polished it, sent it out.... And sold it. I got the news last night. PRINCES OF AIR will be coming out from Circlet Press."

April 2011

Aliette de Bodard says: "Colin Harvey has accepted my short story 'The Axle of Heaven' for his anthology TRANSTORIES, published by Aeon Press. It's, er, more Chinese fantasy? Mostly inspired by a really late-night reading of Wolfram Eberhart Dictionary of Chinese Symbols."

David Busboom tells us: "I just wanted to spread the good news that my story 'Weird Tales' will appear in the July, 2011 issue of Shock Totem. This is my first professional sale. I've been an OWW member for a number of years now, and it has been extremely instrumental in my development as a writer. I'm sure this success would've taken much longer to achieve without the Workshop's help. Thank you."

Cécile Cristofari wrote: "I'm glad to announce that my story ‘Inril' got an honourable mention from Writers of the Future! Many, many thanks to Frances Snowder, Pete Aldin, Sarah Pinsker, Bill Blais and Ranke Lidyek; and a double dose of thanks to Jeremy Salisbury, who read it twice and had many helpful comments to offer afterwards! Thanks again for running that wonderful workshop. You rock!"

Maria Zannini announces: "It took two years to finish this book, but APOCALYPSE RISING, the sequel to TOUCH OF FIRE, will release May 9, 2011. APOCALYPSE RISING is published by Carina Press. My thanks to Mike Keyton, Dorothy Winsor, Margaret Fisk, and Sharon Ramirez for pushing me to give my best. No one could ask for better critters."

March 2011

Tim W. Burke wrote to tell us: "I've sold 'I.C.U.' to This marks my third sale to the horror audio podcast. Thanks to Gary Braunbeck for his encouragement! And I also sold "Yellow Called and Mom Was There" to the anthology Shattered Souls II from Cutting Block Press. Again, thank you to the OWW reviewers who encouraged my story."

Tracy Canfield told us: "I just sold my horror story 'One-Eyed Jack's' to Strange Horizons -- it'll probably be out in July. This was an Editor's Choice pick in October last year."

N. E. Chenier announced: "Just made a sale to Sam's Dot Publishing, for their Martian Wave magazine. "Latency" was workshopped here a few years back. Many thanks to some of the old timers who looked at it, like Gene Spears."

Gio Clairval wrote us: "I should also announce my recent publications/sales: 'Lizard Dance' (with Jeff VanderMeer), in Fantasy Magazine, February 2011, 'The Hand' (a workshopped story sold last year) is forthcoming in Weird Tales (May 2011), and 'The Pea' (workshopped as 'Dust') will appear in the HarperCollins anthology Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities (June 2011).  A big, big thank you to all the OWW reviewers: Marc Sellers, Kelly Lagor, Gregory Clifford, Charlie Hoopla, Zvi Zaks, J. Westlake, Elissa Hunt, Zed Paul, Andrew Alford, Ilan Lerman and Giovanni Giusti for 'The Hand'; Elissa Hunt; April Grey, L. David Holbrook Jr., Aliette de Bodard, Charlie Hoopla, Steven Bouchard, Elizabeth Hull, Georgina Bruce, Mark Lord, Ilan Lerman, Marc Sellers, Arshad Ahsanuddin for 'The Pea,' and special thanks to Erin Stocks, who reads all my stories several times, and then some more!"

Sarah Gilman told us: "I have a publication announcement! OUT IN BLUE, workshopped summer 2010, has been contracted to Entangled Publishing. Release Fall 2011."

Tom Jolly wrote: "After oh-so-many submissions over too many years, and with the help, skills, and support of members of the Online Writing Workshop, I finally got a story published in the on-line magazine Daily Science Fiction. The name of the story is "Surface," and it was published 3/4/2011 under the name Thomas F. Jolly. I'm ecstatic! Thanks to everyone."

Christine Lucas announced: "I'd like to share some good news: my story 'The High Priest's Cat' has been accepted for the Our Haunted World anthology from Whitlock Publishing. I received some great crits here at OWW, with special thanks to Erin Stocks and Elizabeth Shack. And another short story 'Demon Kebabs, with Fries on the Side,' which also received excellent feedback from Aliette de Bodard and Raven Matthews, has been accepted by Murky Depths. Also, my short story 'The Last Dues Owed' (not workshopped at OWW) has been accepted for the Assassins: A Clash of Steel Anthology from RBE."

Michael Merriam announced: "I sold my novel LAST CAR TO ANNWN STATION to Carina Press. It was workshopped in part on OWW."

Tony Peak tells us: "My story 'Furies' Progeny' will appear in the next issue of Writing Shift."

Pamela Troy has sold "Risen" to State of Horror: Louisiana from Rymfire E books. "I do want to say how helpful I've found this workshop. It's increased my confidence, and given me a surer hand when it comes to the nuts and bolts of writing. "

February 2011

Gio Clairval's story "The Lizard Dance" (written with Jeff VanderMeer) appears in this month's Fantasy Magazine.

Michael Evans's short story "Forgive Me, Father, For I Have. . .Burp!," is included in the zombie anthology First Time Dead (out this month).

Lydia Kurnia tells us: "Just wanting to share the joy. I sold my short fiction--'Light and Blood'--to Short-Story.Me today and wouldn't have done it without the help of my wonderful friends at OWW. Special thanks to Beth Cato, Ladonna Watkins, Phillip Spencer and Sylvia Hiven for their help with this tale. It will appear in the April 2011 and as usual, will be running for a place in the next anthology (fingers crossed!)."

Jaime Lee Moyer happily announced: "I sold books! I am oh so pleased to announce that Tor Books, a publisher of infinite taste, will be publishing my three-book series, Delia's Shadow,'A Barricade In Hell, and Against A Brightening Sky. We don't have a firm publication date yet, but all three books will be out first in hardcover and then go to trade paper. 'Delia's Shadow' was workshopped on OWW and you can be sure my loyal band of critters, PJ Thompson, Jodi Meadows, Josh Vogt, Dena Landon, Teresa Frohock, and J.R. Hoch will go in my acknowledgements. I have a lot of work to do in the next couple of years. I'm going to love every second of it."

John Dale Renton says: "My fantasy novel Half Moon, workshopped on OWW, has just been released by Winterbourne Pubishing . I've included a thanks in the Acknowledgements to Mark Reeder and to Aaron Brown, two OWW members who helped me a great deal with the manuscript. Many other OWW members helped me get 'Half Moon' to a state fit for publication. Thanks to all!"

January 2011

Leah Bobet tells us that her poem "Little Songs" is in the Winter 2011 edition of Goblin Fruit.

Tim W. Burke announced, "I just sold 'I.C.U.' to My many thanks to the commenters who helped me get the story into shape!"

Vylar Kaftan posted that she has two stories out. "Mind-Diver" is published at Abyss & Apex. Also, "Christmas Wedding" was podcast at Escape Pod.

Tony Peak tells us: "My story 'Tarquin and the Dragon' will appear in a forthcoming issue of Silver Blade Magazine."

Erin Stocks says, "My short story 'Lisse' was accepted for the anthology ANYWHERE BUT EARTH by Coeur de Lion publishing. Thanks to Steve Chapman, Gio Clairval, Jay Reynolds, Christine Lucas, Ilan Lerman, Stelios Touchtidas, Boz Flamagin, Giovanni Gusti, Eliza Collins, Joseph Kim, and Rich Hurndall for their crits."

Henry Szabranski wrote us to say: "Just to let you know my OWW-critted story 'Dance of the Splintered Hands' is a semi-finalist in the 2010 4th quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest. I win another critique! Thanks to Zachary Murray, Steve Chapman, Erin Stocks, Cécile Cristofari and J. Westlake for their reviews!"

Zvi Zaks announced: "I've been a member of the workshop for years, and have found the comments from fellow writers an invaluable help in improving my own writing. Eternal Press isn't a large house, but it's a start. A VIRTUAL AFFAIR, by Zvi Zaks, was published by Eternal Press in January 2011."

December 2010

Kyle Aisteach's short story "Too Close for Comfort" appeared in the Oct/Nov 2010 issue of Cosmos Magazine.

Leah Bobet has sold "The Ground Whereon She Stands to Realms of Fantasy.

Deborah Coates has a fabulous announcement! "I have sold my novel WIDE OPEN plus two sequels to Tor."

Peter Cooper's recent sales include "The Hobbit Query Letter"to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #48, October 2010; "Who the Hell is Willard Price?", Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #49, December 2010; and "A Random Booze-Up", Antipodean SF #151, coming in January 2011.

Teresa Frohock has sold MISERERE: AN AUTUMN TALE to Night Shade Books (July 2011)

Kate Kanno sold short story "Tfoo" to the Rockets, Swords, and Rainbows Anthology, "thanks to some wonderful feedback I received here."

Dy Loveday's story "Three Brothers" will appear in the upcoming Happily Every After Anthology from Pink Narcissus Press (2011).

Tony Peak wrote us to say, "'Mirror of Sky' will appear in Linger Fiction, January 2011 issue. Also, my story 'Divine Questions' will be published in a forthcoming issue of Golden Visions Magazine."

November 2010

Pete Aldin says: "My heavily OWW-critted fantasy tale 'Deathsmith' is live in this month's Intergalactic Medicine Show. I'm immensely grateful to all who had a hand in polishing it to the point of being publishable!"

Jesse Bangs writes, "Hey, everybody: Just wanted to mention that 'The Taint,' a horror novella workshopped here at the OWW, was released today from Lyrical Press. This is my biggest sale to date, and it would never have happened without the input and help I got from my critters here at the OWW. Thanks to everyone!" You can see the book here.

AA Bell told us: "After 10 years revising my speculative thriller DIAMOND EYES, I'm very pleased to announce a 3-book deal with Harper Collins (Voyager) for it and two sequels (HINDSIGHT and LEOPARD DREAMING), which all combine elements from supernatural, science fiction and fantasy with crime, poetry and romance -- a challenging blend that required advanced editing strategies like those you're discussing right now from the Heroes Journey -- before I could finally hook a publisher, even though I still don't have an agent! And DIAMOND EYES launches TODAY, YAYY!!! To peek at the first 100 pages for free online go here. Sincerest thanks for all the support and resource help over the years!!!"

Richard Berrigan Jr. wrote, "Just wanted to let you know my story 'Fire Eye Gem' was accepted by Rogue Blades Entertainment for the Discovery! Challenge anthology to be published around Christmastime."

Deb Cawley writes in with a trio of story sales: she sold "All Hallows Eve" to a Halloween anthology last year; then recently she sold "Gifts from the Past" to the PEACE ON EARTH anthology and "Tears of the Moon" to Aurora Wolf Ezine and their AURORA WOLF THREE anthology.  She says, "All were workshopped.  I can't thank everyone enough!"

Hilary Goldstein shared the fabulous news that "My story 'The Dream Eater' was nominated for a Pushcart Prize."

Carole Moleti announced: "My workshopped novella 'The Journey' will be published by Eternal Press on December 7, 2010 under the pseudonym Gianna Bruno. It's a paranormal romance with historic elements.  'The Journey' received very helpful crits during the 2009 summer crit marathon, and I'm deeply indebted to a lot of OWW members: Gio Clarival, Walter Williams, Arianna Cordelle Sofer, Dave Holbrook, Michael Keyton, Rayne Hall, Nobu B, Steve Brady, JW Parente, Alex Binkley, Lisa Poh, Kendra Highley and Ellie Heller.  I'd like to invite all OWW members to my live chat/release party December 7. E-mail me at for an invitation or check my blog closer to December 7 for the exact time and other details."

Dinesh Pulandram says: "Just to let you know some good news. I sold 'Damaged Goods' to Short.Story.Me. I workshopped it on OWW x3 times, and wrote 8 drafts. Woohoo, I'm not a complete noob anymore!"

October 2010

Keby Boyer says: "My sci-fi thriller Bee House Rising which I workshopped a few years back was published by Watermoon Press in September. A big thank you to the workshop and all the great feedback I received from members and editors. The workshop was huge in helping me become a better writer, one of the reasons I'm published today!"

Beth Cato announced two woo-hoos this month: "My story 'A Recipe for Rain and Rainbows' is in the anthology Mountain Magic: Spellbinding Tales of Appalachia from Woodland Press. My short flash fiction story 'Bless This House' was published on Daily Science Fiction in October. Neither story was posted on OWW, but both were edited with a 'What Would OWW Say?' mantra in mind. Thank you!"

Tom Crosshill announced: "Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show is picking up my flash story 'Express to Paris by Dragon First Class.' Thanks to everyone who looked at it!"

Patty Jansen wrote: "I haven't been a member of OWW for over two years, but I would like to thank past and present members of OWW for four years of fun and writing experience. I joined the workshop as newbie writer in December 2004, at which point I had never shown my writing to anyone. Today, I won the second quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest."

Christine Lucas is smokin' this month! "It has been a good couple of months, since I had four stories accepted for publication, all of them workshopped in OWW: 'Deadly Sins' to the Wretched Moments anthology, 'Bertha's Place' to Death Rattle and 'Asphodel Meadows' to Expanded Horizons. Last but not least, the first story I posted on OWW, a story very dear to my heart: 'On Marble Threshing Floors' to Cabinet des Fées. Many thanks again to everyone who critted."

Tony Peak wrote us with two announcements: "My story 'Seven Centuries for Seven Billion' will appear in an upcoming issue of Aurora Wolf. Also, my story 'Atlantean Treasure' will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Flagship."

Maria Zannini, who actually forgot to mention her own book last month, is pleased to announce that her novel True Believers has been released by Carina Press. "The workshop was so instrumental in getting this book published that I wrote the dedication in honor of OWW. Thank you! In other news, I am also a finalist in the Kensington Brava contest for best novel. Wish me luck!"

September 2010

Leah Bobet tells us: "'For Pomegranates,' which I read at this year's Rhysling Poetry Slam at Readercon,* and 'Little Songs' will be appearing in the autumn and winter issues of Goblin Fruit."

Karl Bunker says: "My OWW-critted story 'Under the Shouting Sky' is currently out in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Seventh Annual Collection."

Peter Cooper sent us an e-mail to let us know: "My short-story, 'Zombie Dreams' has been accepted for publication in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #52, due out Aug 11. The story was workshopped on OWW. Special thanks to Eliza Collins for her helpful feedback."

Tom Crosshill is thrilled to report another sale: "'Mama, We Are Zhenya, Your Son' to Lightspeed Magazine. Thanks very much to Swapna Kishore, April Grey, and Tracy Canfield for critting this at OWW."

Elizabeth Hull wrote us to say, "My flash story 'A Time For All Seasons' has been selected as an editor's choice by Flashquakes for the fall edition. While this piece was not workshopped, it was critted by Jennifer Dawson a few years back. Thanks to her comments, the right changes were made."

Rochita Loenen-Ruiz is excited to tell us that "'Catching an Angel' is out at One Minute Weird Tales."

Tony Peak announced: "'The Walls of Yesterday' was accepted by Electric Spec for their August 2010 issue and 'Red of the Riding Hood' to Sonar4 Publication's for their Twisted Fairy Tales 2 anthology. Thanks to those who reviewed it here on the workshop!"

August 2010

Teresa Frohock is excited to have a literary agent, she is now represented by Weronika Janczuk of the D4EO Literary Agency. "Since it was the membership of OWW that really helped me get my novel in shape, I just wanted to let everyone know and say thanks, especially to the wonderful staff members who keep this page going."

Stephen Gaskell said: "I've been pretty slack reporting my sales this year, but better late than never as they say . . . 2010 is shaping up well for this dabbler in the speculative arts! A satirical peek at the future of haute couture, 'Fashion Victim' appeared in Nature, 'Thargus and Brian' a screwball alien contact piece was released by Escape Pod, and just recently, Mutation Press released their Music for Another World Anthology which contained my high-concept SF story 'Lacuna Blues'. Forthcoming in the months ahead are 'The Terrarium' from debut YA publication Scape, 'Gamed' from ambitious new ezine Daily Science Fiction, and 'Paper Cradle' from Clarkesworld Magazine. Many thanks to all the community."

Christine Lucas told us: "My science fiction short story 'Nosophoros' workshopped in OWW during the 2009 Crit Marathon, sold to Necrotic Tissue for their October 2010 issue. Also, my flash piece 'Journey's End' also workshopped here, sold to the new, pro-paying e-zine Daily Science Fiction. Many thanks to everyone who critted for their awesome feedback and encouragement."

The very awesome Jodi Meadows announced: "I'm pleased to announce that my young adult series, THE NEWSOUL TRILOGY, beginning with ERIN INCARNATE, will be published by Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

The first few chapters of ERIN INCARNATE ran through the OWW earlier this year, where I got a lot of great feedback. More details on my blog: ERIN INCARNATE is about the only girl who is new in a world where everyone is perpetually reincarnated, and her quest to discover why she was born, and what happened to the person she replaced."

Tony Peak sent us this note: "Hello, my story "Kiss Me Blarney Stone' will be published in Absent Willow Review October 2010. Thanks to those who reviewed it here at the workshop!"

Sarah Prineas mentioned through the grapevine: "I've sold three books to publisher Quercus in the UK. They published the Magic Thief books and have been all-around great to work with, and I'm thrilled that I get to continue working with them. This is the first foreign rights sale for the Crow book (still untitled) (and still under revision, too!)."

July 2010

Liz Coley told us: "I'm so excited to report a third sale for 2010, my short story 'Origins' to The Last Man Anthology. Thanks to Tobias Buckell for the original workshop advice years ago and anyone who has touched it since."

Aliette de Bodard says: "My Aztec steampunk weird alt-hist 'Age of Miracles, Age of Wonders' has sold to Interzone (with mechanical creepy man, imprisoned god, blood magic, and a mining town in the Old West). And I would also seem to have sold my Aztecs-in-space SF story 'Shipbirth,' part of the Xuya continuity, to Asimov's (do you detect a trend in story themes? :=) ). Many thanks to everyone who took a look at it on OWW: Allison Starkweather, Cécile Cristofari, Terra LeMay, L.K. Pinaire, Christine Lucas, and Ilan Lerman. And an extra dose of thanks to Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, who read it in record time and helped me fix a very important plot point."

Vylar Kaftan announced: "Just signed a contract for 'Witness' to appear later this year in Redstone Science Fiction, a relatively new online market."

Anna Kashina says: "I am very happy to announce the release of my fantasy novel IVAN-AND-MARYA by Drollerie Press. This novel was workshopped about five years ago, and I am hugely grateful to everyone who helped me shape it into its present form. Please check it out at the publisher's web site."

Suzanne Lazear told us, "I was an OWW member for about a year and a half. I had to let my membership lapse in January when I lost my job. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I just sold my YA Steampunk Dark Fairytale "Innocent Darkness" (and the sequel) to Flux and it'll be coming out in 2012. There's an article about the sale here. The first half of ID was workshopped on OWW and I'm grateful for everything I learned there."

Rochita Loenen-Ruiz announced: "Interzone has accepted 'Alternate Girl's Expatriate Life' for publication. I don't think I'll ever be blasé about acceptances. Such news always makes me happy. All right, I confess. I screamed and did the happy dance. Alternate Girl was born out of my reflections on expatriate life and what it means to be 'the other' and I'm pleased that it has found a good home. I also received an e-mail request for permission to translate 'Teaching a Pink Elephant to Ski' into Persian. It was a lovely e-mail and made me feel very happy indeed. The Pink Elephant story was born in one of those rare moments of mad humor...well...mad humor and elephants tramping around inside my head insisting that I should write their story. Try sleeping with demanding elephants and you will understand how I had no choice but to write the story."

Michael Staton mentioned, 'E-book publisher Wings e-Press has accepted my novel EMPEROR'S MISTRESS for publication. Contract has been signed with publication date set for August 1. It's the first book of a trilogy. THIEF'S COIN, book 2, is being workshopped on the OWW."

June 2010

Bo Balder says: "My short story 'Satyricon' ( Je-weet-wel Sater in Dutch) has been published by Mynx/Meulenhoff.

Brad Beaulieu announced "My story 'In the Eyes of the Empress's Cat' will be printed in the STALKING THE WILD HARE anthology, which will be released just in time for GenCon this year.

Gio Clairval says: "I sold 'The Hand,' a workshopped story, to Weird Tales. I wouldn't have made it without the help of Marc Sellers, Kelly Lagor, Gregory Clifford, Charlie Hoopla, Zvi Zaks, J. Westlake, Elissa Hunt, Zed Paul, and Andrew Alford. Special thanks to Erin Stocks, Ilan Lerman and Giovanni Giusti, who reviewed the story twice!"

Tom Crosshill dropped us a note saying: "I've sold my piece 'Sandra Plays for the Cast-iron Man' to Jake Freivald at Flash Fiction Online. This is my second sale to FFO this year, and I couldn't be more delighted. It was workshopped as 'The Light Outside.' Thanks to Aaron C. Brown, Jim Poulos and Rhiannon R.-S. for helpful input!  Also, 'Thinking Woman's Crop of Fools' will be appearing in the 7th issue of Sybil's Garage. I workshopped this one as 'Thinking Man's Ghoul' a while back. Thanks to Chris Montgomery and Tim Burke for their input."

Vylar Kaftan is signing contracts all over the place. "My story 'The Orange-Tree Sacrifice' will be in WAY OF THE WIZARD, an anthology from Prime Books edited by John Joseph Adams.  Also, another podcast. This time for 'I'm Alive, I Love You, I'll See You in Reno,' which is forthcoming in the debut issue of Lightspeed Magazine, also edited by John Joseph Adams. It'll be at Escape Pod when Lightspeed launches. And just signed the contracts for 'Hero-Mother' at GigaNotoSaurus and 'Prashkina's Fire' at Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Hooray!"

Deborah Kalin mentioned on her blog that PodCastle will be publishing "The Wages of Salt" in an upcoming issue.

Christine Lucas tells us: "My short story 'And the Psychopomp Followed the Lyre' which was workshopped here, will be published in the June 2010 issue of Expanded Horizons. Many thanks to everyone who critted."

Katya Oliva-Llego announced, "I just made my first fiction sale. The piece was a story I workshopped: 'Betamax for Starters.' I would like to thank the online workshop, especially the members who had reviewed my story: Krista Hutley, Carl Chrystan, and Nancy Chenier. The sale is to Expanded Horizons."

Joshua Palmatier says: "Bwahahahaha! I just got word that my short story 'Tears of Blood,' set in Amenkor but not during the time of Varis or the Throne trilogy, has been ACCEPTED into the BEAUTY HAS HER WAY anthology from Dark Quest Books!"

May 2010

Aliette de Bodard says: "'Silenced Songs' was sold to the anthology MUSIC FOR ANOTHER WORLD, forthcoming from Mutation Press. Also my story 'Desaparecidos' will be in the June 2010 issue of Realms of Fantasy."

Tim W. Burke wrote us to say: "I just sold another short story to Space and Time. This one is called
'Flim-Flamming The Haints.' It's an allegory about race and economic politics in the U.S., with slapstick.

Rae Carson is doing a happy dance. "My debut, THE PRINCESS AND THE GODSTONE, and two other books have found a home at Greenwillow, an imprint of HarperCollins."

Peter Cooper says: "I'm really happy to pass on the news that I have just sold my YA fantasy 'THE GHOST OF PING-LING' to Omnibus Books for publication in late 2011. I ran the entire book through OWW and the feedback I
received was invaluable. I'm certain that without it I would have had little chance of getting the book published.

Nicole Cushing announced: "I sort of obliquely referred to this a few months ago, but now I have the green light to make it official: my short story 'All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Piggy Class' has been purchased for the forthcoming mass market John Skipp anthology WEREWOLVES & SHAPESHIFTERS: ENCOUNTERS WITH THE BEAST WITHIN."

Elizabeth Hull has sold "The Seventh Child" to Emerald Tales for their Midsummer Eve-themed issue.

Rochita Loenen-Ruiz says: "Fred Coppersmith of Kaleidotrope magazine has bought 'Mouse and I,' appearing in the April issue."

Ilan Lerman has told us: "My flash piece 'Queuing Instinct' has sold to Alien Skin magazine, and will appear in the April/May issue. Huge thanks to everyone who looked at that on the workshop."

April 2010

Treize Aramistedian very calmly told us: "My novella 'Dust to Dust' which debuted on the OWW as a baby short story, will be appearing in Vol. 3 of the Panverse Anthology series, slated for 2011 publication. This is my first speculative fiction sale and I couldn't be prouder of the story. Many, many thanks to Way Jeng, Charlie Finlay, and Swapna Kishore who did me the incredible service of reviewing this when it was a short story and to Eric Buck, Bryan Culbert, and the indefatigable Sue Curnow. The story will be published under my real name Tochi Onyebuchi. I'm not really sure what else is supposed to go in this announcement, as I'm kinda new to this, LOOOOL. Suffice it to say, I am over the moon. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!"

Tim W. Burke says: "I sold my workshopped story 'The Mother And The Worm' to PseudoPod. It is the second story about the fakirs Mrs. Spaulding and Alexandri, the former who murdered her husband and the latter who was reincarnated from her husband's brain tumor."

Cécile Cristofari wrote in to say: "Okay, this is not strictly a fiction sale... But since the workshop is also about reviews and criticism, I wanted to tell you that I have just sold my article 'Aboriginal Lovecraft' (on the Dream stories and the Cthulhu mythos) to Strange Horizons."

Tom Crosshill wrote: "Jake Freivald at Flash Fiction Online has picked up my piece 'The Zombie of His Early Days' for April publication. I love the mag, so I'm very excited. Thanks to everyone who took a look at this one."

Mike Keyton tells us that 'Housebound' sold to the horror anthology RAW TERROR.

Samuel King told us: "My short story 'The First Angry Man' is available from Damnation Books as of today. While this story was not workshopped on the site, its "prequel" 'Love With The Proper Hologram' is currently being workshopped here."

Terra LeMay says: "I've made my first professional short story sale. "A Multiple Choice Love Story" has been accepted by Apex Magazine. I'm very excited!"

Ilan Lerman wrote: "I'm very happy to say that 'Saint Stephen Street' will be published later in the year by Ideomancer. It was the story that made me a lot of friends on the workshop, and gave me loads of confidence in my writing. Thanks are due to many reviewers -- Jeanne Haskin, Erin Stocks, Ursula Warnecke, Crash Froelich, J.R. Hoch, Bo Balder, Boz Flamagin, Georgina Bruce and Jesse Bangs are the ones I can recall."

Christine Lucas wrote us: "The forthcoming Aether Age anthology will include two short stories of mine: 'Orion's Dawn' and 'Heart of Carnelian.' 'Orion's Dawn' was workshopped here, twice, and received excellent feedback both times. Alas, I cannot remember everyone who critted, but I do recall Erin Stocks, Boz Flamagin, and Karen Kobylaz amongst them. But everyone's reviews were excellent and I can't thank them enough."

March 2010

Scott W. Baker wrote: "I wanted to share my latest success with you since this workshop was a part of it. I just found out yesterday that my story'Poison Inside the Walls' won second place in the fourth quarter Writers of the Future contest. It will be printed in WotF volume 26. It marks my first professional sale. Just wanted to let you know. Let's be honest, I'm trying to let everyone know!"

Jesse Bangs says, "I got a big woohoo today: my horror novella 'The Taint' got an offer of publication from Lyrical Press! This was reviewed on the 'Orkshop and also reviewed offline by workshop members, so huge thanks to everyone who read it!"

Wm. Luke Everest told us: "My short story 'Mythos of Blood' just sold to Short-Story.ME. Originally it was scheduled for release in Flashing Swords Magazine, but, as you may have heard, Flashing Swords folded last November."

William Freedman says, "Please keep an eye out for my debut novel LAND THAT I LOVE, which was critted extensively on OWW back in the day. It'll be released by Rebel ePublishers March 19 and available via Amazon, iTunes and Mobipocket."

April Grey has a couple of woohoos. She wrote: "Many thanks to: Elizabeth Goldman, Peter Aldin and Sean Michael O'Brian for their crits on 'What You Will'. It will be the story of the day on Feb. 25th" on Everyday Weirdness.  And: "I just got paid for my short story 'The Fairy Cake Bake Shoppe' which was critted at the workshop. It can be read at The Edge of Propinquity. The workshop has more than paid for itself. Thank you everyone."

Kendra Highley wrote, "Then, every once in a while, you get a little happy news. Every Day Fiction outright accepted my short story 'HR Hell.' The editors were pleased with it and requested no revisions, which made me smile."

Elizabeth Hull told us, "'The Hurdy Gurdy Man,' a short fantasy story, was sold to Emerald Tales for their Carnival Edition, due to be released in February in print and online. This piece was workshopped on OWW by very many good friends to whom I owe a big thank you."

Jannette Johnson said: "Just saw it today. My short story 'Echoes of Deception' will be published in BEWILDERING STORIES in March! Yay!"

Ilan Lerman wrote, "I'm very happy to say that 'Saint Stephen Street' will be published later in the year by Ideomancer. It was the story that made me a lot of friends on the workshop, and gave me loads of confidence in my writing. Thanks are due to many reviewers--Jeanne Haskin, Erin Stocks, Ursula Warnecke, Crash Froelich, J.R. Hoch, Bo Balder, Boz Flamagin, Georgina Bruce and Jesse Bangs are the ones I can recall."

Christine Lucas tells us, "My short story 'Dominion,' first published in ASIM #37, is included in Ellen Datlow's cat-themed anthology TAILS OF WONDER AND THE IMAGINATION from Night Shade Books. Available now from Amazon."

Marshall Payne announced, "Very fine weekend over all. Sold 'The New Elementals' to Triangulation: End of the Rainbow. I'm really happy with this as I've been trying to get into the Triangulation antho for the past couple of years. They have a good team put together who turns out a fine product each year. Sale #40, and oddly enough the only acceptance I've ever gotten on a Saturday. Hee."

Stelios Touchtidis tells us, "'Shadow In The Haystacks' to Writing Shift (will be out in April). It had been reviewed by OWW a couple of years ago, I recently dusted it off, decided to take some of the advice--voila!"

February 2010

Aliette de Bodard wrote: "My Lansara (aka pseudo-Hindu) short 'By Bargain and by Blood' is in the 108th issue of Hub Magazine, courtesy of the awesome Lee Harris."

Brandon Barr wrote: "'At the End of the Time Jump' is a short story I wrote back in 2005, and to my delight, it's now out in AUDIO form! My story is read by talented voice actor Christina Boyd, produced by Taylor Kent and Paeter Frandsen, and mixed and directed by Taylor Kent (who runs Snark Tank Productions)."

Marlissa Campbell reported the sale and pending publication of "The Proust Effect" to The Tangled Bank anthology. "Many rounds of workshop review and revision went into this story. Thank you to all who reviewed, with special shout-outs to Gill Ainsworth and Michael Keyton who stuck with me through the years (really!) that it took to get this one right!"

Nicole Cushing had a boatload to share: "Eraserhead Press will be publishing my first book, How To Eat Fried Furries, as part of their New Bizarro Author Series. It seems to me that at least two of the short pieces in Fried Furries were workshopped on OWW ('A Citizen's History of the Pseudo-Amish Anschluss' and 'The Whacking of Godfather Christmas'). I can't remember who actually did the crits, but I do want to thank anyone who critted those stories.  Also, my short story 'Herman Sligo Is Flayed & Living in Louisville, Kentucky' appears in the new issue (#37) of the Journal of Experimental Fiction. And the absurdist 'zine Bust Down The Door & Eat All The Chickens (yes, that's the name of the 'zine) will be publishing my story 'Youth to Be Proud Of' in a forthcoming online issue (probably out in February)."

Hilary Goldstein told us: "I sold 'Seven Sins for Seven Dwarves' to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. It hasn't been scheduled for a specific issue yet, but should be out to the world by this summer. Hot damn!"

Barbara Gordon says: "My first pro sale, 'On the Transmontane Run with the Aerial Mail Express,' is up on Beneath Ceaseless Skies. It has airships, monkeys, air-pirates, and jellyfish--what more could you want? Go, read, donate to the 'zine!"

Karen L. Kobylarz tells us: "I am writing to let you know my short story 'Breath of Amun' has been published by Lacuna: A Journal of Historical Fiction, and is currently available. I posted this story several times on the workshop; thanks to all workshop members who reviewed it."

Karl Bunker
wrote: "My story 'Under the Shouting Sky' has been selected to appear in Gardner Dozois' Year's Best Science Fiction, Volume 27. Also, my story 'Jerry' is out in issue #18 of Neo-Opsis. Thanks again to the workshoppers who gave me feedback on these stories."

Carole Ann Moleti wrote us to say: "The last quarter of 2009 and the first of 2010 has been a great one for me. In addition to winning the Best Nonfiction Prize with Oasis Journal 2009, a total of four memoir pieces were published. Details and excerpts are on my web site. But the biggest news is the upcoming release of my workshopped paranormal romance (under a pseudonym) "Hot Chocolate Kiss" by Eternal Press on January 7, 2010."

Marshall Payne says: "Just learned that my story 'Borrowing Sugar' will be in Pill Hill Press' upcoming anthology The Four Horsemen: An Anthology of Conquest, War, Famine & Death."

Josh Vogt told us: "My short story 'Odd Jobs,' which was workshopped last year, has been picked up by Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. It should be out with their next issue."

January 2010

Leah Bobet is pleased to announce: "'Mister Oak,' which is a Wildean fairy tale about a tree and the girl he loves, is in the February 2010 issue of Realms of Fantasy (which is on newsstands from December to February). The issue's available both in the print version and as a free PDF download at The story was workshopped, and many thanks to Cathy Freeze, C.S. Inman, Patty Jansen and Daria Patrie for their crits! Also, 'Three Days and Nights in Lord Darkdrake's Hall,' which appeared in Strange Horizons in early 2007, will be reprinted in audio at Podcastle sometime in the near future."

Alliette de Bodard is on a roll! She says: "My SF dystopia 'Father's Flesh, Mother's Blood' will be appearing in Jason Sizemore's anthology DARK FUTURES. Many thanks to Jason for the invite and eventual acceptance, to Marshall Payne for helping me settle on a title, and to everyone who took a look at it on OWW: Colum Paget, Ilan Lerman, Mark Hunken, and Alter Reiss (special thanks to Alter for helping me see my original ending was rubbish), and to Justin Pilon for the awesome crit, as usual. I've sold 'The Jaguar House, in Shadow' to Asimov's. It's a novelette set in the Xuya universe (where China discovered America before Colombus, the same as 'The Lost Xuyan Bride,' 'Butterfly Falling at Dawn, 'and 'Fleeing Tezcatlipoca,' not to mention novel FOREIGN GHOSTS, currently with my agent). It focuses on the Aztecs in Greater Mexica, and the Jaguar Knights, elite spies and manipulators caught in the bloody aftermath of the civil war. Complete with blood sacrifices, crazy priests and hallucinogenic drugs.  Wrote the first draft of this in Brittany last summer (somewhat amusingly, the previous sale I made to Asimov's, 'The Wind-Blown Man,' was also written in Brittany, so there's clearly something in the air here). I workshopped this on OWW, where it got very helpful crits from Christine Lucas (silverwerecat), Rachel Gold, and Swapna Kishore. If anyone wants me, I'll be in the flat, jumping up and down and making incoherent noises."

Liz Coley wrote us to say, cryptically, "'The Final Gift' to Strange Worlds Anthology (scheduled for spring 2010) and 'Immortals' to Cosmos Magazine (scheduled for Apr/May 2010)."

Jannette Johnson told us: "My short story 'Trip of a Lifetime' is now up at The Absent Willow Review. I workshopped it (I think) about a year ago and got some excellent suggestions. Thanks all. :)"

Vylar Kaftan says: "Just signed contracts with Podcastle. You'll be hearing 'Fulgurite' (from Sybil's Garage #6) and 'Something Wicked This Way Plumbs' (from Shimmer) in 2010."

Anna Kashina announced: "My workshopped story 'The Hatchling' appears in the current issue (42) of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. If anyone is a subscriber -- please check it out. This story is my personal favorite and I am happy to see it in print. Thanks to everyone who critted it and encouraged me not to give up on it!"

Lindsay Kitson says: "So like three months ago, Thaumatrope was looking for steampunk stuff in 140 characters or less. So I took one of my planned lines from the Eyelet dove, squeezed the meaningful bits into a phrase that says more than it says, and sent it to them and they just sent me back saying it was accepted. And though it's too short to be considered a pro publication, it's the first paid one to my name. Even though the payment is $1.20, and Paypal transfer fees will eat it...I am a paid author :P"

Karen L. Kobylarz says, "I am writing to let you know my short story "Breath of Amun" has been published by Lacuna. It is currently available at I posted this story several times at OWW. Thanks to all workshop members who reviewed it."

Kim Colley has announced. "My short story 'Tom & the Bench Warrant' is available in the December 2009 issue of Aoife's Kiss, at your virtual newstand now!"

Tony Peak wrote us to say, "I wanted to let you know that 'A Kiss From a Marble Woman' has been accepted by Bards & Sages Quarterly for their July 2010 issue. I workshopped the story here, and would like to thank David Busboom, E. Alexander Hill, James Thomson, Jeanne Ayer, Kimberly Colley, Renee Otis, and Rhonda Garcia for reviewing the story and offering their help. Thanks, everyone!"

Stelios Touchtidis announced: "My short story 'Tumbling Parasol' was recently sold to MindFlights magazine. TP had been workshopped on OWW, and I want to thank all those who reviewed it--Paul Ellis, Marc Sellers, Sean MacUisdin, Karen Kobylarz, and in particular Gio Clairval, Erin Stocks and Rhonda Garcia, who managed to pinpoint a key flaw. When three top critters say something's broke, one better fix it--and apparently I did. What a difference OWW makes! This makes two for me in less than a month--I'm on cloud nine. I guess submitting, wiping the rejections off one's face, and trying again and again is the way to do it! Who knew?"

Michele Winkler told us: "Just wanted to let you know that 'Mysterious Jesse,' which went through OWW last year, sold to Another Realm, an on-line f/sf magazine. Thanks to everyone who offered advice."

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