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OWW Writers!

December 2013

Rae Carson's The Goldscryer Trilogy will be out in 2015 from Greenwillow/HarperCollins. Congratulations, Rae!

Vylar Kaftan reports: "‘Christmas Wedding' is reprinted at GigaNotoSaurus. This story is secretly one of my favorites. Okay, not so secret since I'm telling you. I also signed a contract for ‘Ink of My Bones, Blood of My Hands' to appear at Beneath Ceaseless Skies. It's my homage to Lovecraft, sort of, without the overblown prose. There are dinosaurs in it."

Roger Lovelace tells us: "‘Titans' will be published in the spring of 2014 by The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles. It's a science fiction horror story, first workshopped a couple of years ago. Also, ‘Psyclone' has been published in Voluted Tales in December. It is a psychological story of a war veteran attempting to relieve his PTSD by reliving a childhood memory."

Tim Major announced: "'Read/Write Head' has been published by Garbled Transmissions, Dec 2013."

Sandra McDonald has several stories recently published and one coming out in 2014: "‘End of the Road' --Full of puns. Seriously, all puns. Post-apocalyptic artificial puns. It's in NH Pulp Fiction #3 Live Free or Sci Fi. ‘Sylvia Ascending'--I wrote this for the LaunchPad anthology. ‘Our Daughters' is for Apex magazine, and ‘Fleet'  is my transgender post-apocalyptic story set in Guam. This was the third of three Guam stories that I wrote in 2012. "Fleet" will be appearing in 2014's Year's Best Anthology edited by Gardner Dozois, which delights me very much."

Megan O'Keefe is the first-place winner in the latest Writers of the Future quarterly contest! She will now compete for the 2013 Grand Prize against the other three quarterly winners.  Good luck, Megan!

Jodi Ralston reports two sales to anthologies late this year:  "The Perfect Present" to Luna's Children: Stranger Wereworlds anthology and "The Bet" to A Chimerical World: Tales of the Unseelie Court anthology.

Seth Skorkowsky tells us: "I have two short story collections coming out in 2014. Mountain of Daggers and Sea of Quills are both for Rogue Blades Entertainment."

Durand Welsh says: "I received an acceptance today for my story ‘The Jesuit's Mask' to be published in the forthcoming Tor anthology, Midian Unmade, edited by Joseph Nassise and Del Howison."

Kim J. Zimring says, "Asimov's will publish ‘The Talking Cure' (forthcoming)."

November 2013

Karl Bunker says: "Analog has published ‘This Quiet Dust'; it's in the January/February 2014 issue."

Gio Clairval announced, "'Intersection' will appear in Galaxy's Edge #6 in January 2014 (sparkler?)."

Mary Garber tells us that "Survival of the Wolf" will appear in the Winter 2013/14 edition of Tales of the Talisman.

Tom Greene announced: "‘Another Man's Treasure' has been sold to Analog."

Michael Keyton says, "Glad to report a sale to Dark Oak Press for their Anthology Luna's Children -- Stranger Wereworlds. The story is called 'Ailsa' and my thanks, as always, to the workshop and those who critted it for me. It should be comng out in December or January."

Tony Peak announced that "Page of Skulls" has been published by Electric Spec.

Cory Skerry tells us: "'Castle of Masks' will appear in Once Upon A Time: New Fairy Tales (Prime Books)" 

Ian Tregillis's story "What Doctor Ivanovich Saw" is in the current issue of Subterranean Press Magazine.

October 2013

Leah Bobet says: "'On Living Authors,' my first poetry publication in a long time, is out in the Fall 2013 issue of Goblin Fruit today -- as part of a table of contents that's frankly stunning."

Steve Brady announced: "'Going Hyperdown' has been published by Misque Press for the anthology Space Jockey."

Tim W. Burke says: "Noble Fusion Press has released Death Is Only Skin Deep, a collection of three stories about a desperate Civil War widow, a winsome zombie hungry for love, and a guru's horrid resurrection."

Bruce Davis tells us, "My short story 'Initial Profit' has been published by AKW Books."

Aliette de Bodard tells us, "I've sold 'Days of the War, as Red as Oxblood, as Dark as Bile' to Subterranean Online for a future issue. (Extra thanks to Rochita Loenen-Ruiz for putting up with my total absence of a brain)."

Sarah Grey announced: "I'm a little late in posting this, but "Southside Gods" is up at Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. (You'll need a subscription to read the whole story, but trust me, it's worth it!)"

Vylar Kaftan tells us: "Woot! My story 'Ordinary Things' will appear in Kaleidoscope, a new YA anthology dedicated to YA fantasy from diverse perspectives. It'll have stories showing diverse races, classes, gender identities, and many more. Also, my short story 'Spellsketching' will appear in Daily Science Fiction. Hooray!"

Joshua Palmatier (writing as Benjamin Tate) says: "Looks like I can finally announce my latest short-story sale: 'Seeds' to Juliet E. McKenna! It will be included in an anthology called Unexpected Journeys, edited by Juliet E. McKenna, which is being released by the British Fantasy Society for its members and as a membership-drive perk."

Rebecca Schwarz tells us, "'Beata Beatrix' will be forthcoming in Bourbon Penn."

Cory Skerry says: "'Midnight at the Feet of the Caryatides' sold to Where Thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering Edgar Allan Poe (Lethe Press)."

Henry Szabranski says, "I'm pleased to announce that my flash story 'The Key To El-Carim's Heart' has been accepted by Daily Science Fiction. This will be my seventh story to appear there in total."

Fran Wilde is loaded with good news. She tells us: "I have a three book deal with Tor: Bone Arrow, to be published in April 2015, and Bone Arrow Two (2016) and Three (2017). OWW members past and present B. Morris Allen, Jay Reynolds, and Kelly Lagor were all huge helps here. And Elizabeth Bear has been a powerful force for good in my life. Also, 'A Moment of Gravity, Circumscribed' appeared in the Impossible Futures Anthology in fall 2013. 'Like a Wasp to the Tongue' will appear in Asimov's in April/May 2014. And 'The Topaz Marquise' just sold to Beneath Ceaseless Skies."

Erzebet Yellowboy announced: "'The Mirror Tells All' in Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales (anthology) from Prime Books."

David Young (writing as D.L. Young) says: "Just wanted to let you know that my story 'Dumpside' (which received lots of helpful critiques from the OWW) has been acquired by Kzine for publication in mid-2014. Thanks for all the valuable input on my story!"

September 2013

Bo Balder announced: "‘The Doll Is Dead' sold to Penumbra Ezine for its Hitchcock-themed issue (October 2013)."

Oliver Buckram wrote, "‘Un Opera Nello Spazio' has been published by Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine."

Sarah Byrne announced: "‘Loved and Lost' has been published by Ideomancer."

Tim Major's horror story "The House Lights Dim" appears in Issue 11 of Sanitarium Magazine.

Rebecca Schwarz says: "'Cattle Futures' has been published by Stupifying Stories." 

Cory Skerry tell us, "'Castle of Masks' will be published by Prime Books's Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales." 

Erzebet YellowBoy announced: "'The Mirror Tells All' in Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales (anthology) from Prime Books, October 2013."

August 2013

Bo Balder's story "The Knitted Man" appears this month in the Evil Girfriend Media anthology Witches, Stitches, and Bitches.

Oliver Buckram wrote: "'Half a Conversation, Overheard While Inside an Enormous Sentient Slug' has been published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF)."

Sarah Byrne has two recent sales: "'Every Step You Take' sold to Kzine (September 2013) and 'A Winter Evening' is in the Black Apples anthology from Belladonna Publishing, (September 2013)."

Anna Kashina announced a two-book sale: "The deal for worldwide rights was negotiated by Angry Robot Senior Editor Lee Harris and Kashina's agent, Michael Harriot of Folio Literary Management, and includes a two-book series, The Majat Code. Book I, Blades of the Old Empire, will be published in March 2014, and the as-yet-untitled sequel will follow in July 2014."

Rebecca Schwarz says: Interzone 247 has published 'Futile the Winds.' It's in the current issue."

Cory Skerry tells us, "'Sinking Among Lilies' has been selected as a reprint to The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2013 (Prime Books).

Jody Sollazzo's story "Outlier" appears in In Heaven, Everything is Fine: Fiction Inspired by David Lynch from Eraserhead Press.

July 2013

Eliza Collins says,  "Got a call from Joni Lebaqui at Writers of the Future letting me know I was the second-place winner this quarter! Also 'Voyager' sold to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (#58, due out Aug '13)."

Sarah Grey wrote: "I'm pleased to announce my second sale to Flash Fiction Online, 'The Social Phobic's Guide to Interior Design.' This one's not my typical speculative-fiction fare, but I'm fond of it, and happy it's found a home."

Anna Kashina announced: "I still can't believe this happened to me, but I have just signed a three-book contract with Angry Robot for the publication of my workshopped novel The Black Diamond and two sequels. I am really grateful to many people at OWW, without whom this simply would not have happened. I have been a member since 2001, and so many people have shaped my writing over the years that it would take many pages to list them all. For this particular project I wanted to thank especially Jennifer Dawson, Rhonda Garcia, Amy Raby, Siobhan Carroll, Abigail Carter, and Terry Jackman. While I received the feedback on this novel from many others, these people gave me key advice (and key encouragement) where I needed them most. Of course, I am really grateful also to everyone on this list for being an amazing group of people with whom I can share this joy. Thank you, and yay!!!"

Mike Keyton wrote to say, "My novella 'Dark Fire' is to be published by Red Sage in August 2014. Paranormal historical fantasy with a touch of rather dark romance. There are many who have helped me over the years but for 'Dark Fire' particular thanks go to Mike Staton, Crash Froelich, and Sharon Ramirez. Status: Happy."

Jodi Meadows told us that Harper Teen will release her novella, "Phoenix Overture," the prequel to Incarnate, in September 2013.

Bill Powell tells us: "Just thought you might like to know my novel A Child Alone has been accepted by Tor Books and I'm currently awaiting an offer. I wanted to let you know because (unlike other writer sites) sff-oww contributors provided genuinely useful criticism that helped me sharpen up my writing to the point where it got an editor's attention. While I only submitted a small portion of the work to the site, the lessons learned were applicable to the rest. So thank you for creating the kind of site where understanding writers can give and receive criticism without the ghastly you-plug-my-book-and-I-plug-yours gaming. Now begins the long slog to polish the novel into something truly publishable..."  

Carol Ryles wrote: "'The Silence of Clockwork' was published in the Conflux 9 Convention Programme, 2013."

Henry Szabranski announced, "'The Clay Farima' will be published in the August 2013 issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies."

David Young (aka D.L. Young) says: "Just wanted to let you know that my story 'Juarez Square' has been sold to Deepwood Publishing's Ruined Cities anthology, publication date forthcoming. Thanks to all the OWW members who helped critique this story!"

June 2013

Oliver Buckram wrote: "I've recently sold three pieces to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF). All three pieces were critiqued on OWW, in some cases multiple times. I'm grateful to the many workshop participants who helped. 'Half a Conversation, Overheard While Inside an Enormous Sentient Slug,' July/Aug 2013; 'Un Opera nello Spazio' (A Space Opera), forthcoming; and 'The Museum of Error,' forthcoming."

Sarah Byrne wrote, "'The Vending Machine' is in Stupefying Stories Showcase, June 2013."

Liz Coley announced: "My short story 'Synthetic Integrated Rational Intelligence' is in the anthology Flights of Fiction."

Eliza Collins announced: "'Voyager' will be published by Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (#58, due out July '13)."

Michelle Goldsmith says: "Just wanted to report that although I've been away from the workshop for a while due to health issues and a hectic final semester of my degree, I recently rewrote my story 'Of Gold and Dust,' an early (and rather rough) draft of which was critiqued in the workshop, and it has just been picked up for the upcoming Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue 60!"

Karen L. Kobylarz told us: "My short story ‘Serpent Song' -- which was posted several times at the workshop -- has been accepted for publication in the June issue of Lissette's Tales of the Imagination. Thanks to all workshop members who reviewed it."

Jodi Meadows announced, "The Orphan Queen has been sold as part of a two-book deal to Katherine Tegen Books with a release in 2015."

Rebecca Schwarz writes: "Bourbon Penn has accepted my story 'Beata Beatrix,' though I don't have a publication date yet. But my big news is that Interzone will be publishing my story 'Futile the Winds' in July. This is my first pro sale."

Jody Sollazo announces: "'Outlier' will appear in a David Lynch anthology edited by Cameron Pierce -- from Eraserhead Press, due out July 2013."

Josh Vogt says, "I've sold a short story titled 'The Weeping Blade' to Paizo's Pathfinder Tales web fiction series. I just sold my science fiction short story 'The Queen of Thermodynamic Equilibrium' to Grey Matter Press for their new anthology Equilibrium Overturned (to be published late 2013)."

Wade Albert White tells us: "My short story 'The Wiggy Turpin Affair' (workshopped on OWW) sold to the UFO2 Anthology. My thanks to reviewers Oliver Buckram, Tim W. Burke, Michael Keyton, Joshua Michaels, and Sidney Nesti."

May 2013

Aliette de Bodard wrote: "'Two Sisters In Exile' will be reprinted in David G. Hartwell's THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION, out from Tor sometime this year. Also quite pleased to announce I sold my novelette 'Memorials' to Asimov's."

And as mentioned above, Aliette's short story "Immersion" has won the Nebula Award!

Daniel Connaughton says: "I am pleased to announce that my manuscript for IMORA has been picked up by Double Dragon Publishing for their 2014 release schedule. Thanks to everyone who contributed reviews, especially those who stuck with IMORA the Ice Dragon from the start and were able to forgive her (or at least pretend they didn't see anything) for eating a few humanoids along the way!"

Sarah Grey wrote to say, "Just signed the contract! 'Of Ash and Old Dreams' will appear in Daily Science Fiction. Also, this is my third SFWA-qualifying professional sale, so I'm now eligible for full membership. This is, from my humble perspective, awesome beyond words."

L.S. Johnson announced: "'The Pursuit of the Whole Is Called Love,' workshopped here, will appear in Interzone. Many thanks to Leah Bobet, Steve Brady, Samia Hayes, Michael Hutley, Jon Paradise, D. Scott Thayer, and Kaia Vintr for their helpful feedback."

Sandra McDonald has tied for the Asimov's Science Fiction Readers Award for her short story "Sexy Robot Mom."

Josh Vogt told us, "My flash fiction piece, 'The Girl with the Dagon Tattoo,' (which was critiqued on OWW) has been bought by the UFO 2 anthology."

April 2013

Leah Bobet, OWW alum and Resident Editor, let slip the news that her second young-adult novel, ON ROADSTEAD FARM, will be published by Clarion Books, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Congrats, Leah!

Sarah Byrne announced: "'Over The Sea' will appear in the May issue of Sorcerous Signals/Mystic Signals."

Gio Clairval tells us: "I received an Honorable Mention in Datlow's BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR; reprinted as "Bird-Headed Lover": Innsmouth Free Press. Also, "Sparkler" will appear in the May issue of Galaxy's Edge Magazine."

Mary Garber says: "'The Right Place' is currently appearing in Aurora Wolf."

Elizabeth Hull writes, "I have just heard that SHADOW OVER AVALON will be published by Kristell Ink in November. Here is a list of past and current members of OWW who were kind enough to critique this book on site. Most people on this list will recognise the book by its old title, PROJECT ARTHUR. It then became ENCHANTED EYES before I settled on SHADOW OVER AVALON. Thanks. Rhonda S. Garcia, Susan Elizabeth Curnow, Ilona Gordon, Gavin Turnbull, Sharon Partington, Bret Davenport, May Iversen, dena landon, David N. Bowden, Jennifer Henderson, Andreas Fonseca, Xina Uhl, Raymond Lui, Diana Hawkins, Margo Berendsen, David Williams, Victoria Kerrigan, Jim Giacomo, Russ Cunningham, Sheny bessette, Glenn Harsha, Laura Comerford, John Lowe, Teri Wardell, Steve Komic, Anika Leithner, Jill Neslon, Miq Faurve, Allen Newton, Crash Froelich, Elissa Hunt, Lisa Smeaton, Phillip Spencer, Sandra Ulbrich Almazan, Christine Hall, Treize Aramistedian, and Linda Dicmanis."

Daryl Nash tells us: "My short story 'Spider Without a Web' was workshopped quite a while ago on the OWW and is now live at Abyss & Apex!

Martin Shoemaker writes: "'Murder on the Aldrin Express' will be included in the September issue of Analog."

Rebecca Schwarz says, "I've got another sale announcement. I just sold my short story 'Cattle Futures' to Stupefying Stories."

March 2013

B. Morris Allen writes: "'The Digital Revival' comes out in Antipodean SF--April 2013."

Eliza Collins announced: "'The Big, Bad Wolf' will be in Enchanted Conversation (March 2013)."

David Crosby says, "Artema Press has contracted with me to publish a short story that was reviewed last month on OWW called 'Rain over Ghaidhealtochd.' The story will be published in April, 2013, in an anthology entitled MAGIC CREATURES FROM CELTIC MISTS."

Richard Fuller announced: "My story 'The Spotted Horse' has been accepted for the April/May issue of Plasma Frequency. Initially inspired by a Monthly Writing Challenge, it was subsequently critiqued into shape by the OWW community. Thanks to all, especially to Christine Lucas who provided helpful technical advice concerning the medical aspects of the story."

May-Lin Iverson tells us: "My short story 'The Thief' has been accepted by Artema Press and can be found in their anthology 
MAGIC CREATURES FROM CELTIC MISTS, where it is in good company with other short stories from OWW members. The story is published under my full name, May-Lin Iversen Demetriou."

Elizabeth Shack writes: "I made my first pro sale! 'Pictures in Crayon' will appear in Daily Science Fiction some time in the next several months."

Rebecca Schwarz says: "My story 'The Count is the Kingdom' is currently at Electric Spec. My story 'The Gyre' is forthcoming at The Colored Lens."

Henry Szabranski announced, "'The Unforgiven Dead' will appear in the anthology MAGIC CREATURES FROM CELTIC MISTS from Artema ePress."

February 2013

JS Bangs tells us: "Just letting you know that my workshopped story ‘The Suffragette's Election' is currently up at Crossed Genres. This story was workshopped --- three or four times, in fact --- while I attempted to find the proper ending. A big thanks to everyone who helped with it, and especially those who read it multiple times."

Our own Leah Bobet's novel ABOVE has been nominated for the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy, the YA branch of the Nebula.

Aliette de Bodard says: "Pleased to announce that I've sold my Xuya story ‘The Weight of a Blessing' to Clarkesworld. This is part of my ‘Vietnamese in space' series with the Rong people (the same as in 'Immersion'). It's also, er, a somewhat angry story about colonialism, cultural legacies and virtual realities. Should be in the March issue of Clarkesworld." She also has two entries nominated for the Nebula Awards: her novella "On a Red Station, Drifting" and her short story "Immersion".

Sarah Byrne writes: "'Victoriana' is forthcoming in MIRROR DANCE (March 2013)"

Deb Coates is a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award, and her debut book, WIDE OPEN, is in the running for Superior Achievement in a First Novel.

Eliza Collins announced: "'Beyond the Gates' will be reprinted to Aoife's Kiss (due out March '13)"

Crash Froelich tells us that his novel, NEVER, is available from Artema ePress.

Richard Fuller says: "I'm pleased to announce my horror short story ‘Pieces of Art' is in the current (December 2012) issue of Cover of Darkness magazine. Also, my dark urban fantasy 'GodPod Blues' can be found in the anthology INTO THE DARKNESS by Necro Publications. Both stories greatly benefitted from the many insightful reviews by OWW members, just as my overall writing has benefitted from reading and reviewing their works. Thanks to all!"

Elizabeth Hull announced: "DARKSPIRE REACHES was contracted to Holland House for their Kristell Ink imprint. This will be published on 20th March 2013."

Graham Keeler tells us: "I have just had my first short story published. It is called 'Alien Encounter.' It was critiqued in OWW a while back, and it has just appeared in Jupiter Magazine, issue number 39."

January 2013

Aliette de Bodard says: "My magical realism piece 'The Angel at the Heart of the Rain' will be published in a future issue of Interzone. Always happy to be published in this magazine."

Sarah Byrne announced: "'Christmas in Space' will appear in Silver Blade, February 2013."

Eliza Collins will appear in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (#58, February 2013) with her short story, "Voyager."

Daniel Connaughton says: "Double Dragon Publishing recently picked up my manuscript titled KEEPER OF THE BONES and it is on their schedule for release in 2014."

Christopher Cornell tells us:  "'Bleeding Heartland' will appear in Penumbra eMag, Feb. 2013."

Tom Greene writes: "'Facetime' has been sold to Polluto, Issue #10."

Sarah Grey blogged "You know, generally speaking, if I'm running through the house at 5:30 am, partially clothed and fully freaking out, it's because something's on fire. This morning, it was because I sold 'The Ballad of Marisol Brook' to Lightspeed."

Crystal Lynn Hilbert says that her novel DEAD ON ARRIVAL will be published by Eggplant Literary Productions.

Ada Hoffmann says: "'A Certain Kind of Spider' will appear in Star*Line, Volume 36, Issue 1 (January-March 2013)."

Sean Michael O'Brien writes: "'Vale of Stars' was sold to JournalStone, already released."

Henry Szabranski has sold "Three Kisses" to Daily Science Fiction.

December 2012

Aliette de Bodard says: "Quite happy to announce that my Interzone story 'Ship's Brother' will be reprinted in Gardner Dozois's The Year's Best Science Fiction, Thirtieth Annual Collection. This is, er, pretty awesome? First time I ever sell two reprints to two different Year's Bests. Also 'Scattered Along the River of Heaven' and 'Heaven Under Earth' will be reprinted in Rich Horton's The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2013."

We heard through the grapevine that Elizabeth Bear and Sandra McDonald have stories in the new paperback Edge of Infinity. On sale now.

Vylar Kaftan says: "My essay 'You're Not Supposed to Write That: Taboos in Speculative Fiction' is in Apex Magazine. Also, the novella 'The Weight of the Sunrise' is already available in Asimov's February 2013 issue. 'The Weight of the Sunrise' is an alternate history in which the Incan Empire survives into the 19th century, and they bargain with the Americans for their future."

Jaime Lee Moyer announced: "I am oh so pleased to announce that Tor Books, a publisher of infinite taste, will be publishing my three-book series Delia's Shadow, A Barricade In Hell, and Against A Brightening Sky. We don't have a firm publication date yet, but all three books will be out first in hardcover and then go to trade paper. Delia's Shadow was workshopped on OWW and you can be sure my loyal band of critters, PJ Thompson, Jodi Meadows, Josh Vogt, Dena Landon, Teresa Frohock and J.R. Hoch, will go in my acknowledgements. I have a lot of work to do in the next couple of years. I'm going to love every second of it."

Cory Skerry wrote us to say: "I just sold my 4,600-word short story 'Breathless in the Deep' to Lightspeed Magazine. Thanks for running the workshop! I love how it's always there for me. My meatspace critique group is magnificent, but we only meet once a week, and OWW is 24/7. I don't think I've made a single sale without running the story through OWW first. "

November 2012

Greg Byrne announced: "I'm very proud (and still slightly in a state of bewildered, delighted disbelief) to announce that I've just signed a contract to publish NINE PLANETS, a quirky re-imagining of the Christmas story, with Dragonwell Publishing. After an awful long time of trying, rewriting, believing, doubting, almost-getting-there-but-not-quite, it's finally happened! Not sure yet of the publication date, but that is far less important than my enormous thanks to a lot of people for many years of crits, encouragement and advice, all of whom have been instrumental in making me believe I could actually do this writing thing: Rhonda Garcia, Dave Fortier, Kyri Freeman, Sue Curnow, Gene Spears, Ranke Lidyek, Charlie Finlay, Mike Keyton, Leo Korogodski, Lindsay Kitson, Christine Lucas, Elizabeth Shack, Stelios, Elizabeth Bear, John Hoddy, Jesse Bangs, Marlene Dotterer, Walter Williams, as well as the esteemed members of The Round Table and the PA (and anyone I inadvertently forgot). Although these writers are no longer with the OWW, I owe them a big thanks as well: Brad Beaulieu, Gareth Davies, Jeff Stanley and Ays Marin."

Elizabeth Hull wrote to say: "I am delighted to announce that my short story entitled 'The Seventh Child' is going to be published in an anthology by Creatures of the Celtic Mists next April. This story was run through the 'shop and I am deeply grateful for all those who commented on it."

Ilan Lerman wrote: "I've not been as active on the Workshop this year as much as others, but the workshop has helped my writing improve immensely over the last four years. I wanted to let you guys know I sold my story 'Love as Deep as Bones' to Black Static. It's one of the very few I haven't workshopped here, but thought it worth reporting nonetheless."

Dy Loveday told us: "My first novel ILLUSION was released by Liquid Silver Books at the end of October, 2012. The novel was workshopped on OWW. Many thanks to Beth Cato, Selina Fenech, Jeanne Haskin, AJ Winter and Lydia Kurnia. You guys rock!"

Sandra McDonald wrote us and said: "I'm delighted to announce my latest fiction publication, a short story in the great magazine Lightspeed. There's also an author spotlight with me -- very nice. If you're a Star Wars fan, a sci-fi geek, a former Hollywood assistant like me, a current or former resident of my hometown Revere, or just like some tongue-in-cheek but also poignant reading, maybe you'll check out ‘Searching for Slave Leia.' It's one of my favorite stories and I hope you enjoy it."

John Schoffstall says: "My short story 'I Am Leejun' has been sold to the BAD SEEDS: EVIL PROGENY anthology, to be published by Prime Books around mid-2013. Thanks to Alexander Nader, Arlene Ang, Sarah Byrne, Ian Tregillis, and Cecily Walters for their critiques on OWW. You made this a better story." Editor's note: this is an EC this month with a review by Jeanne Cavelos.

Ian Tregillis announced: "Though I didn't workshop this project on the OWW, the sale wouldn't have happened without the workshop. As I've said many times, the OWW changed my life! Anyway, I'm very happy to announce that I've sold three new books to Orbit US & UK. The Clakkers Trilogy takes place in a fantasy alternate 1920, and stars a motley collection of alchemists, spies, soldiers, and clockwork slaves." Wow, triple congratulations, Ian!

October 2012

Oliver Buckram announced: "I've had two short stories published recently. First, 'The Running of the Robots' in Flash Fiction Online (thanks to Andrew Alford, Gregory Clifford, Ada Hoffman, Daniel McMinn, Jay Reynolds, and Steve Byrne for their reviews). Second, 'Signal Jamming' in Shimmer (thanks to Aliette de Bodard for her review). Special thanks to Jay Reynolds and B. Morris Allen for reviewing both pieces."

Tim Burke tells us, "My story 'Flim-Flamming The Haints' is appearing in this month's Space and Time magazine. 'The Metal and Its Mold' was bought by Pseudopod. 'The Flint Indenture' was bought by Stupefying Stories. Thanks to Mark Ward, B. Morris Allen, and everyone who helped make these stories work."

Ben Crowell announced: "I have sold 'A Hole in the Ether' to Asimov's Science Fiction. With thanks to Laurence Pittenger."

Elizabeth Hull wrote us to say: "I am delighted to announce that my fantasy book, Darkspire Reaches, will be published by the Holland House Imprint in the spring. This book was workshopped on OWW and the following people have all made contributions, big or small, to helping this happen. So in no particular order, these wonderful people are: Rhonda S. Garcia, Ilona Gordon, Treize Aramistedian, Linda Dicmanis, Susan Elizabeth Curnow, dena landon, Elissa Hunt, Kendra Highley, RL Boschee, Jeanne Haskin, Ursula Warnecke, Lindsay B, Lisa Smeaton, Crash Froelich, Carlos J. Cortes, Boz Flamagin, Simon Rhodes, Owen Kerr, Chris Anderson, Dawn Chapman, May Iversen, Shawna Kennedy, Richard Fuller, Levi Nunnink, Ann Winter, Jeanette Cottrell, Raven Matthews, PJ Thompson, Dorothy Winsor, Jennifer Dawson, Tim Greaton."

Vylar Kaftan says: "I have two reprint sales: 'Lion Dance' will be on Escape Pod at Halloween, and 'The Suicide Witch' will be on Pseudopod in the spring."

Graham Keeler writes, "I am pleased to tell you that I have just had my first full-length science fiction novel published by Netherworld Books. The book is titled Stowaway to the Stars. It was published this month and is now available in both paperback and kindle form on Amazon, among other outlets. Further details about me and the book are available on my website, and on I am particularly grateful to OWW, not just for critiques from members to help improve my writing, but also for the suggestion in your recent newsletter about this new publisher."  So glad we could help, Graham!

Sandra McDonald announced: "My short story 'The Black Feminist's Guide to Science Fiction Film Editing' is in the December edition of Asimov's Science Fiction, on sale now."

September 2012

Tim W. Burke says: "My story ‘Flammin' The Haints' is in the newest issue of Space and Time magazine. Many thanks to OWW for helping me get the story in shape!"

Sarah Byrne's story "The Princess In The Tower" is in the September Aoife's Kiss.

Eliza Collins has a story "Midnight Calls" in October's Plasma Frequency.

Natalie Jones told us: "'Fire, Fury, Faith,' a work posted on OWW, was accepted for e-publishing with Siren-Bookstrand. It will be available for purchase this November."

Kodiak Julian won third place in the 2nd quarter 2012 Writers of the Future Contest.

Vylar Kaftan announced, "I'm in the current issue of Asimov's with my short story "Lion Dance." It's about a flu pandemic in San Francisco, at Halloween-time, and a bunch of guys who entertain themselves by running around outside in Chinese lion costumes. I'm excited about my first appearance in Asimov's (and my next will be in February 2013)."

Holliann Kim's story "Love and Lettuce Leaves" appears in Beyond Centauri this month.

Ruth Nestvold told us, "One of my Alaska stories, 'The Shadow Artist,' was sold to Abyss and Apex."

Aimee Picchi emailed us to say: "I wanted to let you know that my short story 'Scoring Seraphim,' which was reviewed on OWW, was accepted for the Fall 2012 issue of The Colored Lens. The reviews from OWW were hugely helpful in rewriting the story before I sent it to The Colored Lens for submission. I'd like to thank the reviewers: Jennifer Oliver, Adam Shannon, Sarah Beth and Daryn Paciotti."

David Young's story "The Nottingham Faces" appeared in Roar and Thunder in September.

August 2012

B. Morris Allen announced, "'Drive Like Lightning ... Crash Like Thunder' is being published as a three-part serial at Ray Gun Revival. Many thanks to OWW critiquers Kim Allison, Jay Reynolds, Oliver Buckram, Zed Paul, Fran Wilde, R.A. Watanabe, Tracy Canfield, and anyone else I missed."

Rebecca Birch says, "I just wanted to report that my workshopped short story 'The Memory of Huckleberries' will be featured in the September issue of Penumbra."

Longtime member Rhonda S. Garcia tells us: "I'm am proud to announce that my novel Lex Talionis will be published by Dragonwell Publishing. I will get back to the list with a specific publication date, and of course, if anyone's interested, I'll be happy to talk about the process as we go. But most of all, I want to say thank you. This list, the OWW, and the wonderful people I've met have helped me grow, hone my skills and prodded me in the butt when I thought I could not go on. There are so many to thank, but Elizabeth Hull, Susan Curnow, Kat Allen, Elizabeth Bear, Stelios, David Fortier, Steve Chapman, Greg Byrne, Anna Kashina, Christine Lucas, Elizabeth Shack, Walter, Jennifer Dawson, Jan Whitaker, Gio, and friends who have moved on such as Pam McNew, Stella Evans, Charlie, Clover Autrey, John Borneman, Larry-- not to mention the entire Vicious Circle and Round Table crit groups--have all given me advice and helped me on my way. Blessings on all of you--and anyone I forgot--for putting up with me and helping me along the way."  Congratulations, Rhonda!

Tom Greene tells us, "My story 'Zero Bar' is in the August 6 issue of Strange Horizons."

Maria Zannini has sold her fourth novel, this time to Samhain Publishing. Mistress of the Stone is a historical/paranormal, a pirate story with ghouls, ghosts, and werewolves. "I forgot to mention it when I signed the contract so I'll mention it now. It released this week!"

July 2012

Joshua Allen's short story "Lore of the Birds" appears in the July issue of Apheilion.

p>Marlissa Campbell says, "My story ‘The Stampeders' will appear in the upcoming New Fables, 2012!! I will post details as soon as the issue becomes available. ‘The Stampeders' has tangential inspiration from the tale of ‘The Fisherman and His Wife' and is set during the Yukon gold rush of 1897-1898."

Tom Greene's story "Zero Bar" will appear in the August issue of Strange Horizons.

Kevin Ikenberry's story "Illegal," written with Pete Aldin, will appear in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #56, appearing soon.

Vylar Kaftan announced: "I just sold a novella to Asimov's! I'm really excited about this. ‘The Weight of the Sunrise' is an alt-history in which the Incan Empire survives into the 19th century. That'll probably be out sometime in 2013. And ‘Skin Deep' is published at Redstone SF. What happens when sentient body armor forgets there's a human inside? Nothing good..."

Resident Editor Karin Lowachee's short story "The Bleach" will appear in the August anthology WHEN THE VILLAIN GCOMES HOME from Dragon Moon Press.

Christine Lucas's "Lady of the Crossroads" appears in the first ARCANE anthology from Cold Fusion Press, and she sold "Where Dragons Fear to Tread" to Aoife's Kiss, forthcoming this summer.

J. Deery Wray's story "The Butcher of Londinium" appears in the July 2012 issue of Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show.

June 2012

Mark Fewell told us: "My workshopped story 'Amy's Last Dance' will appear in the anthology SERIAL KILLERS 2 to be put out by Static Movement."

Sarah Pinsker wrote, "I was a member of OWW a couple of years ago and have stayed on the Yahoo! Groups, though I don't often post. A story of mine that some of you critiqued on the OWW site was published today in Nine: A Journal of Imaginary Fiction. The story was called 'Monsters of Central Texas' at the time (now 'Not Dying in Central Texas') and I received some excellent feedback, which helped in its slow development. Thank you to everybody who helped me fine-tune the piece."

Benjamin Rosenbaum mentioned that his short story "Elsewhere" has been published by Strange Horizons.

May 2012

Alliette de Bodard, as always, has been selling a storm of stories. She says: "Pleased to announce I've sold my Villa Diodati story 'Immersion' to Clarkesworld for their June issue. Also, my Chinese-y story 'Under Heaven' will be available in Electric Velocipede issue 24. And finally, I've sold my short story 'Ship's Brother,' set in the Xuya continuity, to Interzone for their next or after-next issue."

Jeanne Haskin wrote us: "Just wanted to let you know that my short story 'Undone,' which was workshopped here last year, was published online at Wherever it Pleases. Wherever it Pleases has also accepted my short stories 'In the Not-Flesh of Dreams' and 'Deliverance.' 'Deliverance' was an Editor's Choice selection some time ago and will now be published in serial format under the title  'The Angel Who Never Was.' My thanks go out to everyone who helped with it. I never thought this story would find a venue but it's always been one of my favorites.  Thanks to Elizabeth Hull, Crash Froelich, Gio Clairval, Lydia Kurnia, Dy Loveday, Stelios Touchtidis, and Greg Clifford for their help on 'In The Not-Flesh of Dreams.' For 'Undone,' thanks to Elizabeth Hull, Crash Froelich, Greg Clifford, Sue Curnow, Sarah Purdy Gilman, Kendra Highley, Ilan Lerman, Larry Pinaire, Lydia Kurnia, Dy Loveday, Giovanni Giusti, Paul Johnson Jovanovic, Stelios Touchtidis, Zvi Zaks, Patty Jansen and Gio Clairval for being helpful over the years and the best part of my writing journey."

Kevin Ikenberry announced, "I wanted to share two recent sales of my stories with the workshop crowd. My flash fiction story 'Poultry' will appear in the February 2013 issue of Twisted Dreams Magazine. Also, a story I wrote with Pete Aldin, 'Illegal,' will appear in Issue #56 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine due this summer."

Dy Loveday told us: "My short story 'Game Play' is coming out in 2012 in THE SATYR'S ANTHOLOGY, by Wicked East Press, edited by AJ French. Big thanks to critique partners Selina Fenech, Lydia Kurnia, Kim Purdie, Jeanne Haskin, Ann Winter and Beth Cato for their helpful reviews."

Holly McDowell announced: "I was a member of OWW for many years and learned so much there. I recently sold a book and wanted to let you guys know.  KING SOLOMON'S WIVES, a contemporary mythical suspense series about a group of women whose touch is addictive to anyone who makes contact with them, was sold to Lisa Rutherford at Coliloquy, in a multi-episode deal, by Joanna Volpe at Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation. Thanks for keeping the workshop alive!"

Amy Raby wrote in, "I'm thrilled to announce I've sold my fantasy romance series beginning with ASSASSIN'S GAMBIT to NAL/Penguin in a 3-book deal. Both ASSASSIN'S GAMBIT and SOLDIER, SAGE, AND VAGABOND were workshopped in their entirety on the OWW. A big thank-you to my critique partners!  For ASSASSIN'S GAMBIT: Marlene Dotterer, John Beety, Heidi Kneale, Steve Brady, Becca Andre, Lisa Smeaton, Jarucia Jaycox Narula, Anna Kashina, and Bonnie Freeman, who reviewed most or all of the novel; and Dave Shaw, Essy Knopf, Leslie Dow, Elizabeth Shack, Bo Balder, David Fortier, Tim Brommer, Victoria Bellany, Alex Binkley, who reviewed individual chapters.  For SOLDIER, SAGE, AND VAGABOND:  John Beety, Lisa Smeaton, Jarucia Jaycox Narula, Marlene Dotterer, Heidi Kneale, and Kelly Jones who reviewed most or all of the novel; and Bonnie Freeman, Tara Maya, Amy Paul, David Fortier, Olivia Fowler, Scott Ripley, Agnes D., Lindsay B., Janine Islam, Alex Binkley, Pam Hullin, John Tremlett, and Michael Goodwin, who reviewed individual chapters."

April 2012

Tim W. Burke wrote to say: "I sold ‘Shadows Under the Skin' to SNM Horror Magazine. Thanks to Ian Welke, John Goodrich and all who helped me make the story work!"

Kimber Camacho e-mailed us to say, "I've just had one of my stories accepted by Circlet Press for an upcoming erotica anthology -- LIKE A BREATH OF FLAME. I also wanted to let you know that I mentioned having been a member of the OWW in my bio. I received a great deal of assistance and support from my fellow members and the awesome admin of the OWW, and want to give credit where credit's due."  Thanks, Kimber!

Peter Cooper announced: "My short story ‘Dead on the Doorstep' has just been published in the Spring issue of Kaleidotrope. I'll be interested to hear how it goes down. It's slightly different."

Patty Jansen wrote: "I've sold my story ‘Survival in Shades of Orange' to Analog, and just last week another hard SF short story ‘Abode' to Aurealis. In addition to that, Ticonderoga Publications will be publishing my novel AMBASSADOR in 2013."

Vylar Kaftan says: "Just sold "Skin Deep" to Redstone SF. It'll be great to be back there again."

Catherine E. McLean recently sold KARMA AND MAYHEM, a paranormal-fantasy-romance novel, to Soul Mate Publishing. No release date has yet been set. For years, Catherine has sold short stories as C.E. McLean, but this is her first novel sale."

Marshall Payne posted recently: "It pleases me to announce that I've sold my short story 'Professor Dingleberry and the Peripatetic Coxcomb Abode' to Polluto Magazine. This will be my third appearance in this unique and often outrageous little Brit printzine."

Walter Williams announced: "I received an offer from Dragonwell Publishing to publish my novel THE GARDEN AT THE ROOF OF THE WORLD. I am very excited, and thrilled to share this news with all of you. A special thanks to everyone who reviewed the various drafts of this novel and helped me bring it to the point where it received a wonderful review as part of the ABNA contest and now this sale."

Maria Zannini tells us, "After forgetting about this novel for almost a year, I submitted it to Samhain Publishing and got a rousing acceptance in TWO days! That's got to be a record. MISTRESS OF THE STONE has a release date of August 18, 2012. Huzzah!"

March 2012

Kimber Camacho tells us: "Former member, here, with a success story. I've just had one of my stories accepted by Circlet Press for an upcoming erotica anthology -- LIKE A BREATH OF FLAME. I also wanted to let you know that I mentioned having been a member of the OWW in my bio. I received a great deal of assistance and support from my fellow members and the awesome admin of the OWW, and want to give credit where credit's due."

Rob Greene's story "It Pays to Read the Safety Cards" is in the March 2012 issue of Something Wicked.

From Vylar Kaftan: "Just signed a contract for 'Lion Dance' to appear in Asimov's."

Deborah Kalin posted: "Twelfth Planet Press is delighted to announce that fantasy author Deborah Kalin has joined the Twelve Planets series with a collection featuring her beautifully horrific story, 'Wages of Honey.'"

Heather Marshall, writing as Hanna Martine, sold the paranormal romance LIQUID LIES (July 3, 2012), plus a sequel and a novella, to Berkley Sensation/Penguin Publishing. She says, "OWW taught me how to give a critique and, perhaps more importantly, how to receive one. Constructive criticism is key to growing as a writer. Here on the workshop, I learned how to listen, evaluate comments, and incorporate suggestions without losing my voice."

Ian Tregillis wrote to say, "I wanted to share some good news with the OWW (which I tend to think of as my alma mater). I recently sold my fantasy noir mystery novel, SOMETHING MORE THAN NIGHT, to Tor books. Hooray!  This is my second novel deal, the first being a trilogy (The Milkweed Triptych) which began as an Editor's Choice short story on the OWW way back in 2003 :-) Thanks for everything you do. The OWW is a tremendous resource, and I continually recommend it to beginning writers."

February 2012

Aliette de Bodard told us, "'Shipbirth' (Asimov's Science Fiction, February 2011) was nominated for a Nebula Award." Yahoo, Aliette!

Liz Coley, a longtime OWW member, announced her first novel sale! "'Pretty Girl-13' was sold to Katherine Tegen Books, HarperCollins (2013) with foreign editions in Sweden, Brazil, France, and the UK."

Tom Crosshill wrote us with exciting news: "Just a quick note to say that my OWW-workshopped story 'Mama, We are Zhenya, Your Son' (Lightspeed Magazine, April 2011) has been nominated for the Nebula Award. Thanks to April Grey, Swapna Kishore and Tracy Canfield for reviewing!" Good luck, Tom.

David J. Fortier tells us, "Bards and Sages Publication bought my short 'Blalan's Game,' which will appear in Bards and Sages Quarterly in April. Thanks to everybody who critiqued this story and all the others. With your help, I think I've started to get the hang of this writing thing."

Michelle Goldsmith writes: "I just wanted to let you know that my Dickensian horror short story 'The Hound of Henry Hortinger' sold to the anthology PANDEMONIUM: STORIES OF THE SMOKE, which will be published in April by Jurassic London. This is my first workshopped short story and I'm very grateful for the help I received. I'd like to thank everyone who critiqued it, including the OWW members Aidan Walsh, Allan Dyen-Shapiro, and Kevin Miller and Resident Editor Jeanne Cavelos." Michelle's story was last month's horror Editor's Choice. Nice to know we can still pick 'em!

A.A. Leil announced: "I received my first acceptance letter to a non-paying market, for my memoir short, 'Voices from the Corral,' from Mobius Magazine. Also I received my first acceptance to a paying market: the semi-pro anthology STUPEFYING STORIES, for my zombie comedy 'Two Zombies Walk into a Bar.' Both were critiqued at OWW. Big thanks to you! Even if you didn't critique this story, but some of my other stories, I still owe you thanks for helping to make me a better writer."

Our very own Resident Editor Karin Lowachee tells us that her short story "Nomad" is in the ARMORED anthology, edited by John Joseph Adams (late March, Baen Books).

January 2012

Oliver Buckram writes: "My 314-word story workshopped here, 'A slice of 3.141592653589793238462643' is forthcoming in Daily Science Fiction. I am grateful for feedback from workshop members Nicole Cushing , Tony Peak, Elizabeth Cole, and especially B. Morris Allen (who read multiple versions including a disastrous first draft)."

Matthew Herreshoff's story "Peace" was recently published in The Pedestal Magazine.

Hayley Lavik's story "Fools Fire" appeared in Flash Fiction Online.

A. Merc Rustad's story "With the Sun and the Moon in His Eyes" appears in an anthology called RIDE THE MOON from Canada's Tyche Books.

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