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Here's where you can find out about workshop members' latest sales and other accomplishments in the world of science fiction and fantasy--click on the links to visit the publications, publishers, author sites, or book information. OWW Writers!


December 2002

Elizabeth Bear sold the prologue to her novel All the Windwracked Stars to Ideomancer as a short story "Ice" -- "Thank you very much to all who critted and guided me on this one. Yay!"

Audra Bruno's flash story "The Space Between" appears in the Winter issue of flashquake under her usual byline, A. Leigh Jones. "This story was workshopped twice, and was my very first submission to the OWW -- how cool is that?" Pretty cool.

Wendy Delmater sold another humor piece to Survivor Wit, and says "thanks to, where I found this market!" (That's She adds: "This was another in my 'Emotional Special Olympics' series, the Discus Blame Toss. Expect another sale or two when I complete series entries 'Sock-her,' 'Emotional Hurdles' and 'The Daily Marathon.'" Go, Wendy!

Look for Jennifer de Guzman's short story "She Who Sows" in on Jan. 27, 2003. Jen hollered, "Third pro sale, baby!" making her eligible to join SFWA ( In her note to the workshop mailing list, she added: "[It] is a horror story set in the Philippines. I owe a ton of thanks to a pre-Del Rey OWW reviewer who helped me immensely with my Filipino lore and Philippines setting, but I feel so terrible because I can't remember his name!" The list remembered for her.

Stella Evans sold her flash story "Sleipnir's Mother" to Abyss & Apex for their April/May issue. Stella: "This was originally a workshop challenge piece, which I never would have thought of writing without the goad of the monthly writing challenge." Score another one for the writing challenge!

Charles Coleman Finlay sold his short story "Lucy, In Her Splendor" to the new webzine MarsDust, where it will appear in the April issue. Charlie writes: "I got great reviews on both the SF/F and Horror workshops for this one, so it ended up being twice as good as it would have been otherwise."

Dena Landon polished up her YA novel SHAPESHIFTER'S QUEST and mailed it off to the Ann Durrell Fiction Contest. When she got a call from the editor at Dutton Children's Books, she thought she might have won -- but no! They loved her manuscript so much they wanted to buy it outright. Her reaction to the news was predictably calm: "They're buying the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She thanked all of her reviewers, and added: "There is NO WAY this would have happened without the list and the workshop." Which is why we all work as hard as we do here.

The ever humble Pam McNew has a very moving poem, "This Place," in volume 4, issue 3 of Snow Monkey that she didn't bother to tell us about, but Charlie read it and tells you to check it out.

Sharon Partington sold her short story "The Treasure of Agrinothe" to Aphelion. Look for it in the January 2003 issue, online in less than two weeks.

Chelsea Polk had a second story accepted at Clean Sheets. She's reported to have sighed at the news and said, "Maybe I should just write porn for a living."

Sarah Prineas sold her short story "Seamstress" to Strange Horizons. She was a little more word (and restrained) in her celebration than Jen: "I'm particularly psyched about this acceptance--it's the third story of mine that SH has taken so it qualifies me for SFWA membership." She added thanks to the people who reviewed it when it was posted. "Angela Boord, Larry West, John Borneman, Kyri Freeman, chance morrison, Marsha Sisolak, John Paradise, Sharon Woods, Ruth Nestvold, Elizabeth Donald, Brad Beaulieu, and Laura Fischer. Wow--that list of reviewers says it all..." Look for publication sometime in April!

Marsha Sisolak sold her killer cookie story "Sweet Revenge" to The Fortean Bureau. It was originally workshopped as "Sugar and Spice," but we like the new title much better and are looking forward to Marsha's next sale.

Tempest apparently sold a short story about drunk people to Abyss & Apex but couldn't be bothered to drop a note to the workshop to let us know about it. *sniff* Maybe when it finally appears...

M. Thomas had two publication notices to report: "Loose Maria," a magical realism story, will appear in Abyss & Apex, and her academic article "The Facts About Fantasy" will be published in the NCTE (National Council for Teachers of English) Journal. She writes: "The article explores methods of using various fantasy novels and their themes in the classroom, encouraging teachers to make more use of the genre." We're impressed.

Mikal Trimm's "Back Among The Living" was accepted by the newly pro-paying Palace Of Reason for their December issue. He told us, "I believe the story was one of the first I workshopped here."

Wade White sold short short story "Le Fil" to Story House for publication in the coming year. It was workshopped on the OWW under the title "Tracing the Thread." Wade says, "Many thanks to all who reviewed this particular piece. The input I've received on my writing since joining the workshop has been invaluable." (This news item arrived just like this. When Wade says "Wade says" it amuses us.) Congratulations, Wade!

November 2002

Siobhan Carroll reports another sale to Canada's premier SF magazine: "Thanks in no small part to the wonderful critters of the OWW, my short story 'Morning in the House of Death' has been accepted for publication in a 2003 issue of On Spec." Her last story there, "A Killer of Men," won Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthology. She adds: "On a random tangent, I just came from a judging session for a short story competition run by a respectable literary review, and most of the creative-writing-grad stories I was looking at would have benefited from a week on the OWW. This site is simply the best online resource I know of for aspiring writers. Thanks for the great work!"

Chris Clarke sold his short story "The Corruption of Sebastian Menard" to It'll appear in the December issue. He originally wrote this for the mailing list's anagram challenge.

Wendy Delmater's story "Passenger Side" will be appearing in the To Die For anthology, edited by C. Scavella Burrell. And she pinched herself and sent us this note: "Editor Mary Collins of Survivor Wit had this to say about my series in her biweekly newsletter: 'I did move this one up in the queue a you want (a story) in every issue for a while? I like the series and your writing a lot, so I will do my best to accommodate what you want to do.'" Wendy informs us that she'll be coming up with a lot of stories.

Stella Evans sold "The Dragon Wife" to The Fortean Bureau for their November issue. She's so busy being a doctor and a new mom, she only had enough time to add: "This story is a workshop graduate." But we understand.

Nora Fleischer sold "Vaudeville" to the new magazine As of Yet Untitled. She wrote enthusiastically: "My first paying story! I'd like to thank Melinda Kimberly, Kathryn Allen, John McMullen, and John Walsh of the SFF workshop, and Kevin Miller of the Horror workshop. They told me that the first scene needed to be extended (and made more 'vaudeville'), and they got me to describe my heroine's track marks more clearly. I heard about this on the same day as my Editor's Choice selection. All in all, it was a great day for my writing!"

Cathy Freeze sold her snakelady story "Cold Blood" to It's her first pro sale -- congratulations! She told the mailing list: "Thank you so much to the list, especially the biology-pro who helped me with details about women who collect specimens out in the wild! Oh, and hey, I owe the list for the story's creation, too. I wrote it for the elf challenge, lo those many months ago."

Steve Hallberg's story "Tetley's Time Travel Emporium" (EC in October 2000 and originally published in the December 2000 Planet Relish E-Zine) has been included in Return to Planet Relish: The Best of Planet Relish E-Zine, a retrospective chosen by publisher and former editor Mark Rapacioli. Steve's new position as the Science Fiction Editor at Planet Relish actually worked against his story's inclusion. He copied this part of the acceptance to us: "If you weren't on staff, I would've snapped it up more quickly. In the end, though, I realized...the story belonged in the retrospective. It was clearly one of the best SF stories I'd published."

Debra Kemp's short story "In My Father's Wake" has also been accepted for the To Die For anthology.

Dena Landon sold "Healer's Arrows" toGlyph. It's appearing in the November issue.

Bill O'Dea, winner of the last year's Serendip writing contest, has sold his story "Fish Run" to Quantum Muse. Last year, an earlier version of this story entitled "Salmon Run" was a runner-up for Editor's Choice. Bill told us: "Thanks for all your support. Without this Web site, my skills would be much, much lower."

Jon Paradise sold "The Girl with the Butterfly Tongue" to Ideomancer. He tells the workshop: "Thanks for providing the environment to help me grow it!"

Chelsea Polk sold "Le Bel Homme Sans Merci" to Absinthe Literary Review for their November 1 Eros & Thanatos issue. She mockingly complains: "And I printed the darn thing to send to another market as soon as they rejected it..."

Sarah Prineas's flash story "The Dragons of Fair D'Ellene" appears at Ideomancer. Sarah notes, "I'm thrilled to be sharing the ToC page with two authors I admire very much: James Allison and Stephen Dedman."

Marlin Seigman's story "Dust Came Down" will appear in the Ideomancer Unbound anthology alongside writers like Jack Dann and other workshoppers like Meredith L. Patterson and Charles Coleman Finlay. "Dust Came Down" is a former Editor's Choice.

Amber van Dyk sold her flash piece "One Time, One Place" to StoryHouse, the coffee can people. This was part of the "rats in bad places" writing list challenge which led to several sales. Amber helpfully informs us: "I workshopped it 'n everything :)"

Steve Westcott's Reluctant Heroes is now available through Amazon UK. Steve told us this about his first novel: "The book is due out in February and I doubt whether I would have got that far without all the helpful advice and crits on the workshop. It was one of the best moves I made when I first joined the old Del Rey site, some four years ago."

October 2002:


The latest episode of MarsDust Online includes Steve Nagy's interview with Cecilia Dart-Thornton and excerpts from all three of her Bitterbynde books, including an exclusive early look at The Battle of Evernight.


Eugene Woodbury's novel Path of Dreams won Honorable Mention (third place) in the 44th Annual Utah Original Writing Competition, Novel category. More about the prize

Sales and Publications:

Nigel Atkinson's delightfully titled novella "A Mouse in the Walls of the Lesser Redoubt" has been sold to the Night Lands anthology, coming from Wildside Press in early 2003.

John Borneman sold short story "Eggs Benedict" to Fortean Bureau for an upcoming issue, possibly December 2002. John told us that "passes on a sincere thanks to all his reviewers." Your newsletter editor hesitates to note that "passes on" can also mean "dies" or "omits."

Chris Clarke sold reprint rights for two short-shorts, "Love Lines Circle" and "Notes for the Gallery," to Story House. Both stories originally appeared in Vestal Review. Chris advises: "Look for those reprint markets, I say. And if you have hard to place short-shorts (under 1000 words) try Story House--they were prompt and professional, and judging by what they bought from Amber and myself, open to pieces that are a little off the mainstream." (Caveat scriptor: Story House publishes on coffee cans!)

Jennifer De Guzman's story "Counterpoint" appears at Strange Horizons on Monday, October 21. Jen told the mailing list, "It's about Mozart, and was rejected twelve (or was it thirteen?) times before SH accepted it." Another good argument for persistence.

Kyri Freeman's sold her short story "The Path" to Ideomancer. She promises to tell us more about it when it appears in early 2003.

Pam McNew sold reprint rights to her short story "A Daughter, Lost" to Britian's Folen Publishers for their textbook, Models for Writing - Essential Fiction. The story started was written as a workshop challenge piece and originally appeared in Chiaroscuro.

Sharon Partington's short story "Haven" will appear in the Nov./Dec. issue of long-running webzine Demensions on Nov. 3. Sharon tells us, "Special thanks have to go to Don Harris and Laura Waesche for helping smooth out some of the rough spots. Their input made it a much better story."

Mark Sutton's self-published "extreme horror" novel Cat's Paw is now an e-book and a paperback, both available from Double Dragon Publishing. The prologue can be found at's-paw.html. Mark has also published a few new short stories online lately: "Fit For Survival" in ShadowKeep and "How The People Kept Their Power" in Twlight Times.

Mikal Trimm continues his world conquest with a poem and a short story, "Emma," sold to new Canadian magazine NFG. His short story "Cable and the Possible God" appears in the third issue of Australia's Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

Amber van Dyk's short story "Knotwork" will appear pseudonymously in Clean Sheets. Like many other workshop sales, this one started out as a challenge piece!

September 2002:


Dylan Krider's short story "Eating, Drinking, Walking," which was an Editor's Choice in June 1999, recently won the Grand Prize in the Writers of the Future Contest! It will be in Vol. XVIII in bookstores this September. More information about Dylan can be found at

Matt Mansfield's story "Enter Thomas" won a writing-challenge contest at the e-zine Deep Magic, and was one of three entries selected for the September issue.

Mikal Trimm's short story "Parchment" won First Place in the Distant Worlds short-story competition. He writes: "It feels funny to get a phone call late in the evening telling you you've won. That human contact makes you feel like a game-show contestant, really." He thanks everyone who reviewed the story, but especially Nancy Proctor for her out-of-workshop detailed crits.

Sales and Publications:

John Borneman has sold his flash science fiction story "The Long Dark Hallway of Desire" to Flashquake. It was selected as one of their Fall 2002 Editor's Picks. And his SF/Humor series "Dr. Susan Lee Research Notes" has been sold to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine for their fifth issue (scheduled to appear in early 2003).

Holly Catanzarita's short story "Sweet Revenge" apears in The Writer's Hood in September.

Wendy Delmater sold her short story "Passenger Side" to the To Die For anthology.

Charles Coleman Finlay sold two short stories to anthologies: and "Fading Quayle, Dancing Quayle" to The Book of More Flesh. Both stories were workshopped in several drafts and much improved because of their reviews. He says thanks again to all his reviewers.

Steve Hallberg's short story "Captain Atomic's Last Case", a runner-up EC on the workshop nearly two years ago, was recently published at "SBD's Science Fiction and Fantasy Site."

Matt Horgan's short story "Connections" is in switch.blade, a exclusive anthology. The anthology is out now and available through

Mark Reeder and his co-author Ron Meyer signed a contract with Publish America for Book One of their Crystal Sword series, A Dark Knight for the King. Mark writes: "After participating almost a year in the workshop, I went through the book and rewrote several portions of it with the workshop commentaries in mind. I then submitted the first chapter to the workshop and received more great input." He's now working on sequels.

Brian Roberts sold story "The American's Castle" to The Late Late Show Magazine for publication this fall. The story was workshopped with us and is a current top-rated submission as well as this month's Editor's Choice.

In addition to his contest win at Distant Worlds, Mikal Trimm sold a story "To Hunger For Your Kiss" to the new print zine Say... which is published by The Fortress of Words and edited by Christopher Rowe. It will debut at the World Fantasy Convention. His workshopped story "Lily and the Dutchman" will appear in the new webzine The Twin Cities Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. He also sold a poem to NFG.

Lisa von Biela's short story "Vacancy" has been accepted for publication in the January 2003 issue of THE EDGE, Tales of Suspense.

Lisa Wilson's story "Family Business" was featured at ShadowKeep during August and is still online for those of you who didn't read it last month.

August 2002

Original member Barth Anderson's story "Show Me Where the Mudmen Go" is in the latest issue of On Spec magazine. It was an Editors' Choice long, long ago.

James Stevens-Arce's screenplay "Sins of the Heart" was selected as one of 300 Nicholl Fellowships quarterfinalists out of 6,044 screenplays submitted.

Elizabeth Bear's story "Tiger! Tiger!" will be included in Del Rey's forthcoming anthology Shadows Over Baker Street, a compilation of stories dealing with the intersection of the Lovecraft mythos with the Holmes ouvre. Also, her poem "e.e. 'doc' cummings" has been accepted by The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. She says, "Thank you, everybody. I never would have done it without the Zoo."

Leah Bobet's story "Teapot" will appear in the Vivisections anthology. It was workshopped with us. Leah says, "Lots of people were helpful, but particularly Elizabeth Bear, Audra Bruno, Jon Paradise, Kathryn Allen, and John Borneman, whose suggestions all had substantial impacts on the final version."

Charles Coleman Finlay's novella "A Democracy of Trolls" will be the cover story of the October/November issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Part of the novella was an Editors' Choice on the original workshop. His short-short called "The Frontier Archipelago" is in the current issue of On Spec magazine.

Kyri Freeman says, "If you want to see the bastard child of my brain and too many Patrick O'Brian novels, check out the August Ideomancer" for her flash story "The Merrow."

Karen L. Kobylarz sold reprint rights for her short story "The Silence of Hearts" to EOTU Magazine. It's currently appearing in the August issue.

Andre Oosterman's story "Hyperscoop" will appear in Issue #7 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Andre says, "The story was critted in the workshop and I would like to thank the reviewer."

Sarah Prineas sold short story "The Dragons of Fair D'Ellene" to Ideomancer for publication in November.

Tempest's short story "Elf Aware" is now up at the Cafe Irreal under her pen name, Finley T. Larkin. It was workshopped with us. Tempest says, "In fact it was my piece for the 2nd person POV challenge. So thanks everyone who critted it."

July 2002

Three workshoppers received Honorable Mention in the Year's Best SF of 2001 anthology, edited by Gardner Dozois. The three stories are: "Underground," by Jennifer de Guzman, Strange Horizons 3/26; "Footnotes," by Charles Coleman Finlay, August F&SF; and "Latency Time," by Ruth Nestvold, July Asimov's. In addition, Cecilia Dart-Thorton's novel The Ill-Made Mute was mentioned as one of the notable first novels of the year. (OWW Resident Editor Kelly Link also had two stories on the Honorable Mention list: "Louise's Ghost," which won this year's Nebula Award, and "Sea, Ship, Mountain, Sky," co-authored with Gavin Grant.)

Leah Bobet sold "With the Help of Your Good Hands" to On Spec. She says that anyone who critted it will remember it as "the one that put Shakespeare's Tempest, a Finite math problem, and the Odyssey in a blender with five other things."

Jennifer de Guzman sold her story "Counterpoint" to Strange Horizons for publication this fall.

Mark Fewell sold his story "The King of Balloons," which was workshopped in our horror workshop, to Hadrosaur Tales for publication in Issue #16, April 2003.

Cathy Freeze's story "Duck Plucker" will appear this fall in Fortean Bureau. Cathy says, "Yay to all you great critters out there. Thanks for the help."

Resident Editor Nalo Hopkinson's novel Midnight Robber has gotten an Honourable Mention in the 43rd Casa de las Americas Prize for Literature, in the section for Caribbean literature in English or creole. (Nalo's latest book is a collection of short stories, Skin Folk.)

Steve Nagy's feature on author Tad Williams and his new online serial novel Shadowmarch and other work is now online at the new webzine MarsDust Online.

Marsha Sisolak sold her first story ever, a flash piece called "Staining Snow," to Ideomancer. She says, "Thanks to Sharon Lee McGaw, Charlie, Angela Boord, Celia Marsh, Stella Evans, Kim/Tempest, chance, Dena Landon, Wade Markham, Ruth Nestvold, and a few others for their critiques. I could never have done it without you all!"

Tempest, a.k.a. Kimberley Bradford, sold "Elf Aware" to webzine The Cafe Irreal under the pen name Finley Larkin.

M. Thomas's fantasy story "Slaying the Dragon" will be published in the August edition of Deep Magic.

Mikal Trimm's short story "Cable and the Possible God" (workshopped with us) will appear in Issue #3 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. This is Mikal's first print fiction sale!

June 2002

John Borneman has sold short story "The Brass Man" to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine for publication later in the summer. He says, "Thanks to the workshop admins and all the members!"

Chris Clarke's workshopped story entitled "Cottonstone," a Holocaust ghost story, has sold to Fortean Bureau. Chris says, "Thanks to Elizabeth, Dan, Donna, Marsha, Jennifer de Jellyfish, Vonne, divine Maurgerite, Steve and Sarah (and of course, the Spooky Disco crew) for their valuable input. This workshop is such a valuable resource (and the people are pretty good too :-) And a special thanks to Pen, who gave me the best review I've ever had without writing a word. :-)

Wendy Delmater sold eight poems last month, as well as two humor pieces this month to Survivor Wit.

Roger Eichorn sold a story called "Pressurized Heaven" to Gothic.Net for publication this summer. It was workshopped on the OWW under the title "Airline Blue."

Mark Fewell sold his story "A Gargoyle At The Door, A Dragon In The Air" to Glyph for publication in issue #13 (summer 2003).

Shannon Hale sold her fantasy novel The Goose Girl to Bloomsbury USA and Bloomsbury UK. The first chapter, "Crown Princess," was workshopped with us. Publication is scheduled for 2003.

Martin McGrath has made his first sale: his story "A Banshee Sang on Tottenham Court Road Tube Station" will appear in Fortean Bureau. He says, "Thanks to Rhonda S. Garcia, Elizabeth Bear, Dorian E. Gray, Michael Backus, Dawn Kaufman, Rabe Raven and Andreas Fonseca (did I miss anyone) for their positive reviews of the story. It was the easiest piece I've ever written--I had a version up on the workshop an hour after having the idea and there have been only cosmetic changes to the final version."

Cecil Woods is the workshop's third Clarion East 2002 attendee, along with Celia Marsh and Mark Morehead. We hope to hear more from them about their experience later in the summer.

May 2002

Leah Bobet's poem "Stepsister" was picked up by Star*Line, and her story "Spirits," a challenge piece, will be at NFG, a new quarterly print magazine.

Audra Bruno's story "Unmade, a Mole on Tuesday" (a former challenge piece, workshopped as "Desire") has been designated the editor's pick for the summer issue of online magazine Flashquake, available June 1.

In April Wendy Delmater sold six poems (2 per week) to Survivor Wit, a bi-weekly zine, and Gateway SF is publishing her story "If the Light" (workshopped here!).

logoCharles Coleman Finlay sold an Arthurian/Welsh folklore story, "Wild Thing," to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Karen Kobylarz has sold two short stories recently and both are available now: "A Perfect Game" to Elysian Fiction and "Expecting Miracles" to Fables.

Kelly Link, one of the workshop's Resident Editors and award-winning author, won a 2002 Nebula for her novelette "Louise's Ghost," which was published in her 2001 collection Stranger Things Happen.

Former member Bobbi McCutcheon's SF novel Father Mars, Mother Earth is available via RJBooks. She says, "Through the valuable lessons I learned as a workshop member, I gained an agent for my Science Fiction adventure...I learned at the workshop what I consider to be the finishing touches on my abilities as a writer and I want thank former sponsor Del Rey Books all the hard-working people who maintain this site for people like me who wish to persevere and become a success."

Darren Moore has won first place in the Eric Einersen Memorial Short Story Contest for CONduit 12 with his story "The Duke's Road." He says, "Thank you all for your support!"

Mark Morehead has been accepted to the 2002 Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop. That makes two workshoppers this year!

logoRuth Nestvold sold her short story "Looking Through Lace" to Asimov's. She says, "Thanks to all who took a look at it while it was up (in pieces) on the workshop." Ruth also sold her story "A Serca Tale" to NFG, a new quarterly print magazine.

Sharon Partington placed her story "The Hunted" with Aphelion Webzine for publication in June. She says, "I did workshop the story, and the comments and suggestions I received through its various incarnations were invaluable!"

Chelsea Polk sold her story "Still Life, Dead Souls," the revised version of the Editor's Choice runner up "The Egyptian Book of the Dead," to

Jeremy Tolbert sold "Hallucinogenic Toreador" to Alternate Realities. This was his first sale!

Mikal Trimm's short story "Neighbor, Neighbor" is in online magazine Peridot Books now.

April 2002

Nigel Atkinson's story "An Exhalation of Butterflies," originally published online in The Night Land webzine, has been accepted by UK print magazine Interzone. It will also be appearing in an anthology from Wildside Press in 2003.

Hannah Wolf Bowen's workshopped story "Love Song" appears in the April issue of Ideomancer.

Siobhan Carroll's poem "Mrs. Wolf" will be published in the spring edition of On Spec magazine.

Catherine Darensbourg has won first place in a synopsis-writing contest sponsored by Web site The Source.

Stella Evans has made her first sale, a fantasy short story called "Weeping Iniga," to Fortean Bureau, forthcoming in August. She says, "This story was workshopped, and without the comments of reviewers, it would never have taken a final, saleable form."

Mark Fewell's vampire story "Rule Three: Fire Kills" has sold to Night2Dawn for publication in July.

Simon Haynes' short story "Sleight of Hand" won an Aurealis Award in the category of short fiction (horror). Simon told us, "This particular story wasn't workshopped, but everything I learnt from the online writing workshop went into it."

Celia Marsh has been accepted as a student at this summer's Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop. Both of her writing samples--"Taste of Salt" and "Church of Chain and Roses"--were workshopped.

Ruth Nestvold's story "Princes and Priscilla" is online now at Strange Horizons.

Sarah Prineas has sold workshopped story "The Illustrated Dragon" to Strange Horizons for tentative publication in June 2002.

Stephen R. Sobotka Jr.'s story "SRT-22" will be featured in Sabledrake Magazine's "Action" issue within the next month.

Mikal Trimm's short story "Neighbor, Neighbor" will be published by online magazine Peridot Books in May 2002. His poem, "Automaton" has been accepted by poetry Webzine Sidereality for their July edition.

Alumni member Mike Weatherford's latest self-published novel is THE WIZARD OF SKYE. He says, "I enjoyed my time with the Del Rey writing workshop. I learned some very interesting things, and much of it helped improve my writing. Anyone who was a member of the workshop between November 6th and May 1st can download WIZARD free between the time I post it (target date is May 3) until the end of this year."

Steve Westcott's book RELUCTANT HEROES will be published by Pegasus Books in the UK.

Amber van Dyk sold slipstream short story "Scatter Heart" to Chiaroscuro.

March 2002

Nigel Atkinson sold story "Red Giant's Race" to UK-based Web 'zine The Night Land. He says, "Several workshop members contributed to the development of the story; comma-mavens Bob Allen and Donna Johnson were especially helpful."

Chris Clarke sold story "Notes for the Gallery" to Vestal Review's April issue. He thanks a few workshoppers for off-workshop critiques and says, "It was also inspired by the challenge here on non-traditional story structures."

The cover story of the April issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction is Charles Coleman Finlay's story "The Political Officer"! In stores now. Wow!

Karen Gordon sold story "Freak Show" to Sinisteria for their premiere issue.

Jason Heslip sold a flash fiction story called "Targets at 3 O'Clock" to Quantum Muse. He says, "Thanks to your workshop I can now say I'm a published author."

Melissa Mead sold a 4-part serial called "Swimming Upstream" to The First Line.

Chelsea Polk sold story "The Third Day" to Winter Raven magazine.

Jean Stone (aka Jean Seok) sold short story "A Constellation of Windows" to Strange Horizons. The story was workshopped under the title "Twenty One Closer."Jean says, "I know I would not have sold this story without the help of some very talented workshop members."

Kathleen Ward sold a short story to EOTU Magazine for the April issue; it's an excerpt from her workshopped novel Death's Garden called "Penumbra." Also, The Pedestal Magazine is currently featuring her artwork.

February 2002

Leah Bobet sold a short story called "Playing the Dozens" to Ideomancer. The story was inspired by a discussion on the workshop's mailing list.

Wendy Delmater has sold her short story "If the Light" to Gateway SF.

R. Jay Driskill's fantasy novel ROGUESBLADE is self-published and available via Xlibris. Also, his short story, "Jerry Smile" has been accepted for publication in the February 2002 Science Fiction and Fantasy World. Both the first few chapters of the novel and "Jerry Smile" were workshopped. He says, "This workshop has made a major difference in my writing, and I believe it would have taken a lot longer to get published without it. Possibly never."

Mark Fewell's science fiction/horror short-short "Strangers On A Timeline" appears in Issue #12 of Hadrosaur Tales.

Heidi Kneale has sold a nonfiction article entitled "Coping Mechanisms for Plot Block" to LongRidge Writers Group.

Marc Sanchez has five stories coming out this month: "Anguish Manifest" in Horrorfind; "This is Life" in Shadow Keep; "Bobbers" in Morbid Musings #6; and "Electric Blue" in Expressions. He's sold "Natural Pain Killers" to Alternate Realities for inclusion in their next issue, and "Perceptions" to new online magazine Sinisteria for inclusion in their Issue #3.

Mikal Trimm's story "Phantom Pain" is in Palace of Reason's February issue. Mikal says, "This story was one of the first I put up at the workshop, and the positive responses from the reviewers helped me stick with the story through several (obviously misguided!) rejections." Also, he sold a poem, "The Trial of Puddin'ead," to a new online speculative poetry 'zine, Sidereality, and sold another poem, "The Circumstances of His Departure," to Science Fiction Poetry Review.

Steve Westcot has signed a three-book deal with Vanguard Press, an imprint of Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie in Great Britain. The first book is due out by the end of 2002 with the second due out the middle of 2003. Steve says, "The first book, RELUCTANT HEROES, was partly workshopped on the old Del Rey workshop and underwent many changes due to excellent crits from the likes of Nancy Proctor and Keby Thomson. My current work, BRUVVERS IN ARMS, has been mostly workshopped. Grateful thanks to Pen Hardy, Lisa Clardy, Nancy Proctor, Keby Thomson, Roger Anderson, Mike McCloskey, and Christiana Ellis for sticking with me throughout this book and helping me fine tune it to what it is now. Also to all those who have popped in for a chapter or two to air their useful views. If it were not for the old Del Rey site and for this newer, improved workshop I would not be at the stage I am at now, and certainly would not have been offered a three-book publishing contract."

Amber van Dyk sold her short story "Sleeping, Waking, Nightfall" to Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. The story was Amber's entry into the recent non-traditional-format challenge on the workshop, and was also an Editors' Choice for September 2001. It will appear in the June 2002 issue of LCRW.

January 2002

Elizabeth August (aka Kathleen Ward)'s short story "Still Waters" appears in the January 15th issue of Rogue Worlds. She'll also be the Featured Artist in the Febuary 2002 issue of The Pedestal Magazine.

John Borneman has sold story "Eggs Benedict" (a comedic mystery with a light fantasy touch) to Mystery Buff Magazine for their March 2002 issue. It was workshopped in the OWW. John says, "I cannot express adequately how important this workshop is to writers both old and new."

Hannah Wolf Bowen sold her non-traditional format challenge piece "Love Song" to Ideomancer. It went through the workshop. She says, "The reviews were much appreciated."

Wendy Delmater has made her first SF sale--a poem, "Swing Radius," to be featured in the March 2002 Martian Wave. And another sale, too: a short story workshopped with us, "Retaliation," to Mystery Buff Magazine.

Robert Halmo has published Children of the Grove, book one of an epic fantasy series called Lords of Darkness, Lords of Light, with 1stBooks. A portion of the book's Prologue was workshopped at OWW in 2000. Of the book, Midwest Book Review says: "richly woven fantasy...enthusiastically recommended."

Simon Haynes's horror story "Sleight of Hand," published in Potato Monkey, is on the short list for Australia's 2001 Aurealis Awards.

Nancy Proctor is the current featured author at Ideomancer, and "Mr. Neblin's Boy" is the first of three of her stories they'll publish.

James Stevens-Arce's short story "Emmett" is in the current issue of Ideomancer, as is a review of his novel Soulsaver.

In 2001 Jennifer Schwabach placed a three-part story, "The Project" with quarterly print 'zine The First Line, which also printed her stories "Queen For a Day" and "Sunday on Cloud Nine," and sold story "Her Father's Word" to Speculon.